Call Me

Choreographed By 	Ann Williams. Country Cousins Western Dancers. 10/12
		023 9234 1758
Description 	Partner Dance (32 Count) Start facing L.O.D. inside hands behind
		partners back. Man’s steps listed. Opposite footwork throughout,
		except where stated
Music 		Write My Number On Your Hand - Scotty McCreery.
		CD: Clear As Day
	Step Cross Touch. (Hands & Feet) Shuffle. Rock. Recover. Shuffle ½ Turn.
1-4 	Step right forward. Cross left over right and touch outside toes & hands. Left shuffle forward.
5-8 	Rock forward on right. Recover onto left. Make ½ turn right on right shuffle.
	Turn in towards partner releasing hands and join inside hands facing R.L.O.D.
	Step Pivot. Shuffle. ½ Turn. ¼ Turn. Cross shuffle.
9-12 	Step left forward. Pivot ½ turn right to face L.O.D. Left shuffle forward.
	Release hands for turn and join inside hands.
13-16 	Turn ½ turn left stepping back on right. Turn ¼ turn left stepping onto left.
	Cross right over left into right cross shuffle.
	Turn away from partner, releasing hands and join in Open Double Hand
	hold when facing partner. Man facing O.L.O.D. Lady facing I.L.O.D.
	Weave. Side. Together. Chasse’.
17-20 	Man: Step left to left side. Cross right behind left. Step left to left side. Cross right over left.
	Lady: Step right to right side. Cross left behind right. Step right to right side. Cross left over right.
21-24 	Step left to left side. Step right beside left. Chasse’ left stepping on left, right, left.
	Rock ¼ Turn. Recover. Shuffle ½ Turn. Rock. Recover. Shuffle.
25-28 	Turn ¼ right to face R.L.O.D. rocking back on right. Recover onto left.
	Make ½ turn left on right shuffle.
	Release right hand for ¼ turn, release hands for ½ turn.
	Place inside hands behind partners back after turns.
29-32 	Rock back on left. Recover onto right. Left shuffle forward.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2012