Cowgirl Cha Cha (L/P)

Choreographer 	Vickie Smith - Jan. 2015 Bsoutlaws@Gmail.Com - 618-298-2411
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance, Side By Side, Sweetheart Position
Music: 		Doin' My Thing - Luke Bryan
Alt: 		I'm Just A Man - Jason Aldean
		Any Slow To Medium Cha Cha Of Your Choice

	Touch Front Side, Sailor Shuffle, Front Side , Sailor
1-2	Touch L Front, To The L Side,
3&4 	Left Sailor Shuffle (Step L Behind R,Step R To R, Step Weight L)
5-6 	Touch R Front, To The R Side,
7&8 	Right Sailor Shuffle (Step R Behind L, Step L To L, Step Wieght R)
	Rock & Shuffle With R & L
9-10	 Rock L Forward Return Weight To R,
11&12 	Left Shuffle Back
13-14 	Rock R Back Return Weight To L
15&16	 Right, Shuffle Forward

	L Lock & Shuffle, R Lock & Shuffle
17-18	tep Forward L, Lock R Behind L,
19&20	Left Shuffle Forward
21-22 	Step Forward R, Lock L Behind R,
23&24 	Right Shuffle Forward
	(If Dancing As Partner Dance-Steps 29-32 , Release R Hands,
	L Hands, Go Over Man's Head, Then Over Lady's Head-Rejoin After Turns
	Steps 25-36, You Will Be In Reverse Sweetheart Position
	Step 1/2 Turn, Shuffle-Shuffle 1/2 Turn
25-26 	Step L Forward, Pivot 1/2 Turn R
27&28 	Left Shuffle
29-30, 	Step R Forward, Pivot 1/2 Turn L,
31&32 	Right Shuffle L 1/2 Turn L
	Return To Sweetheart Position On Steps 37-38
	Rock Shuffle-Turn Shuffle
33-34 	Rock Back On L, Return Weight To R
35&36 	Left Shuffle
37-38 	Step Forward R Pivot 1/4 Turn L,
39&40 	Right Shuffle
	Rock 1/4 Turn, Side Shuffle,Rock Coaster Step
41-42 	Rock L Over R, Return Weight R,
43&44 	1/4 Turn Left During L Shuffle
45-46, 	Rock Forward R Return Weight To L
47&48	 Right Coaster Step (Back On R, Together With L, Forward On R)
	Start Over & Have Fun				May 2015

Optional Steps For :29-32
Rock R Forward, Return Weight To L, R Shuffle Back (R-L-R)