Can’t get Myself Over You

Choreographed by 	Allen Matthias
Description 	64 Count Partner Dance Double Hand Hold
		Start Gent Facing OLOD Lady ILOD
		Opposite Footwork Gents Steps Listed.
Music 		Can’t get myself over you – The Woolpackers
1-4 	Left to Side, Together with Right, Forward on Left, Hold

5-8 	Right to Side, Together with Left, Step back on Right, Hold
9-12 	Left to Side, Right behind, ¼ turn on Left, Hold
13-16 	Gent Walk RLR Hold. Lady ½ turn to the Right on a LRL Hold
17-20 	Gent Cross Rock, L over R, Recover on R, Step L to side. Hold
	Lady Back Rock R Recover on L Step R to the side. Hold.
21-24 	Gent cross rock R over L. Recover on R. Step L to Side and Hold.
	Lady Rock back on L. Recover on R. Step L to Side. Hold.
25-28 	Both ½ turn Pinwheel to Right. Gent LRL, Lady RLR (Release Hands)
29-32 	Gent Step forward on R. Pivot ½ turn to L. Step forward on R
	Lady step forward on L. Pivot ½ turn R. Step forward on L
33-36 	Gent Pinwheel ½ turn Left. LRL
	Lady Pinwheel ½ turn Left RLR
37-40 	Gent Step forward on R, pivot ½ turn L, step forward R
	Lady Rock back on the L, recover on R, Step forward on L (pick up inside hands)
41-44 	Forward on L, making ¼ turn R, R behind L, Forward on L, making ¼ turn L
45-4 	Forward on R, making ¼ turn L, L behind R, Step R to Side with ¼ turn to R
49-52 	Step F on L, Lock R behind L, Step forward on L
53-56 	Step Forward on R, Lock L behind R, Step Forward on R
57-60 	Step Forward on L, Pivot ¼ turn to Right, Cross L over R
61-64 	Rock R to Side, Recover on L. Cross R over Left (pick up double hand hold)
	End of Dance					November 2019