Cactus Canter
Choreographed by Pip & Carolann and taught at Ingliston Festival on 20-04-03
Description 32 count Partner Dance, Start in side by side position, holding inside hands,
Music There Goes, Allan Jackson; Everything I Love CD. ( slow )
Somebody like you, Keith Urban; Golden Road CD.
Evangeline; Beer Talkin` CD. ( fast )

Steps printed are Mens steps, Ladies steps are on opposite feet and mirror image, except where stated.
1-4 	Starting on R Four forward walks RLRL - LRLR for Ladies
5-10 	3 x ¼ L pivots ( let go of hands, keep weight on L, step forward R and
	¼ pivot L and clap, repeat 2 x to finish facing partner; now hold both hands
11&12 	R side chasse’ ( RLR )
13–14 	rock back L recover weight onto R
15&16 	L side chasse’ ( LRL )
17-18 	rock back R recover L
	Raise leading hands (mans L ladies R ) Drop trailing hand ( mans R ladies L )
19&26 	Man shuffling under arch diagonally forward in front of lady.
	Lady one shuffle round behind man, and three shuffles forward.
	4 x shuffles each to change sides and move forwards,
	(man now on outside of dance floor, lady on inside of dance floor )
27-28 	Step R out to R and Touch L foot besides R
29-32 	L vine behind lady, (L step L side, R step behind L, L step L side, R touch beside L.
	changing sides and changing hands,
	Lady does a four step turn ( Rolling Vine ) facing man to change places,
	Now back into original starting position
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