Choreographed by SHIRLEY BABCOCK - 716 467 - 6248
Description Mixer - This dance is done in the open position, a.k.a. 'Cape',
'side-by-side', or 'sweetheart'. The couple is facing the line of
dance, the gent is on the inside of the circle. The lady moves
forward to the gent ahead of her on the shuffle forward steps,
while the man shuffles slightly in place
MUSIC "That Old Wheel,' by Johnny Cash (slow);
"Cajun Moon" by Ricky Skaggs (med)
On The Road Again" by Willie Nelson; or any medium speed 
shuffle music.

I teach dance lessons at Rustler's Roost in Rochester NY and we have brand new dancers all the time. I like to do a'mixer' to help these new
dancers meet our regulars. I choreographed the "Cowboy MLxer' for variety and simplicity so that the dancers would not get bored with the
same mixers. Of course, this dance can be done without changing partners, then I call it "Cowboy Shuffle'

Heel Swivels, Left Forward, Cross, Forward and Together
1- Swivel heels to the left; Back to center
3-4 Swivel heels to right; Back to center
5-6 Touch Left heel forward Cross and touch Left toes to floor in front of Right
7-8  Touch Left heel forward, Touch Left next to Right
Vine Left, Touch Right
9 - 10 Step to the left with the Left foot, Step Right behind Left


Step to the left with theLeft, Touch Right next to Left
Vine Right, Touch Left
Dropping Left hands
Man   Lady
13  Step to the right with the Right Step Right to the right turning 1/4 right
14 Step Left behind Right  Step Left across Right turning1/2 right
15 Step right with the Right Step Right across Left turning1/4 right 
16 Touch Left next to right Touch Left next to Right
Couple will re-join hands at this point
Step-scoot, step-scoot, step-scoot
17-18 Step Left forward; Scoot on Left               Right foot in air
19-20 Step Right forward; Scoot on Right          Left foot in air
21-22 Step Left forward; Scoot on Left              Right foot in air
Jazz box with Touch Back
23-24 Cross Right over Left put weight on Right,.Step Left back
25-26 Step Right next to Left; Touch Left toes to the back
4 Shuffles Forward Starting on the Left
Lady Shuffles forward to meet new partner
Gent  Lady
27-34 Gent does his shuffles slightly in place 
27&28 Shuffle in place Left, Right, Left shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
29&30  Shuffle in place Right, Left, Right Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
31&32 Shuffle in place Left,Right, Left Shuffle forward Left, Right Left
33&34 Shuffle in place Right,Left, Right Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
Stomp, Stomp
35 - 36 Stomp Left; Stomp Right
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2001