C.C.S Couples Tracy Davis and Joerg Hammer If I Never Stop Loving You -  David Kersh, 
Lovin' You Against My Will - Gary Allen
C.R.S Dan Albro I Can Drink to That All Night -: Jerrod Niemann 
Sweet Little Something - Jason Aldean 
Riverbank - Brad Paisley)
Cabo Crazy Carol & George Stayte (Arjjaze Video) Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith
Cabo, Oh - Oh Scott & A. J. Herbert Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith
Cabo San Lucas por Dos Barb and Dave Monroe Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith
Cowgirls Don’t Cry - Brooks & Dunn +++
Cactus Canter Pip & Carolann Hodge There Goes - Alan Jackson
Somebody Like You - Keith Urban
Cactus Jack Unknown All that your Eyes See- Pirates of the Mississippi
Cadillac & Caviar for Two Adapted By
Wendy Lorek, D & C Shutts & Kevin Kreider
A Different Kind Of Fine - The Zac Brown Band 
Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood +++
Cadillac Style Mike Derrik & Margaret Someone else's Caddilac - Eric Heatherly
There Goes the Neighbourhood - Kieth Harling
The Lost and found - Derailers
Cadillac Tears Michelle Chandonnet & 
Marc Archambault 
Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denny
Cadillac Tears Dennis Madigan Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denny
Cadillac Tears Rick & Deborah Bates Cadillac Tears by Kevin Denney 
Cryin' Over You by James Intveld
Cadillac Tears Pauline Morgan Cadillac Tears by Kevin Denney 
Ashes by Now - Lee Ann Womack
Cadillac Tears for Two David Pytka & Wild Willy Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denny
Cajun Hustle
Cajun Hustle [Dutch]
Cajun Hustle [French]
Diane Jackson

(Arjjaze Video)
Guys like me – Gary Allen
Down at the Twist and Shout – Mary Chapin Carpenter
Cajun Jacque Jacqueline Levesque Peabody Just Enough Rope - Rick Trevino Dance
My Maria - Brooks & Dunn
Cajun Melody
Cajun Melody   [French]
Linda Sansoucy Louisiana Melody - David Ball
Cajun Polka John & Jean Miles Jambalaya - Eddy Raven
Duelling Banjos - Daily Planet
Caliente [Partner] Unknown Hey Baby Que Paso The Texas Tornados
Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone The Texas Tornados
Calico Ron & Barbara Hitchen She Found the Key - Kieth Whitley
Old Country - Mark Chesnutt
California       (Video)
California  (French)  
Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin California - Jill King
California 49'er Special Joyce & Ken Elrod A Friend in California - Merl Haggard
Make up and Faded Blue Jeans - Merl Haggard
A Bar in Bakersfield - Merl Haggard
California Blues Sandra Fallows California Blue - Roy Orbison
California Dreamin' Knox Rhine California Dreamin' - Beach Boys
California Dreamin' - Mamas & Papas
California Drifter Unknown  ? ? ?
Call Me Ann Williams Write My Number On Your Hand - Scotty McCreery
Call the Preacher  Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve
Call The Preacher - Paul Overstreet
Can We 2 Step Barb & Dave Monroe Nothin’ But Taillights Trace Adkins
Can You Feel It Rick & Deborah Bates Can You Feel It - Ken Mellons
Enjoy the Ride - Brett James
Candles & Roses Moses Bourassa Jr. & 
Barbara Frechette
Lost - Brushwood
One Dream - Lee Ann Womack
Candy   (French) Linda Sansoucy Candy Kisses  – Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall
Candy Cane's a Rockin Moses Bourassa Jr. & 
Barbara Frechette
Christmas Cookies - George Strait
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee ++++
Canny Lass Roy East Fort Worth - George Strait
Can't Buy Love 4-2 Shirley & Vic Morris I Bought The Shoes - Dierks Bentley
Killin' Time - Clint Black
Can't Get Myself Over You Allen Matthias Can’t get myself over you – The Woolpackers
Can't Help Believin' [in partners] Mabel Thompson I Just Can’t Help Believin’ - Elvis Presley.
If Love Was A River - Alan Jackson, CD What I Do 
Rock Around The Clock-The Deans
Can't Help Myself Ann Williams Can't Help Myself - Eddie Rabbit
Can't Let Go Jeff & Thelma Mills I May Hate Myself in the Morning – Lee Ann Womack
Can't Let You Go  (French) Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve The Sky Is Coming Down - Roy Torres
Can't Stop It DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Can’t Stop My Heart Brooks & Dunn
Can't You See (You Belong to Me)
Can't Win Rick & Deborah Bates Gone Country - Alan Jackson
I Bought The Shoes - Dierks Bentley
More And More And More - The Bellamy Brothers
Capital Cha Cha Durand, Getty, Blorstad Any Cha Cha
Caramel Swirl      (Video) Jim & Nen Godsall Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye - George Strait
Caribbean Cadence Dorothy Guertin Reggae Cowboy - Bellamy Brothers
Caribbean Cha Bob & Kath Hocking When The Sun Goes Down - Kenny Chesney
Caribbean Cha Cha Mimi Leary & John Boudreau I Love This Bar by Toby Keith-115 bpm
5:00 Somewhere by Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett
Caribbean Queen Jack & Mary Jane Hassett Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles
Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean 
Carlita's Mambo Carla Magri River Of Love - George Strait
Volcano - Jimmy Buffett 
Carmela's Cha Cha Rosie Multari Neon Moon Brooks & Dunn
There goes my Baby - Trisha Yearwood
Love potion #9 - Martinez
Carmelita (Partners] DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Carmelita - Dwight Yoakam. 
Things Change - Dwight Yoakam. 
The Sad Side Of Town - Dwight Yoakam. 
A Promise You Can't Keep - Dwight Yoakam
Carolina Sidewalk Cynthia Keats Livin' on Love - Alan Jackson
The Real Thing - George Strait
Carolionel Waltz
Carolionel Waltz [Dutch]
Diane Jackson
[Arjjaze Video]
Someone Must Feel Like a fool Tonight - K. Rogers
Love You Every Second - Charlie Landsborough
Carousel Luke & Di Bartlett One Night at a time - George Strait
Carousel Dan Albro Gone - Montgomery Gentry 
You’re My Better Half -: Keith Urban
Carried Away (French)  (Video) Claude Martin – Germaine Lemieux  Carried Away - Chad Brownlee
Cartersville Stroll Unknown Born to Give my Love to You - Martina McBride
Born to Give my Love to You - Forrester Sisters
Cascade Malcolm Russell Tonite All Day Long - Dale Watson
Cascade Mountain Stroll Dennis Peterson
Castaways          (Video) Dan Albro Castaway - The Zac Brown Band
Castaway Cha Cha Josie Copley & Diane Jackson Castaway Heart – Eddy Raven
Catalina Waltz Tony & Lana Wilson You favorite Waltz - 80 -100bpm
Catarina Cha Brian & Silvia Scott My side of the Story - Suzy Bogguss
Catch all the Fish for 2 Laurent Peyruchaud Catch All The Fish - Brad Paisley
Cauldron Shuffle Jim & Joan Silver Wings - Ricky Lyn Gregg
Cause of You Charlie & Gerry Jines All Because Of You - Daryle Singletary
Causin' a Commotion Ed & Bev Fluck See Jane Dance - Brooks & Dunn
CB Waltz    [Country Boots Waltz) Michelle & Marc Archambault My Own Kind of Hat - Alan Jackson
CCC Shuffle Connie Davignon Here in the Real World - Alan Jackson
Celebration Waltz John & Jean Miles Uninvited - Charlie Landsbourogh
C'est La Vie 
C'est La Vie (French)
Nancy Milot & Guy Dubé, Suzanne Laverdière & Marc Laliberté C’est La Vie - Surfaces & Thomas Rhett
Centenary Waltz Jim & Nen Godsall New Way To Fly - Garth Brooks 
Lonely Too - Lee Ann Womack
Meanwhile - George Strait
C'est La Via Mabel Thompson C'est La Via - Chely Wright
Changeover John & Margaret Catt 4/4
Cha Cha 4 Two Patrick Laterdresse I'm Gonna make her Mine -Jason McCoy
Don't make me Come over there & Love You - Strait
Cha Cha Amour Rick & Deborah Bates One More Pillow Fight - Leland Martin 
I Don’t Know What She Said - Blaine Larsen
Cha Cha Blue Trent & Mary Cummings California Blue - Diamond Jack 
Didn’t We Love - Tamara Walker
Cha Cha Blues Diane Jackson Missing Her Blues - David Ball
Cha Cha Blues [Dutch] Diane Jackson Missing Her Blues - David Ball 
Cha Cha Change Lisa Godgrey Slow Cha
Cha Cha Chaging Eva Pau Never On Sunday
Cha Cha Danse a Deux Danielle & Emilio Garcia Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Cha Cha Lengua     (Video) Neil Hale Un Momento Alla - Rick Trevino
Cha Cha Del Rio .. Larry Boeseman     [Video] Boardwalk Angel - Billy Joe Royal
Cha Cha Hombre Don Deyne I am That Man - Brooks & Dunn
Cha Cha Maria Larry & Altie Majors My Maria - Brooks & Dunn
Cha Cha Por Tu Norman Gifford Your Man - Josh Turner
Cha Cha Shuffle . Margaret & Bob Burnett What am I Waiting For - George Strait
Cha For Gray Ann Hexter The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
Something Stupid - The Mavericks
Cha Tango Melinda Cingle Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff
Chain Gang Glenise Lee Chains - Tina Arena
Love is a Sweet Thing - Faith Hill
Chains of This Town DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Chains Of This Town - BR5-49
ChaMaica Mambo
ChaMaica Mambo [Dutch]
ChaMaica Mambo [French]
Diane Jackson How’d I wind up in Jamaica – Tray Byrd
Chameleon Linda & Colin Chester Just want to dance with you - George Strait
Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff
Champagne Cha Dan Albro Drinking Problem - Midland
Champagne Charlie Harold Grimshaw Drinkin' Champagne - George Strait
Champagne Love Lesley Johnson Drinking Champagne - George Strait
Smoke Rings in the Dark - Gary Allan
Champagne Promises Andrew & Sheila Palmer Champagne Promise - David Nail
Changed Jeff & Thelma Mills The Morning After – Ashley Monroe
Changes Jim & Cheryl Watkins
Arjjaze Video
Things I Cannot Change - The Mavericks
C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. - Joe Diffie
Changes Moses Bourassa Jr & Barbara Frechette
If I Can Make Mississippi - Vince Gill
A Woman's Love by Alan Jackson 
Last Dollar - Tim McGraw
Changing Places    Arjjaze Video Bernice & Colin Caddick Misty - Ray Stevens
Changing Places Hazel Pace
(Arjjaze Video)
Combo Cha Cha - John Ozilo
Dancin' Cowboys - Bellamy Brothers +++
Chantilly Cha Cha Unknown Love on the Loose - McBride & the Ride
Cha Cha Lengua (Partner)
Cha Cha Lengua (Slot/Line)
Niel Hale Un Momento Allah - Rick Trevino
Cha Cha Para Dos Michael Beck I Can't Get Over You - Brooks & Dunn
Things Change - Dwight Yoakam
Charleston Boogie For Two Cherie Belle Harclerode Big Ol' Truck - Toby Keith
Charleston Bump No Information at All ?    (Video)
Charlie Horse Rick & Kathy Steams
Charlie's Pride Sam & Pat Grettton ? ? ?
Charlies Yellow Rose Nancy Plummer Down at the Old Corral - Randy Travis
I Don't need the Booze - Alan Jackson
Charly's Rumba
Charly's Rumba (French)
Charles E Desmarais Man Out On The Road - Bobby Cash
Charry's Cha Cha John & Thelma Appelby
Chasing Each Other Diane Girard & Jacques Godin
(Arjjaze Video)
Let's Chase Each Other Round The Room - Merl Haggard
Chasing Rainbows
Chasing Rainbows (Dutch)
Carol & George Stayte Beer On A Boat - Ashton Shepherd
Good Ole Boys - Blake Shelton
Chat 4 - 2 Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette Online - Brad Paisley
Cheap Colcgne Carol & George Stayte Cheap Cologne - William Michael Morgan
Cheap Talking Carol & George Stayte alk is Cheap – Alan Jackson
Cheatin' Heart Hanne & Bjarne Lund Your Cheatin' Heart - LeAnn Rimes
Cheating    (Video) Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Is It Still Cheating – Mark Chesnutt
Cheating By the Rules Chris & Trev Cheating By The Rules – Midland –
Check it Out Cha Cha Tom & JR Any Cha - 95 - 110 bpm
Cheek to Cheek Hazel Pace Island - Eddy Raven
To Be Loved By You - Wynonna
Cheek to Cheek Adapted Mabel Thompson Dancing Cheek To Cheek-Glen Rogers/ Frank Sinatra.
Cheeseburger Sheila Bernstein Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex
Cherokee Kick Unknown Bubba Shot the Jukebox - Mark Chesnutt
Cherry Pie      (Video) Dave & Lesley Mather Little Yellow Blanket - Dean Brodie
Cheyenne Around Katie Carpenter Baby, I Go Crazy - Josh Turne
Cheyenne Stroll    (Video) Julie & Brian Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves
Cheyenne Woman Arne Stakkestad Be My Cheyenne Woman - Rene Guylline
I'm Going To Jackson - Johnny Cash & June Carter
Cheryridge Cha Shirley & Vic Morris Sugar Daddy - The Bellamy Brothers
Young Man's Town - Vince Gill
Chicago No Information at All ?
Chicken Reel Unknown Dutch Polka - Peter Hill Band
Chicks Dig It  [French] Mario Champagne  Chicks Dig It - Chris Cagle
Chill-Axin Carol & George Stayte Chillaxin - Toby Keith
Chill Out K & K Three Little Birds - Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley
I Love My Life - Jamie O’Neal
Chilled for Two N. Fuller & B Prosen Last Night - Chris Anderson
Lets Dance - Five
Chillin' on the Back Porch Danielle & Emilio Garcia  Back Porch - Dierks Bentley
Chilly Cha Cha A.T. Kinson Chilly Cha Cha -  Jessica Jay
Chipmonk Inge & John Rivenell ? ? ?
Country Bound Easy Come Easy Go - George Strait
I should have been True - Mavericks
Chit Chat Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Talk is Cheap – Alan Jackson
Chocolate Delight Jim & Nen Godsall From There to Here - Lonestar
Christmas Time in Texas (P) David Dabbs When Its Christmas Time In Texas - George Strait
Chuggin Along Blaise & Marga Jennings Steam - Ty Hearndon
She Thinks my Tractors Sexy - Kenny Chesney
Cindy Lou Two Step Hazel Pace Never Gonna Feel Like This Again - Kenny Chesney
Cinninnati Swirl Debrah Guard
Circle of Friends Walt & Linda Woolbright Circle of Friends - David Ball
I Brake for Brunetts - (Extended Mix) - Rhett Akins
Circles Dan Albro Round In Circles - Charles Kelly
Citified Country Swing Hank & Mary Dahl The City put the Country back in Me - Neal McCoy
City Lights Swing DJ Dan & Wynette Miller City Lights - Rick Trevino
City Queen David F Roberts I Can't Take You Anywhere by Toby Keith
Oh Girl by Vince Gill
City Slickers Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Brooks & Dunn - Cowboy Town 
Flynnville Train – Tequila Sheila
Clap Two Hands Carol McCarthy and Terry D. Zmrhal My Dear Botanist - Dyana & Matalya Syenchukov
Clare County Malcolm Russell Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy - George Strait
Close By Jim & Diann Adams Live Close By, Visit Often - K.T. Oslin
Man of Me - Gary Allan
Close By Dave Kim Live Close By, Visit Often - K.T. Oslin
Close the Distance Adam Cherko & Adrienne Squillante The Difference - Tyler Rich
Close to the Line Elizabeth Hamilton Lives Close By, Visit Often - K.T. Oslin
Tired of Toein' the Line Rocky Burnette
Close up the Honkytonks DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Close Up the Honkytonks - Liz Talley
Close Your Eyes Terry & Caroline French Like We Never Had A Broken Heart -Trisha Yearwood
C'Mon Dance Patrick Latendresse Long Trail of Tears -George Ducas
Goin' Under Gettin' Over You - Brooks & Dunn
CMR - 2 Alan & Pat Mitchell Nobody Knows - Sean Kenny
April's Fool - Colin Raye
Coca Cola Cowboy Heather Staddon Coca Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis
Coconut Cha DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Laid Back 'n Low Key - Alan Jackson
Codigo David Dabbs Codigo - George Strait
Codigo 2 Go Barb & Dave Monroe Codigo - George Strait
Coffee Blues [French] Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Smokin’ Cigarettes & Drinkin’ Coffee Blues - David Ball
Coffee for Two David Pytka Black Coffee - Lacy J. Dalton
Turn that Radio On - Ronnie Milsap
Cold Beer Country Wilf & Molly Thomas Cold beer Country - Toby Keith 
Cold Cold Heart for 2 Estelle Shepherd Cold Cold Heart - Alan Gregory
Cold Hearts Togethter Estelle Ward I feel lucky - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Cold-N-Tall Charlie & Gerry Jines Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer - Billy Currington
Colorado Cha Cha Unknown ? ? ? ? ? ? 
Colorado Girls Dan Albro Colorado Girl - The High Rollers
Colorado Saunter Tony & Hilda Milligan Friends - John Michael Mongomery
There Goes - Alan Jackson
Colorado Shuffle Dave Getty Mama he's Crazy - Judd's
Islands in the Stream
Lots Of Choices All Country have a look
Colorado Sway Bernice and Connelly Robichaud Colorado Girls - The High Rollers
Come a Little Closer Chris & Trev Come a Little Bit Closer – Alan Gregory
Come Around Ann Williams You Walked In - Lonestar
Poor Me - Joe Diffie
Come Back Here Bill & Nyleen Friedrich Kiss This _ Aaron Tippin
Come Back to Me 4-2 Ray & Gail Garvin Good Directions - Billy Currington
Come & go Cha Kathy Hunyardi Please don't Walk Away - Great Plains
Learning as you Go - Rick Trevino
Come Closer J Cauldwell & Susan McWilliams A Little Bit Closer by Johnny Duncan & Janie Frickie
Come Dance With Me Lyndy Come Dance with Me - Nancy Hays
Wink - Neal McCoy
Come Dance With Us Wild Willy    [Video] Come Dance with Me - Nancy Hays
Come Do a Little Life    Video Michael Schmidt Come Do A Little Life – Mo Pitney [150 bpm] (02:54) 
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Up Tempo Version) – Fools Gold
Come 'n' Cry
[Arjjaze Video]
Nigel & Barbara Payne Cry To Me - Ronnie McDowell
Smokey Places  - Ronnie McDowell 
Wings On My Heels - Dave Sheriff 
Come on In MimLush I'm From The Country - Tracy Byrd
Perfect Love - Trisha Yearwood
Come Out Tonight (Arjjaze Video) Allen Matthias Good Time Girls - Nathan Carter
Come With Me Mark & Jan Caley Come With Me - Marl mcComa
Comin' Over Matt Thompson See You Tonight - Scotty McCreery
Commercial Break Kenny & Vicky Potts Nothing on but the radio - Gary Allen
Comin' On Strong John & Freida Utzig Old Weakness by Tanya Tucker
Coming & Going Pip & Carolann Who`s Gonna Hold Me –John McCane 
Like She`s Not Yours – Bellamy Brothers
The Lord Loves the Drinking Man – Mark Chesnutt 
Compass Rose David Dabbs Compass Rose - Wade Bowen
Considering Things Marco Maselli All Things Considered - Yankee Grey
Constellation Cha Cha Bobby Horn This I Promise You NSync
No Mercy - Ty Herndon
Contentment Barbara Grimshaw Slow / Moderate Country Waltz
Continental Cowboy Unknown Cajun Moon - Ricky Skaggs
Cookies 'n' Cream Jim & Nen Godsall Jealousy - Joni Harms
Cool Blue Cha Cha
[ partner ]
Pete Harkness Adapted Mary Wild World without Love - Mavericks
Smoke Rings in the dank - Gary Allen
Tougher than the Rest - Travis Tritt
Cool Me Down Allan & Patricia Mitchell Cool Me Down - Jenai
Cooter Stomp Marlene & Bob Peyre-Ferry Pure Bred Redneck - Cooter Brown
Dance - Twister Alley - 136 Bpm
Claudette - Dwight Yoakam - 132 Bpm
Hi Tech Redneck - George Jones
Copdock Stroll Diane Jackson Iv’e Got It Made - Josh Turner - feat John Anderson
Copper Penny Boogie Daryle & Bobbie Stephens Polka
Copper River Trent & Mary Cummings Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
Coppertop Waltz Jane Barra King of the Mountain - George Strait
I Love You, Thats Why - Tracy Byrd
Half the Man Clint Black
Corn Don't Grow (Partner) Chris & Trev Where Corn Don’t Grow – Travis Tritt
Cornish Hustle John & Janette Sandam   (Arjjaze Video) Some days are Diamonds
Corpus Christi (French) [Video]
Corpus Christi
Claude Martin – Germaine Lemieux Corpus Christi - Roy Solis
Corral Bar Shuffle Mike, Derrik & Margaret Playing Every haonky Tonk in Town - Heather Myles
Tonight the Heartaches on Me - Dixie Chicks
Corsham Triple Rock Brian Bambury Stoned in Country - sid Newman
Costa Fiesta
Costa Fiesta (French)
Mariette et Jean-Marc Villeneuve Costa Fiesta - Dave Sheriff
Costa fiesta for 2 Chris & Trev Costa Fiesta - Dave Sheriff
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cottonwood Stroll Lois Langley No time at All
Could I Have This Dance Madeleine Jones Could I Have This Dance - Ann Murray
Country Blue Lee & Bill Garner Blue - LeAnne Rimes
Country Boots Carol & George Stayte [ArjjazeE Video] Feel Right - Tanya Tucker
Boots Joel & Rory
Country Boy M. Chandonnet & M Archambault Country As A Boy Can Be - Brady Seals
Country Boys & Girls 4-2 Ray & Gail Garvin Ladies Love Country Boys - Trace Adkins
Country C Cha Ann William Como Se Dice (I Love You) - Sweethearts Of The Rodeo
Afterglow - The Bellamy Brothers.
Country Choices
Country Choices [French]
Country Choices (Dutch)
Diane Jackson

(Arjjaze Video)
Two Good Reasons - Kenny Rogers
I'll Give you Something to Drink About - Geo Jones
Kiss an Angel Good Morning - Heather Myles
Country Corral Round Up Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Trust Yourself - Carlene Carter 
All My Friends Say  - Luke Bryan 
Let's Get Dirty - Heartland
Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots) - Steve Holy
Country Cousins Shuffle Stan Wrixon Old Country - Mark Chesnutt
Country Crazy Bill & Nyleen Friedrich I'm Outta Here - Shania Twain
Country Cumbia Maria & Steve Mayo Cowboy Cumbia - Jody Jenkins
Country DJ
Country DJ [Dutch]
Diane Jackson Numbers on the Jukebox - Mark Chesnutt 
The Heart that you own – Dwight Yoakam
(Arjjaze Video)
Country Dance Night Lucy Siro & Christyan Roussel Country Dancer by Kanyan
Country Dawdle Dan & Jeanne Burchfield It's Only Make Believe - Ronnie McDowell
Country Folk Carol & George Stayte Trailerhood - Toby Keith. 
Taillights Blue - Alan Jackson
Country Girl Shuffle
Country Girl Shuffle [Dutch]
Diane Jackson
(Arjjaze Video)
Thank god for the Radio - Alan Jackson
Just Playin' Possum - Alan Jackson
Country in My Heart Chris & Trev Country – Mo Pitney
Country Jitters Sharon Farris Why Havn't I Heard from You - Reba McEntire
Come Cryin to me - Patty Loveless
Country Kicking Ann Williams Honky Tonk Man - Dwight Yoakam
Country Lambada Melanie Greenwood Watch Me - Lorrie Morgan
Country Legends Carol & George Stayte Buffalo Bill - Sarah Storer 
Country Man Pam Miller Country Man - Luke Bryan
Country Meyras   (Video) Linda Sansoucy Help Me Make It Through The Night - Melba Montgomery
Country Moon Bobby Curtis  ? ? ?
Country Queen Sashay Knox & Belle Rhine Commitment - Leanne Rimes
Stand by your Man - Tammy Wynette
Country Rhumba L. Bennick & J. McArdle Time Marches On - Tracy Lawrence
Country Rock  Stan & Anita Renolds Rock this Country - Shania Twain
Mama's 'Lil Baby - The Tractors
Country Rockin'
Country Rockin  [French]
Linda Sansoucy How 'Bout You - Eric Church
Country Selection   No Information at All ?
Country Steppin' Kathy Sharp & Patrick Etri The First Step - Tracy Byrd
Country Time Mambo Norma J. Fuller & Lewis Cain Mambo #5 - Lou Bega
I'll Make your Bed - Dolly Parton
Country Turnabout Sam & Pam Kaiser ? ? ?
Country Traveller Jim Leon Hotel Whiskey - Hank Williams Jnr
Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn
Country Woman Claude & Germaine Country’s Rockin - The Mitchells
Couple - A - Shakes Sue Halliday The Shake -Neal McCoy
Couple Change Gold River Who's Your Daddy? - Toby Keith
Couple Change Irish Gold River The Leaving Of Liverpool - Sham Rock
Couple of Hicktowners Thomas & Brenda Haynes Hicktown - Jason Aldean
Courtin' Geordie & Joanne Vye Whats going on in Your World - George Strait
Courtin' Time William Sevone Don't Start with Me - Michelle Wright
Blue is Not a Word - Patty Loveless / George Strait
Covered with Kisses John & Katie Corbett Cover You In Kisses – John Michael Montgomery
All Things Made New Again - Suzy Bogguss 
Coyote Cha-Cha Shirley McCoy Babcock Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn
Third Rate Romance - Sammy Kershaw
Coyote Stroll Al Kamke Third Rate Romance - Sammy Kershaw
Cowboy Bump Dan Spadowski She's in Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood
A Little in Love - Dixiana
Cowboy Caballero Monika Sharier This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away - George Strait / Brooks and Dunn
Cowboy Cadillac M.Chandonnet & M.Archambault  Cowboy Cadillac - Garth Brooks
Cowboy Calypso Bill Marcontell Sweet home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Don Juan D'Bubba - Hank Williams Jnr
Jump in the Line - Harry Belefonte
Cowboy Carousel Connie Halfenberg Honky Tonk Walkin' - Kentucky Headhunters
Better Think Twice - Vince Gill
Cowboy Casanova  Ray & Gail Garvin Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
Cowboy cha Cha Missouri Style Unknown Two Pina Coladas – Garth Brooks
They’re Playin Our Song – Neal McCoy
Cowboy Cha Cha - Nashville Style .. Unknown Let me into Your Heart - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Cowboy Cha Cha [Colorado] Manny & Alice Rodela  ? ? ? ? 
Cowboy Cha Cha [Partner] Adapted by Toshio Suzuki I Want To Dance With You - George Strait
Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn
Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Cowboy Cha Cha [Nashville Style] Unknown Let Me In To Your Heart - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Cowboy Cuddle Robert C. Weaver They're Playin' Our Song - Neal McCoy;  
Lonely Too Long - Patty Loveless
I Love The Way You Do That - Lonestar +++++
Cowboy Dreams Roy East Cowboy Dreams - Jimmy Nail
Red Strokes - Garth Brooks
Cowboy Mixer Shirley Babcock Cajun Moon - Ricky Skagg
On the Road again - Willie Nelson
Cowboy Mambo . Edie & Roy Ogelvie Cowboy Mambo Tom Russel & Barrence Whitfield
Cowboy Mambo Özgür Takaç & Handan Kizilirmak Rompin' Stompin' - Scooter Lee
Cowboy Mambo Barb & Dave Monroe Boys ‘Round Here - Blake Shelton
Sure Be Cool If You Did - Blake Shelton ++
Cowboy Rider    (Video) Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Shotgun Rider - Tim McGraw
Cowboy Round Up Linda De Ford Polka
Cowboy Shuffle David Babcock Coca Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis
Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney
Cowboy Schottische Unknown Mona Lisa - David Allen Coe
Cowboy Stomp Paula  Wright & Jan Brown Cowboy Stomp - Curtis Day
Cowboy Sweetheart Pim Humphreys Cowgirls Sweetheart - Leann Rimes
Cowboy Wedding Nichola Thompson A Cowboy Wedding - Joni Harms
Marry Me - Dolly Parton
Cowboys and Friends Robert & Diane Jackson, Josie Copley Cowboys and Friends - Garth Brooks
Cowboys Touch Jim & Judy wells Daddy's Money - Ricochet
Cowgirls Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux How About Them Cowgirls - George Strait
Cowgirl & a Bad Hombre Amigo Chris & Andrew Sparkes No Way Hose' - Ray Kennedy
Cowgirl Cha Cha Vickie Smith Doin' My Thing - Luke Bryan
I'm Just A Man - Jason Aldean
Cowshit on our Boots Ulla Jespersen Totalpetroleum - Jeg er en simpel Røgter 
Cozy Joe Slide Susan Brooks ?  ?  ? ?
Crash and Burn Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Crash And Burn - Thomas Rhett
Crash & Burn Lisa M. Johns-Grose Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett
Crashes and Burns  BobbyJo Sargent, Wendy Morrissey, Alecia Lambert Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett
Crawling Mark Cook Crawling Again - Tracy Lawrence
Crazy for You Two Donna Marie How do you Like me Now - Toby Keith
It Must Be Love - Alan Jackson
Crazy Old World
Crazy Old World (Dutch)
Diane Jackson Crazy Old world - Bellamy Brothers
[Arjjaze Video]
Crazy People
Crazy People (Dutch)
Greywolf & Wiya Wambli People Are Crazy - Billy Currington
Country Boy - Alan Jackson 
Crimson Red for 2 Michael Schmidt Crimson Red – Whitney Rose
Crooked Creek Boogie Laurie Cox & Dan Spedowski That’s the Way Love is – Asleep at the Wheel
Crocodile Shoes
Crossfire Sharon & Emil Lienard Keep Your Hands To Yourself - The Georgia Satellites
Memphis Women & Chicken
Cross Country Mike & June Polaski Shortnin' Bread - Tractors
Crowbar M.Chandonnet - M. Archambault 18 Wheels & a Crowbar - BR5 49
Cruise Control Larry & Jodi Carriger Walkin' on Me - Big House [ He Man mix]
Crying at Night Diane Girard & Jacques Godin
(Arjjaze Video)
I Do My Crying At Night - Rhonda Vincent
Crystal John Litchfield Tougher than the Rest - Chris LeDoux
Crystal Chandelier Unknown ? ? ? ?
Cuddles Country Bound VT Sometimes she Forgets - Travis Tritt
Dont mention Memphis - Tim McGraw
The Cowboy Rides away - George Strait
My Maria - Brooks and Dunn
Cupids Waltz Kenny & Vicky Potts Which Bridge to Cross - Vince Gill
Curly Top Polka Paula Frohn & Michael Silva Coalmine - Sara Evans
Ring of Fire - Kimber Clayton
Are There Any More Like You  - Becky Hobbs
Custer Unknown God Blessed Texas - Little Texas
C.W's Dream C.W.Little Standing Outside the Fire - Garth Brooks
Beautiful Body Bellamy Bros
Hi Tech Redneck - George Jones
Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Bros