Champagne Promises

Choreographed By 	Andrew & Sheila Palmer (UK) April 2017
Description 	Beginner/Improver: Partner Dance 32 counts
		Start in Promenade Position (LOD). Opposite Footwork throughout.
		Gent Steps Described
Music 		Champagne Promise - David Nail (103 bpm) 40 Count Intro. Start on the Vocals
		CD: Fighter.
	Adapted from Tina Argyle’s Line Dance Champagne Promise
*Note: On Count 1 both turn a Quarter to Face each other for the Cross Step (OLOD for Gent)
	Weave. Point. Cross. Quarter Turn. Step Back. Shuffle Back
1 - 2 	Cross Right over Left (take hold of leading hands), step Left to side (OLOD)
3 - 4 	Cross Right behind left, point Left to side
5 - 6 	Cross Left over Right, quarter turn Left step back Right
	(release leading hands back to Promenade) (LOD)
7&8 	Step back Left, step Right beside Left, step back Left
	Rock Back. Recover. Shuffle Forward. Side Rock. Recover. Shuffle Forward
1 - 2 	Rock back Right, recover forward onto Left
3&4 	Step forward Right, step Left beside Right, step forward Right
5 - 6 	Rock Left to side, recover onto Right
7&8 	Step forward Left, step Right beside Left, step forward Left
	Forward. Touch. Forward. Touch. Back. Touch. Recover. Walk. Walk. Lock-Step
&1 	Step forward Right to Right diagonal, touch Left beside Right
&2 	Step forward Left to Left diagonal, touch Right beside Left
&3 	Step back Right and touch Left toe slightly forward bending knee slightly
4 	Recover forward onto Left lower heel
5 – 6 	Walk Right, walk Left
*Tag 	here during repetition 8 – add 2 more walks forward then restart
7&8 	Step forward Right, lock Left behind right, step forward Right
	Rock Forward. Recover. Shuffle Half Turn. Shuffle Half Turn. Coaster-Step
1 - 2 	Rock forward Left, recover back onto Right (release inside hands)
3 &4 	Quarter turn Left step Left to side (ILOD), step Right beside Left,
	quarter turn Left step forward Left (RLOD)
5&6 	Quarter turn Left step Right to side (OLOD), step Left beside Right,
	quarter Left step back Right (take hold of inside hands back to Promenade) (LOD)
7&8 	Step back Left, step Right beside Left, step forward Left

Tag: 	During repetition 8 dance 22 counts then add 2 additional
	walks forward (Right, Left) Then restart		April 2017