Cadillac Style

Choreographed By 	Mike Derrik & Margaret
		(Route 66 CWDC Worthing 01903 502836)
Description 	40 Count Partner Dance In Sweetheart Position
Music 		Someone Else's Cadillac - Eric Heatherley
		There Goes The Neighbourhood - Keith Harling
		The Lost And Found - Derailers
1-2 	Step Forward Right, Lock Left Behind Right
3&4 	Right Shuffle Forward
5-6 	Step Forward Left, Lock Right Behind Left.
7&8 	Left Shuffle Forward
9-10 	Step Forward Right (Release Right Hands & Raise Left Hands)
1/2 	Pivot CCW To RLOD, Step On Left
11&12 	Right Shuffle Turning 1/2 CCW To Lod (Pick Up Sweetheart Position)
13-14 	Rock. Back On Left, Forward On Right
15&16 	Left Shuffles Forward
17&18 	Right Kick Forward, Step On Right , Step Forward Left.
19&20 	Right Shuffle Forward Turning 1/4 Ccw To ILOD
	(Right Hands Over Ladies Head, Man In Front Of Lady)
21-22 	Rock Left Behind Right, Recover On To Right
23&24 	Chasse Shuffle To Left

25-26 	Rock Back On Right Turning 1/4 Turn Right Lod, Rock Forward On Left
	(Right Hands Over Lady’s Head Into Sweetheart Position)
27&28 	Right Shuffle Forward
29-30 	(Drop Left Hands) Step Forward Left, Hitch Rt. (Turning 1/4 Cw Into OLOD)
31-32 	Step Forward Right, Hitch Left (Turning 1/4 Cw To RLOD)
33-34 	Step Forward Left, Hitch Right (Turning 1/4 Cw To ILOD)
35-36 	Step Forward Right, (Turning 1/4 Cw To Lod, Resume Sweetheart Position)
37&38 	(Electric Shuffles) Step Forward Left, Lock Right Behind Left,
	Step Forward Left,
&39 	Lock Right Behind Left, Step Forward Left
40 	Scuff Right Forward