Choreographer Jim & Cheryl Watkins [217] 732 9779 –  
Description  48 Count Partner Dance starting In Closed Western (Gent facing LOD)
Music The Mavericks - Things I Couldn’t Change
. Joe Diffie - C-O-U-N-T-R-Y  
. Reba McEntire - You Keep Me Hangin’ On


Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle

1-2 Step forward Left, Right Step back Right, Left
3&4 Left shuffle forward Right shuffle back
5-6 Step forward Right, Left Step back Left, Right
7&8 Right shuffle forward Left shuffle back

Rock Step, Ladies ½ Turn, Rock Step, Walk, Walk

1-2 Rock forward left, recover right Rock back right, recover left
3&4 Left shuffle backward turning lady into wrap Rt shuffle turning ½ turn Lt to end in wrap position
(Both partners are facing LOD)
5-6 Rock back right, recover left Rock back left, recover right
7-8 Walk forward right, left  Walk forward left, right
Shuffle, Shuffle, Step Pivot, Shuffle
1&2 Right shuffle diagonally behind lady Left shuffle diagonally across in front of man
(Lady is now on man's left holding inside hands)
3&4 Left shuffle forward Right shuffle forward
5-6 Step forward right, pivot ½ turn left Step forward left, pivot ½ turn right
(Both partners are facing RLOD. Pick up inside hands (man's right and lady's left)
7&8  Right shuffle forward  Left shuffle forward
Weave, Rock, Recover ¼ Turn, Stomp, Stomp
1 Step fwd left turning ¼ turn to face OLOD Step fwd right turning ¼ turn to face ILOD.
2 Step right behind left  Step left behind right
(On count 1 man picks up lady's right in his left)
3-4 Step left to side. Step right across  Step right to side. Step left across
5 Rock left to left side Rock right to right side.
6 Recover right while turning 1/4 right  Recover left while turning ¼ turn left
(Both partners are now facing LOD. Man drops his right and lady's left)
7-8  Stomp forward left. Stomp right next to left.  Stomp forward right. Stomp left next to right.

Hip Bumps, Step Touch & Clap, Step Touch

1-2 Bump hips to left twice  Bump hips to right twice
3-4  Bump hips to right twice Bump hips to left twice
5-6 Step L ¼ turn left, touch R next to L Step R ¼ turn right to face man & touch L next to R
(On touch step, partners pat free hands (man’s right, lady's left)
7-8  Step R ¼ turn right (face LOD), touch left  Step L ¼ turn left (face LOD), touch right

3 Step Turn, Step, Shuffle, Shuffle

1-3  Three Step Turn (L,R,L) to left behind lady Three Step Turn (R,L,R) to right in front of man
4  Step right next to left (with weight)   Step left next to right (with weight)
(Man picks up lady's right hand in his left hand)
5&6 Left shuffle forward  Rt shuffle fwd turning ½ Rt to end in closed position
7&8  Right shuffle forward  Left shuffle back

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