Cowboy Wedding

Choreographed by

Nicola Thompson (UK) ~ 
Description Beginner 32 Count Partner Dance Start in sweetheart position
Music A Cowboy Wedding - Joni Harms (103 bpm)
CD: After All (2001)
Alt Music Dolly Parton - Marry Me 114 bpm, 
The Mavericks - Here Comes My Baby 91 bpm

Walk Right, Left, Run steps Right, Left, Right, walk Left, Right run steps Left, Right, Left
1-2	Walk forward Right then Left
3&4	Run forward Right, Left, Right
5-6	Walk forward Left then Right
7&8	Run forward Left, Right, Left
Right Heel Hook and Right Shuffle forward, Left Heel Hook and Left Shuffle Back
1-2	Right Heel dig forward and Hook Right heel to Left knee
3&4	Right Shuffle Forward stepping Right, Left, Right
5-6	Left Heel dig forward and Hook Left heel to Right knee
7&8	Left Shuffle Backwards stepping Left, Right, Left
Turn inwards and bow turn back LOD and Right shuffle forward,
 Left Pivot  turn Right and Left shuffle forwards RLOD
	Let go of hands
1-2	Cross rock Back on Right  left making a curtsey to your gentleman, recover on your left
1-2	Step  rock turn to your Right and tip your hat to you lady, recover on your left
	Back to Sweetheart position
3&4	Right shuffle forward stepping Right, Left, Right
5-6	Step forward Left and pivot  turn to your Right, stepping on your Right facing RLOD
7&8	Left shuffle forward stepping Left, Right, Left RLOD
Step back Right  turn Left, Right mambo forward  to Right, 
Sway hips Left, Right and Left Shuffle  turn left LOD
1-2	Step back on Right make a  turn to Left stepping forward on Left facing LOD
3&4	Right Mambo step forward replacing right next to Left with a  turn to Right
5-6	With hands on hips, sway Left and Right
7&8 	Left shuffle with  Left (LOD) stepping Left, Right, Left
	Start Again and SMILE 
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert August 2006