Choreographed by Pip & Carolann -Taught at Ingliston Festival on 26-03-05
Description  32 count Partner Dance, cha cha rhythm Start side by side,
Man on Left, Lady on Right. holding inside hands Ladies steps are on
opposite feet and mirror image, except where stated
Music Who`s Gonna Hold Me –John McCane - 112bpm, CD – Second Time Around
Like She`s Not Yours – Bellamy Brothers CD - By Request
The Lord Loves the Drinking Man – Mark Chesnutt 
CD - Savin` The Honky Tonk

1-8 	Modified Rumba box
1 2 	Step L to L, close R together,
3&4 	L shuffle forward LRL
5 6 	Step R to R, close L together,
7&8 	R shuffle backward RLR
9-16 	Rock Step, shuffle half turn X 2, changing hands
9 10 	Step back on L, recover onto R,
11&12 	Forward shuffle LRL half turning R
13-14 	Step back R recover onto L,
15&16 	Forward shuffle RLR half turning L
	Keep hold of both hands. Now back to facing LOD
17-24 	Raise Mans L hand, Ladies R hand, Half turn Lady out, to face RLOD.
	Lady reverse step pivot turn, Keep hold of both hands, ending in R Hammerlock
	(aka Tamara, Pretzel hold) (Ladies L arm behind her back)
	Now forward & reverse shuffles, (Coming & Going)
	Man 				Lady
17 18 	Step back on L, recover onto R 		Half turn R under raised hands stepping forward onto R
					step L in place. Now facing RLOD
19&20 	Forward shuffle LRL 			Backwards shuffle RLR
21-22 	Step forward on R recover onto L 	Step back onto L recover onto R
23&24 	Backward shuffle RLR 		Forward Shuffle LRL
25-28 	Lady step pivot. Both forward shuffle.
25-26 	Step L foot back, recover weight onto R 	Step forward onto R, half pivot L,
27&28 	Forward shuffle LRL 	Both in LOD 	Forward shuffle RLR
29-32 	Forward Lock step and shuffle.
29-30 	Walk forwards R L, ( alternatively, step forward R and lock L behind R.)
31&32 	Forward shuffle RLR 		Now back into original starting position.
	As an alternative, on steps 15&16, Use only Mans L and Ladies R hands,
	Man take bigger steps to align in front of and facing lady, Stay in this position 
	through to step 26, On steps 27&28 regain side by side position and change hands.
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