Coca Cola Cowboy

Choreographed by 	Heather Staddon 01603945148
Description 	64 count partner dance same footwork sweetheart position
Music 		Coca Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis
1-8 	Rumba Step Forward Hold Rumba Back Hold
1-4 	Step Right To Side Left Together Right Step Forward Hold
1-4 	Step Left To Side Right Together Step Back Hold
9-16 	Back Together Back Hold Back Together Forward Hold
1-4 	Right Step Back Left Together Right Step Back Hold
1-4 	Left Step Back Right Together Left Step Forward Hold
17-24 	1/2 Turn Left 3/4 Turn Right Facing Out
	Release Right Hand Take Left Hand Over Mans Head Pick Up Right Hands
	Take Right Hands Over Lady's Head
1-4 	1/2Turn Left Stepping Right Left Right Forward Hold RLOD
1-4 	3/4 Turn Right Stepping Left Right Step Left To Side Hold Facing Out

25-32 	Step Behind Cross Hold Side Together Hold
1-4 	Step Right Behind Left Step Cross Right Over Left Hold
1-4 	Step Left To Side Right Together Left Step To Side Hold
33-40 	Rock Recover  Turn Hold 1/2turn Step Forward Hold
1-4 	Rock Right Over Left Recover Left Step Right 1/4 Turn Right Hold
1-4 	1/2 Turn Right Stepping Left Right Left Step Forward Hold
	Make Two 1/2 Turns Round The World Take Both Hands Over Mans Head
	Cross In Front Of Man And Round Back Of Man To LOD
41-48 	Lady 1/2 Turn Left To Mans Left Side Step Right Left Right Hold
	Step 1/2 Turn Left Round Back Of Man Step Left Right Left Hold
	Man Step Side Right Left Together Right Forward Hold
	Man Step Side Left Right Together Left Step Back Hold
	Rock Out Recover Cross Hold
49-56 	Right Rock Out To Side Recover Left Right Cross Over Left Hold
	Left Rock Out Side Recover Right Left Cross Over Right Hold
	Step Together Step Hold X2
57-64 	Step Forward Right Left Right Hold
	Step Forward Left Right Left Hold
	Start Again 				December 2018