Codigo 2 Go

Choreographed by 	Barb & Dave Monroe (January 2019)
Description 	32 count Partner Dance Start: Facing LOD with inside hand hold.
		Opposite footwork throughout. Man’s footwork described
Music 		Codigo - George Strait
	Adapted from the line dance "Codigo" by Paula Frohn

	Forward, Touch, Forward, Touch, Step, Lock, Step
1-4 	Step R forward, Touch L beside R, Step L forward, Touch R beside L
5-8 	Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward, Hold

	Step ¼ turn Cross, Side, Touch, ¼ Turn, Brush
9-12 	Step L forward, Turn ¼ R with weight on R, Cross L over R, Hold (facing OLOD)
13-16 	Step R side, Touch L beside R, Turn ¼ L stepping L, Brush R (facing LOD)

(Restart after the first 16 counts on the 5th time through. You can hear it in the music)

	Forward Step, Brush (4X)
17-20 	Man: Step R forward, Brush L, Step L forward. Brush R
21-24 	Man: Step R forward, Brush L, Step L forward, Brush R
17-18 	Lady: Step L forward, Brush R
19-20 	Lady: Turn ¼ turn L (ILOD) and Step R, Brush L facing partner
21-22 	Lady: Turn ¼ turn L (RLOD) and Step L, Brush R
23-24 	Lady: Turn ½ turn L (FLOD) and Step R, Brush L
	(Release L hands on count 18, bring R arms over lady’s head while she turns,
	and reconnect L hands on count 24)
Easy Option: Lady can dance same steps as Man for counts 17-24

	Mambo Forward, Mambo Back
25-28 	Rock R forward, Replace L, Step R back, Hold
29-32 	Rock L back, Replace R, Step L forward, Hold
	Begin Again				February 2019