CHOREOGRAPHED by   Connie Davignon 401/354-554 7 or 401/354-5146
DESCRIPTION Beginner Partner Dance in Side by Side [sweetheart] Position
MUSIC Here In The Real World - Alan Jackson
Cornell Crawford - K.T. Oslin.

Progressive Vine Left, Progressive Vine Right
1-2 Step forward Left, Cross behind with Right
3-4  Step forward Left, Scuff Right
5-6 Step forward Right, Cross behind with Left
7-8 Step forward Right, Scuff Left
4 Forward Polkas*
9&10 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
11&12  Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
13&14 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
15&16 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
Left heel, Cross, Heel, Stomp, Right Heel, Cross, Heel Stomp,
17-18  Touch Left heel forward Bring Left heel to front of Right leg
19-20 Touch Left heel forward, Stomp Left next to Right
21-22 Touch Right heel forward, Bring Right heel to front of Left leg
23-24 Touch Right heel forward, Stomp Right next to Left
Rock Forward, Rock Back Step Forward, Brush
25-26 Rock forward on Left, Rock back on Right
27-28 Step forward on Left, Brush right scuff
Rock Forward, Rock Basic, Step Forward, Brush
29-30 Rock forward on Right, Rock back on Left
31-32  Step forward on Right, Brush Left scuff


Twirl lady forward on 2nd and 3rd Polkas or; Lady Go Round = Lady is led around Man with his Left
Hand and spun into position on 4th Polka or; Half Way Round the World on lst and 2nd Polkas; 
Gentleman spins Lady full turn to Left in front of him back into position on 3rd and 4th Polkas.

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2001