Choreographed by Kenny & Vicky Potts (2-14-98)
Description 42 Count Waltz - Progressive Couples Dance
Sweetheart Position - Beginners
Music Which Bridge To Cross - Vince Gill
Any slow to medium waltz

1-2-3 	Left Basic Forward
4-5-6 	Right Basic Forward

1-2-3 	Basic that turns 1/2 turn Left
	(Release Left hands, Right hands behind man's back)
4-5-6 	Right basic back

1-2-3 	Basic that turns 1/2 turn Left
	(Release Right hands, back into Sweetheart Position)
4-5-6 	Right basic back

1-2-3 	Each partner turns in to face each other
	(Man brings Right Hands over and in front of Lady - Hands are now crossed in front)
4-5-6 	Right basic back (Smaller steps)
	(Hands slide to open position as you Waltz back)

1-2-3 	Left basic forward ending beside each other
	(Arms are out with hands joined, Making a Cupid's Bow)
4-5-6 	Right basic forward ( Waltzing around 1/4 turn right)

1-2-3 	Left basic forward (Waltzing around 1/4 turn right)
4-5-6 	Right basic back and apart

1-2-3 	Man does Left Basic Waltz almost in place but may travel back and around Lady as Lady 
	does left Waltz forward to end up in original Sweetheart Position
4-5-6 	Right basic forward

(VARIATION: On last 1-2-3, instead of Lady Waltzing forward straight into Sweetheart, 
	Man can spin/twirl Lady counterclockwise into Sweetheart Position)

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