Charlie Horse
CHOREOGRAPHED by Rick & Kathy Stearns Knoxville, Il - 1990
DESCRIPTION Couples- Right side by side [ aka Sweetheart ]
MUSIC   Suggestion The Cowboy Rides Away - George Strait

 1-2  Step Right forward, Cross Left over Right
 3-4  Step Right back, Step Left together
  5-6 Step Right forward, Slide Left together
  7-8 Step Right forward, Scuff Left forward
9. Step Left forward Step Left forward
10 1/2 turn right [weight on left] Scuff Right forward


Step Right back Step Right forward.
12. 1/2 turn left (weight on Right) Scuff Left forward
13. Step Left forward Step Left forward
14. 1/2 turn left (weight on Left) Scuff Right forward
15-16 , Rock forward on Right Rock back on left
17-18 Step back Right, 1/4 turn right & kick left
19-20 Step Left back, 1/4 turn left & kick right
21-22 Step Right back, 1/4 turn Right & kick Left
23-25. Left Vine ,Lady turns 1/2 turn right
26 Scuff Right forward & 1/4 turn Left
27&28 Right shuffle
29&30 left shuffle
31&32. Right shuffle
33&34. left shuffle

Couples do different steps on counts 9-14.
Man can also turn on count 10 & 12, turning same direction as Lady.
  Count 18, Lady kicks to man's Left - Man to Lady's Left
  Count 20. Lady kicks to back LOD, Man forward.
  Count 22. Lady kicks to Man Left - Man to Lady's Left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2000