Close the Distance

Choreographed by 	Adam Cherko & Adrienne Squillante (4-29-18) ~
Description 	32 Count, Improver Partner Dance Start out side by side, holding hands,
		Gentlemen standing on the left side and women standing on the right side.
		Gentlemanís right hand holds womanís left hand from below.
		The dance is mirrored for most of the dance.
Music 		The Difference - Tyler Rich
		24 count intro, with vocals, weight starts on the outside foot.
The Dance can also done as a line dance either in the male or female position. The dance is
 intended to be danced with the line dancers in the center of the floor, not around the outside.

1-8 	Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Quarter Rock, Weave
1-3,&4, 	Walk forward inside foot, Walk forward outside foot, Shuffle forward (M): R,L,R; (F):L,R,L
5-7&8, 	Quarter rock to face each other (picking up free hands, his left, her right), Recover weight
	(M): L; (F): R, Weave (M): L step behind, R step side, L cross step front; (F): R cross step
	front, L step side, R step behind

9-16 	Sway, Sway, Shuffle Side, Sway, Sway, Shuffle Quarter Turn.
1-3&4 	(M): Step R, Step L, Step R,L,R; (F): Step L, Step R, Step L,R,L
5-7&8 	(M): Step L, Step R, 1/4 turning to front wall, Step L,R,L; (F): Step R, Step L,
	1/4 turning to front wall, Step R,L,R
	(Hands back to original hold, Inside hands, His right, Her left)

17-24 	(M): Rock, Recover, Shuffle Back; (F): Half Pivot, Half Shuffle,
	Walk Back Twice and Coaster
1-3&4	 (M): Rock forward R, Recover L, Shuffle Back R,L,R; (F): Step L,
	Half Pivot on to R, Half Shuffle moving back L, R, L
	(Hands: Gentlemen guide ladies into the turn bringing his right hand in
	front and over her head and back into original hand hold position)
5-7&8 	Walk Backward twice (M): L,R; (F): R,L, Coaster Step (M): Step back L, together R,
	step forward L; (F): Step back R, together L, step forward R

25-32 	Quarter Turn, Syncopated Weave, Rock Recover Quarter, Walk, Walk,
	Rock Recover Half Turn
1&2&, 	Quarter turn back to back, (M): Step side R, Step Behind L, Step side R, Step across L,
	Rock R, Recover Quarter turn L, step forward R; (F): Step side L, Step Behind R,
3&4 	Step side L, Step across R, Rock L, Recover Quarter turn R, step forward L
	(Hands: maintain original hand hold until the Rock on count 3, pick up opposite
	hand hold on "&" count and maintain his left and her right hands from counts 4-7.)
5-7&8 	Walk Forward, Walk Forward (M): L,R; (F): R,L, Rock forward, Recover 1/4 turn,
	Step 1/4 turn (M): Rock L, 1/4 R, 1/4 L; (F): Rock R, 1/4 L, 1/4 R
	(Hands: His left, Her right for 5, 6, 7, releasing on "&" and picking up original hand
	position on 8, His right, Her left) 				May 2018