Choreographed by Sharon & Emil Lienard
Description 40 count, intermediate/advanced west coast swing partner dance
Begin in Skater's Position
Music Crossfire - Stevie Ray Vaughan  112 bpm  CD: Greatest Hits 
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - The Georgia Satellites 
CD: Georgia Satellites
Memphis Women & Chicken - T. Graham Brown 112 bpm  
CD: Wine Into Water 

1-6	Walk forward right, left, touch right heel forward, step back right, coaster step
7-12	MAN:   	Walk forward right, left, touch right heel forward, step back right, coaster step
	LADY: 	Walk forward right, left, touch right heel forward, step in place on right beginning  turn to
              		the right, triple step in place completing  turn
	Left hands go over the lady's head, ending in cross-hand position
13-20	MAN:   	Step in place: right, left, triple step, left, right, triple step
	LADY: 	Walk around the man right, left, triple. On the next walk left, walk right, complete one
              		full turn to the right to end in front of man in Indian Position, triple step forward
21-24	BOTH: 	Walk forward right, left, triple step
25-28	MAN:   	Walk forward left, right; triple step in place
	LADY: 	Walk forward left, walk forward right, prepping right for a turn to the right.
              		Triple step while completing turn  right to face the man
	Left hand going over lady's head to end again in cross-hand position
29-30	BOTH: 	Rock back on right, recover weight to left

31-32	MAN:   	Triple step right forward and around the lady to the right  turn releasing 
		left hand and bringing right hand to hip as in skater's position.
	LADY: 	Travel slightly forward on a triple step, right
	Both end facing reverse LOD. Man picks up lady's left hand at this point to 
	complete the return to skater's position

33-36	MAN:	Step forward left turning  right, step forward right turning another  to end facing LOD
              		back in original skater's position; triple step forward
	LADY:	Step back left turning ; step back right turning another  to end facing LOD; 
		triple step forward
37-40	Both triple step forward: right, left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2006