Country Turnabout

Choreographed By Sam & Pam Kaiser
Couples' Dance was named from the several Turns, plus the fact that the guy has the more difficult
part - which we gals think is a "Turnabout" of the way it usually is. The Dance is
done singly or in a train,
starting in the Open Position.

1 - 4 Grapevine Right, Touch L beside R.
5 - 8 Grapevine Left, Touch R beside L.

9 - 10 Rock forward on R, Pause (shift wt to L).
11 - 12 Rock back on R, Pause (shift wt to L).
13 - 14 Step forward R, Slide L up beside R.
15 - 16 Step forward R, Touch L beside R instep.

17 - 18 Rock forward on L, Pause (shift wt to R).
19 - 20 Rock back on L, Pause (shift wt to R).
21 - 22 Step forward L, Slide R up beside L.
23 - 24 Step forward L, Touch R beside L instep.

* All Turns are done without dropping hands *

25 - 28 Man marks time R, L, R, L. Lady Turns CW moving around behind Man, hands now on
           man's shoulders, both facing LOD.
29 - 52 Repeat Steps 1-24.
53 - 56 Man marks time R, L, R, L. Lady Turns CW on 1st Step facing away from LOD,
           continues ending Turn to Left side of Man, facing LOD.
57 - 80 Repeat Steps 1-24.

81 - 84 Man Turns CCW, 1st Step Cross R over L, continue Turning (4 Counts),
           ending with Man behind Lady. Lady Turns CW (they are Turning towards one another)
           4 Counts, moving ahead of Man, again both facing LOD.

85 -108 Repeat Steps 1-24.

109-112 Repeat Turn in Counts 81-84 this time ending back in starting Side-By-Side Open Position,
            Lady to Man's Right.

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