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T.A.C (That Ain't Country) Fred Buckley and Vivienne Scott That Ain't Country - Aaron Lewis
T.C.A, Michael Diven Family Affair - Mary J. Blige (choreographed to this song);
Rough And Ready - Trace Adkins
TDF [Too Damn Funky] Allan Livett Come and Get Your Love - The Real McCoy
T.G.I.F Jo Thompson &
Michelle Perron
She's a bad Mama Jama - Carl Carlton
Fever - Jeff Moore
TN Rock Cinta Larrotcha I’m Outta Here - Orrall & Wright
My Baby Plays Me Just Like A Fiddle - Charlie Daniels
TNT Tom Khoury Shortnin' Bread - The Tractors
TNT Jasmin Oetzel Dangerous - Michael Jackson
T bone Shuffle Peter Metelnick T bone Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
Sunchime - Dario G
T & C Shuffle Tony & Carol Rimmer 29 Nights - Danni Liegh
T&G Hurricane Sal Gonzalez Hurricane - Carlene Carter
"T" Time Jo Thompson Country Down to my Soul - Lee Roy Parnell
Fever - Garth Brooks
Ta Babes Harold Grimshaw Thank You Baby - Shania Twain
Take a Breather Maggie Gallagher I Need a Breather - Darryl Worley
Taggin' Along Jan Wyllie Look What Followed me Home - David Ball
Tail - Gating Jim Krywko Fat Sally Lee - Rednex
Down in Muddy Water - Brother Phelps ++++++ more
Tailg8er Michael W. Diven Tailgate - Neal McCoy
Tail Lights Derek Robinson Nothing but the Taillights - Clint Black
Work in Progress - Alan Jackson
Take a Letter Dr Grant Longley Livin' on Love - Alan Jackson
Kawliga - Hank Williams / Charlie Pride +++
Take a Look Evelyn Khinoo I Don't Care if you Love me Anymore Mavericks
Take A Ride K. Hunyadi & Jo Thompson Magic Carpet Ride - MDO
Take It  Geri Morrison Here is my Heart - Lionel Richie
Take it Away Perry / Brady Take it From Me - Scooter Lee
Take it EZ Mike Y L Ng Take it Easy - Eagles
I Love You - Martina McBride
Take Me Away Diana Dawson Take Me Away - James House
Take Me for Who I Am  Barry Woods Take Me for Who I Am - Dave Sherrif
Take Me home DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Take Me Home - Bellamy Brothers
Take Me Home !!! Mama Mario Champagne Mama Take Me Home - Rednex
Take Me to Paradise Gordon Elliot Isle Of Paradise - Blue Lagoon
Takin' My Time Larry Bass This Time I'm Taking My Time - Neal McCoy
South of Santa Fe - Brooks & Dunn
Taking Texas to the Country Leonard Hage Taking Texas To The Country - Gary P. Nunn
Takes a Fool Michele Perron Takes A Fool To Love A Fool - Burton Cummings
Tailgate Shuffle Jim & Robbie Wendrickx Pick up Man - Joe Diffie
Tail-Lights Blue Val O'connor Tail Lights Blue - Alan Jackson
Talk Dirty Jan Wyllie He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw - Lorrie Morgan
Talk Dirty Michelle Ireland He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw - Lorrie Morgan
Talk to Me Bubs Jewell Talk to Me - LeAnn Rimes
Talk to Me Gary Lafferty You’ve Got To TalkTo Me- LeeAnn Womack
Talkin Big Talk Walt & Linda Woolbright &
Kim Jackson
Long On Talk, Short On Love By: Barbara Carr
Talkin' Bout Lit Curtis Smith Lit - Trace Adkins
Talkin' Dirty Cha Cha Joyce Warren He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw - Lorrie Morgan
Tangled Allan Hocking Tangled up in Texas - Frazier River
Broken Heart Attack - Cheap Seats
Tangled Sheets Violet Ray Nothin' On But The Radio - Gary Allen
Tango Twirl Chris Hodgson Party at the end of the World - Jimmy Buffet
Tango with the Sheriff Adrian Churm Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff
Tap'n'Time Bill Larson Pocket of a Clown - Dwight Yoakam
She's Got a Mind of Her Own - James Bonamy
Tattooed Heart Linda Sansoucy Tatooed Heart - Ronnie Dunn 
Te Quiero Carl Edwards One Night - J.C. Jones
Teach me to Waltz Gordon Elliot Teach me to Dance - Greg Holland
Tear Stained Letters Steve Mason Tear Stained Letters - Patty Loveless
Down at the Twist and Shout - Mary C. Carpenter
Teardrops Hazel Scott Before the Next Teardrop Falls - Dolly Parton
Teardrops Jan Brookfield Teardrops - George Ducas,
Tears of Regret Ed Lawton Tears Of Regret - Ronnie Beard
Tear It Up Brian Woodford Tear It Up - Joni Harms
Tears on the jukebox Nicole George Let's Fall To Pieces Together - George Strait
Teased John Sharman Tempted - Marty Stuart
Telepathy Chris Hodson You Can’t Read My Mind - Toby Keith
Tell Me Andrew& Sheila Tell Me - Jake Owen
Tell Me That You Love Me Gordon Elliot When You Tell Me That You Love Me" - Westlife & Diana Ross
Tellin' tales Kelly Anderson That's my Story - Colin Raye
Temple Of Love Gordon Elliott Temple Of Love - BWO
Temptation B&D Amato/ Perry/ Hunyadi Temptation - Shelby Lynn
Ten Rounds Terry Hogan Ten Rounds with Jose' Cuervo - Tracy Byrd
Tender Heart Alison Austerberry Tender Heart - Lionel Richie
Tender Heart The Dynamic Due Tender Heart - Lionel Richie
Tenderfoot Ray Denham Singing in the Rain - Deans
Tennessee Boot Scootin B Phyllis Stevens Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks & Dunn
Tennessee Borderline David Dabbs Tennessee Border - Jimmy Buckley
Tennessee Line . Lana Harvey Calling Tennessee - Plain Loco
Mile out of Memphis - Phillip Claypool
Tennessee River Run Ray Bus Tennessee River Run - Darryl Worley
Standin' Still - The Clark Family Experience
Tennessee Turnaround Montana Western Dancers Someone had to Teach You - George Strait
Tequila & Teardrops
Tequila and Teardrops (Dutch)
Oei & Marja Urgert Tequila And Teardrops  - Dale Watson
Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off Linda Kalinowski Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols
Tequila Sunrise Ainsworth & Murphy Crime of Passion - Ricky Van Shelton
Tequila Sunrise Bobby Curtis Tequila Sunrise - Alan Jackson
Tequila Rose Rosaline Chapin Tropical Depression - Alan Jackson
Tequila Sunrise - Eagles
Tequila Talk Jan Brookfield He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw - Lorrie Morgan
Dance All night - Easy Rider
Tequila Tango K. Sholes He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw - Lorrie Morgan
Tequila Time Ernie & Carman Hutchinson Tequila Time - Brooks & Dunn
Morre than a Margarita - Brooks & Dunn
Tequila Troubles Michael Diven Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols
Tequila Tuesday Pat Newell Tequila Sunrise - Alan Jackson 
Texas Blue Pip Hodge Two Steppin Texas Blue - Joni Harms
How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye - Tracy Lawrence
Texas Boogie Tina Argyle Texas Boogie - Dale Watson
Texas Hold'Em Terry Dunbar Texas Hold 'em - Ty England
Texas is Where it's At Gordon Elliot Texas is Where it's At -  Rick Tippe
Texas Jam Nancy A Morgan Misty Morning - Tony Rice;
Texas Moon Vera Holder I'll Take Texas - Vince Gill
Don't Come Cryin' to Me - Vince Gill
Texas Rose Anna Balaguer Margaritaville - Alan Jackson 
Texas Saturday Night Bastiaan van Leeuwen Texas Saturday Night - The Woolpackers
Texas Sidestep Barry Amato Theres a Girl in Texas - Trace Adkins
Texas Stars Linda & Colin Chester Stars over Texas - Tracy Lawrence
Texas Storm Chris Woods Calm before the Storm - Restless Heart
Get in Line - Larry Boone
Texas Sunshine David Dabbs Beautiful Texas Sunshine - Doug Sahm
Texas Twister Missy Rainey Dance - Twister Alley
Texas Women Peggi Sue Wood Texas Women - Brooks & Dunn
Thank You Tina Argyle www.chriskenward.com/downloads 
Thanks to You Vikki Morris Thanks to You – Marty Stuart
That Ain't Good Arne Stakkestad That Ain't Good - Hank Williams Jr
That Crazy Song Ray & Gail Garvin That Song Is Driving Me Crazy - Tom T. Hall
That n' This John Rowell After all This, That - Redfern & Crooks
That'll Work For Me  Cindy Smith & Vikki Bondurant Live Close By, Visit Often - K T Oslin
That's All Bud & Diane Martin You Don't, You Won't - Billy Gillman
Trouble is as Woman - Julie Reeves
Thats all she Said David "Dr. K." Kopcych Sorry - Gary Allan
That's How Much Lana Harvey Wilson That's How Much You Mean to Me - Hal Ketchum
That's Just Me Diana Dawson That’s Just Me - Brian Mallery
That's My Baby  Max Perry Thats my Baby - Lari White
Linda Lou - Ricky Van Shelton
That's my Hat Evelyn Khinoo Goin' back to Louisiana - Delbert McClinton
I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - Marty Stuart
That's my Story Claude Rose That' my Story - Colin Raye
Thats Not My Name Mavis Broom That’s not my name - The Mavericks
That's What I Like About you Michael Vera-Lobos That's What I Like About You - Trisha Yearwood
That's Why Gerda Klein That's Why God made Mexico - Tim McGraw
That a Way Dan Albro You Made me That Way - Andy Griggs
That Time of the Night Michele Perron Baby Don't Go - Dwight Yoakam
Land Of The Living - Pam Tillis
The 4x4 Various Pick up man - Joe Diffie
The Airport Flyer Jan Wyllie I Slipped and Fell in Love - Alan Jackson
The bar BQ Calamity ? Jane You Know Where I am - Scooter Lee
The Blue Page Walk Max Perry The Blue Pages - Noah Gordon
The Blues Walk Mary Nell- Cole She's Cool - Little Texas
Wild Ride - Dwight Yoakam
The Beaujolais Waltz Neil Hale The Rangers Waltz - Queen Ida
The Biggest Fool of All Leonard Hage The Biggest Fool Of All - Paul Bailey
The Blues Greywolf (Woelfke Woelfie & Wiya Wambli  Cocaine Blues - Hank Williams
The Blue Marlin Blues - George Strait
The Born Loser Jan Wyllie Loser Friendly - David Ball
The Bug Peter M.Bourke Thr Bug - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Half Enough - Lorrie Morgan
The Cheating Shuffle [L&P] Lana Harvey Who's Cheatin' Who - Alan Jackson
Dragging my Heart Around - Travis Tritt
The Cheyenne The Cheyenne Dancers Easy to Love hard to Hold - Marty Stuart
Don't Rock the Jukebox - Alan Jackson
The Chuckwagon Pat Arnold  ??????????????
The Claxton Stomp & Go Evelyn Khinoo Wrong From Right - Gary Wayne Claxton & The Hellbound Honky Tonk Band
Should've Asked Her Faster - Ty England (
The Coast is Clear Carl Sullivan Till The Coast is Clear - Hal Ketchum
The Coasters clear Larry Bass Love Thing - Dan Seals
Nights Like These - The Lynns
The Continental Unknown ? ? ? 
The Country Boy Rock Larry Bass Country Boy   - Wynn
I Want You Bad (And That Ain’t Good) - Collin Raye 
The DA ! Roy East Rodeo Man - Rona Reeves
Don't take her She's All I've Got - Tracy Byrd
The Dixie Walk Peter Metelnick You Can't Hurry Love - The Dixie Chicks
The Doonhammers Boogie Shuggie McCardle In This Little Town - Restless Heart
The Drinkin' Bone Jan Wyllie Drinkin' Bone - Tracy Byrd
The Driver The Rachero's In My Car- I'll be the Driver - Shania Twain
The Farm Mick Harris Where a Farm Used To Be - Gord Bamford
The Fire Within Bob Bonett The worlds Greatest - R. Kelly
The First Time Waltz Hazel Pace I'd Fall in Love Tonight - Anne Murray
The Fifth dj Dan I'll Take The Fifth – Leslie Tom
The Fighter Rob Holley The Fighter - Keith Urban
The Flyboy & the Kid Eddie Morrison The Flyboy & The Kid - Rodney Crowell
The Flying Scots John Sharman Voices of the Highlands - Speed Limit
The Force Unknown Reggae Cowboy - the Bellamy Brothers
The Galaxy J. A. Jackson Galaxy Song - Clint Black
The Gambler Guy Dubé & Denis Henley The Gambler (Robert Wilsdon Remix) - Kenny Rogers
The Glen Roy East Independence Day - Martina McBride
The Good guys Chris Jackson When The Good Guys Win' - Granger Smith
The Grass Between my Toes Jason Drake I Still Like Bologna - Alan Jackson
The Gypsy Waltz  Ray Denham  Waltz
The Hams Jam Peter Metelnick Stand by Your Man - Dixie Chicks
I'll Take Texas - Vince Gill
The Haunting John Rowell The Haunting - Mike Daly
The Haunting - Jailbreak
The Highway Way Man Justine & Avril Brown Highway Patrol - Junior Brown
The Hillbilly Way Brandi Hughes The Hillbilly Way - Levi Hart 
The Hit Kick Kevin Richards Gone Country - Alan Jackson
Kick a Little - Little Texas
The Hot Trot Deb Crew Honky Tonk Women - Hank Williams Jnr
No One Else on Earth - Wynonna
The J Walk Sue Lipscome Walking to Jerusalem - Tracy Byrd
The Jager Bump Alan Finch Strong enough - Alan Jackson
The picture - Ricky Van Shelton
The Jelaous Kind Leonard Hage The Jealous Kind - Rita Coolidge,
The Last Living Cowboy Richard Chantry Last Living Cowboy - Toby Keith
The Last Time Slide Max Perry The LAst Time Uh Huh - Scooter Lee
The Leavin' side Glennys Croston The Leavin’ Side - Carlene Carter 
Baby Ride Easy - Carlene Carter
The Light in Our Soul Gordon Elliot The Light In Our Soul - Helena Paparizou
The Lion Sleeps Michael John Snr & Jnr  The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Mavericks
The Long Way Nicola Thompson Taking The Long Way Round -  Dixie Chicks
The Little Shirt Audrey Watson The Little Shirt me mother made for me - Hugo Duncan
The "My Town" Stomp Gloria Johnson My Town Montgomery Gentry
The Mustang Shuffle Shuggie McCardle & Katharine Thompson A Fear Of Falling - Donna Fisk & Michael Cristian
Dixie Darlin - Carlene Carter
The Nightlife Slide Wayne Chitenden I Love the Nightlife - Scooter Lee
The Nugget Malcolm Russell  ??
The Older I Get Wil Bos & Yvonne Smeets The Older I Get - Alan Jackson
The Olsen Walk Yvonne Anderson Walk Right Back - the Olsen Brothers
The One That Got Away DJ Dan & Wynette Miller The One That Got Away - Allison Moorer
The One You slip Around with DJ Dan & Wynette Miller The One You Slip Around With - Amber Digby
The Only Hell Dirk Leibing & Silvia Schill  I 'm The Only Hell (my Mama Ever raised) - Johnny Paycheck
The Only Way I Know Derek Robinson The Only Way I Know - Kenny Rogers
The Other Side Cha Cha Peter Metelnick See you on the Other Side - Lisa Erskine
One Night at a time - George Strait
The Outback  Gordon Elliot  The Outback Club - Lee Kerrigan
The Pieces don't fit anymore Helen D'Aguiar The Pieces don't Fit Anymore - James Morrison
The Plan Jason Drake God’s Plan - Derek Ryan
The Purple Pearl Rob Fowler Pearls in an Oyster Shell - 100% proof
The Ranch Boogie Knox Rhine The Ranch Boogie - Island Cowboys
Down on the Farm - Tim McGraw
The Raven Shuffle Beverly Mackey In a Letter to You - Eddy Raven
The Real Deal Joanne Brady Deal With it - Scooter Lee
The Real Deal Carl Sullivan Real Deal by George Jones
The Rebel Cha Cha Alan Baraniuk What The World Needs Now - Wynonna Judd
What A Beautiful Day - Chris Cagle +++++
The Renegade Roy Aspey Hearts Are Gonna Roll - Hal Ketchum
The Ride David Sickles If Wishes Were Horses - Kimber Clayton
The Right Place Brian Woodford  The Right Place - The Derailers
The Right to Remain Silent Michel Burton After All That,This - Redfern & Crookes
The Right To Remain Silent by Doug Stone
The Road goes On Gaby Neumann The Road Goes On - Michael C. Kent
The Rock and Roll waltz Max Perry Rock and Roll Waltz - Scooter Lee
The Rock Man Jan Wyllie She Rocks Me by Donna Fisk and Michael Christian.
The Roundup Waltz Shuggie & Katherine Long Hard Ride - Joni Harms
The Rum & The Sun      (Video) Linda Sansoucy Rum Is The Reason - Toby Keith
The Ryman Carles Llebot There Stands The Glass - Carl Manchaca
Tonight the bottle let me down - Brooks & Dunn
The Sassy Lass Mary Jo Holland You Win My Love - Shania Twain
All I Wanted - Confederate Railroad
The Scooch Jo Thompson Cold Outside - Big house
The Skip No Information at All ? ? ?
The Sky is Coming Down Leonard Hage The Sky Is Coming Down - Roy Torres
The Slick Louise Woodcock If Wishes were Horses - Kimber Clayton
Step on a Dime - Little Texas + + + + + + + +
The Slide Line Rick Bowen Sweet Little Shoe - Dan Seals
The Spanish Night is Over Glennys Croston The Spanish Night Is Over - Englebert Humperdinck
The Spice of Life DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Spice Of Life - George Fox
The Spirit Karl Greegan Spirit of the Halk - The Rednex
The Spirit Moves Val Parry No News - Lonestar
The Stoodley Stomp S&L Mailman , D. Randall There Goes my Heart - The Mavericks
The Story of my Life Marilyn Ericson The Story Of My Life - Marty Robbins
The Sunshine South     (Video) Linda Sansoucy Good At Tonight - David Nail
The Trail. Judy McDonald Trail of Tears - Billy Ray Cyrus
The Train Depot Özgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Heartbreak Express - Dolly Parton
The USA Ted Bowring I Love this Bar - Toby Keith
The Victim Bill McGee Victimised - Cilinda Pink
The Wandering Cha Cha John & Janette Sandham The Wanderer - Eddie Rabbit
The Wandering Cha Cha 2014 John Sandham Crying in the Rain - The Everly Brothers
The Watering Hole Harlan Curtis The Watering Hole - Gord Bamford
The Way Love Goes Frank Heelan  I Love You, Goodbye - Midland 
The Whole SheBANG Barry Amato I Will..........BUT - SheDaisy
The Whoop Charles Thornhill Whoop - De - Do  - Keith Gattis
The Winchester Teree DeSarro Restless Kind - Travis Tritt
Still in Love With You - Travis Tritt
The Wine Dance Bill Bader Wine, Women & Song - Patty Loveless
The Woman You Walked On Ed Lawton & Karin van der Merwe Worship the Woman You Walked On - Ronnie Dunn
The Wooden Shoe Jane Newhard Rock Bottom - Wynonna
Walking Shoes - Tanya Tucker
The Woodside Shuffle Diana Dawson The Woodside Shuffle - Mike Shannon
The World Marla Brandon The World - Brad Paisley
The Yoakam's on U Dorothy Krey Baby Don't Go - Dwight Yoakam
Thelma Lou Sonny & Linda Klemm It's Alright to be a Redneck
Then Here Cam Monday Leonard Hage Then Here Came Monday - Dwight Yoakam
There Goes Wayne Beckett There Goes - Alan Jackson
There Goes Coral & Ivan Burton There Goes - Alan Jackson
There Goes Trish Davies There Goes - Alan Jackson
There Goes my Heart Joy L Hill There Goes My Heart - Alan Jackson
There Ya Go The Girls Maureen & Michelle There Ya Go - Alan Jackson
There's Not Much Love Here Anymore Leonard Hage There's Not Much Love Here Anymore - Vince Gill
These Boots Harold Grimshaw These Boots are made for Walkin' - Billy Ray Cyrus
These Old Boots Rob Fowler These Old Boots - Aaron Watson
Think Jo Thompson Think - Aretha Franklin
You Better think Twice - Vince Gill
Think About Angels Max Perry When I Think About Angels - Jamie O'Neal
Think About You Leonard Hage All I Can Think About Is You - Erik Moll
Think of Us Jos Slijpen Think of Me [when you're Lonely] - Mavericks
Think of You Amanda Dahn Think of You - Chris Young and Cassadee Pope
Thinkin' About Things Larry Bass Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About - Thompson Square
Thinkin' of Rendezvous Peter Thijssen Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous - Johnny Duncan & Janie Frickie
Thinking Abut Shelly Graham Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About - Thompson Square
This Ain't my First Rodeo Christine Tyson This Ain't my First Rodeo - Vern Gosdin
This & That Gary Lafferty Woman - Mark Chesnutt
THis Bar Margaret Morrison This Bar – Morgan Wallen
This Broken Heart Tracy Brown A Real Good Place to Start - George Strait
This Broken Heart Joke Mozes & John Warnars Because Of You - The Mavericks
This Could be Heaven Free Spirit Heaven For Everyone - Queen
This Could be the One Leonard Hage This Could Be The One - Flaco Jimenez
This Fire Lana Harvey Wilson This Woman - K.T Oslin
Burn One Down - Clint Black
This Flight Tonight Linda Sansoucy This Flight Tonight - Shane Chrisholm
This Heart of mine DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Arms - Lucille Starr
Crazy Arms - BR5-49
This is It Hazel Pace I Finally Found Someone - L Morgan & S Kershaw
The Long Goodbye by Brooks & Dunn
This is Me Yvonne Anderson This Is Me Missing You - James House
This is Us Marian Poulter This is Us - Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
This Kiss Michelle Richards  This Kiss - Faith Hill
This Kiss Cha Cha Unknown This Kiss - Faith Hill
This Little Light Jo & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine - Scooter Lee
This Love Steve Mason This Love - Leann Rimes
This Love  Chris Hodgson Scuse Moi, My Heart……Collin Raye
This Man, This Woman M. Barr & M. Burton This Woman Needs - SheDaisy
This Must Look Bad Teea And Hanne Riihuhta Two More Pairs Of Feet by Tony Lewis
This One's for the Girls Lisa Ferguson This One's For the Girls by Martina McBride 
Independence Day by Martina McBride
This Woman Needs Gordon Elliott This Woman Needs - Shedaisy
This Woman, This Man M Barr & M Burton This Woman Needs - SheDaisy
Thorn Danny Leclerc Thorn – Natalie Imbruglia
Those Were the Nights Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Daniel Trepat, 
Rob Fowler, Giuseppe Scaccianoce
Those Were the Nights' - Hunter Brothers
Three Good Reasons Al Ord Three Good Reasons - Dwight Yoakam
Three of a Kind Peter Metelnick Gettin' in the mood- Brian Setzer Orchestra
Kind of Like It's Love - Jason McCoy
Three Little Birds Linda Pink Three Little Birds - Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley,
I Love My Life - Jamie O’Neal
Three Minutes Denis Dryden Three minute positive not too country up-tempo love song - Alan Jackson
Three Minute Love Affair Diana Dawson Three Minute Love Affair - Whitney Rose
Three Minutes Positive Maureen & Michelle Three minute positive not too country up-tempo love song - Alan Jackson
Three Wooden Crosses  [Video] Harold Grimshaw Three Wooden Crosses – Randy Travis
Three's a Crowd Jan Wyllie One & One & One - Adam Harvey
Thrilled Jan Wyllie Oh What A Thrill - The Mavericks
Thirsty Eyes Val Saari When Your Lips Are So Close - Gord Bamford
Tide Up Gaye Teather The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten
Men - Forrester Sisters
Tie One On Carl Sullivan Tie One On - Ronnie McDowell.
'Til the Sun Falls Gaye Teather  I will Always Be With You - Paul Bailey
Til Then Larry Bass Til My Last Day - Justin Moore
Timbuktu Tina Argyle The Last Thing I Do - Brooks & Dunn
Time to Chill Jan Brookfield Chilly Cha-Cha - Jessica Jay
Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys
Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Time to Time Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin From Time To Time - Rascal Flatts
Time To Time Elaine Hornagold From Time to Time - Rascal Flatts 
Tipping Point Diana Dawson Tipping Pint - Drake Milligan
Tough Gordon Elliot Tough - Kellie Pickler
Trail of Teardrops Eddie McIntosh Trail of Tears - Tanya Tucker
True Love William Sevone True Love - Heather Miles
I'll Go On Lovin' you - Alan Jackson
Truly Blue Alan Finch Yours truly blue - David Ball
Somebody save the Honky Tonks - Mark Chesnutt  +++ more
Thump Therapy Bill Bader Thump Factor - Smokin' Armadillo
Boogie til the Cows come Home - Clay Walker
Thump This Joe White & Pepper Walling Thump Factor - Smokin' Armadillo
Thunder on the Mountain Phil Johnson Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan
Thunderfoot Unknown Thunder & Lightening - NGDB
Boom it Was Over - Robert Ellis Orall
Tic Tac Toe Unknown Tic Tac Toe - Chilli
Dancin' Shoes - Ronnie Mc Dowell
Ticks Moses Bourassa Jr. & 
Barbara Frechette
Ticks - Brad Paisley
Tico Tico Gaye Teather Tico Tico - The Dean Brothers
Tico Tico Peter Metelnick Tico Tico - The Dean Brothers
Tico Toc The Girls Tico Tico - The Dean Brothers
Tidal Waves Jenna Barber What's the Matter with You - Claudia Church
I Can Love You Better - Dixie Chicks +++++ more
Tight Squeeze Sonny Klemm Squeeze me In - Garth Brooks
Tijuana Tequila DJ Dan & Wynette Miller All The Tequila In Tijuana - Kevin Fowler
Till the Old Wears Off  (Video) Harold Grimshaw Till The Old Wears Off - Billy Yates
Till You Love Me Martin & Irene Tradewell Till You Love Me - Reba McEntire
Time Angie Leyland My Time - Raymond Froggatt
Time And Time Again John Dembiec Last Thing on My Mind - Patty Loveless
Time for a Good time Sharlene Sipple Good Time - Alan Jackson 
Time Marches On Peter Metelnick Time Marches on - Tracy Lawrence
Time Out Mark & Jan Caley Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Geri Halliwell
Can't Get Enough - Patty Loveless
Time to Chill Jan Brookfield Chilly Cha-Cha - Jessica Jay 
Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys
Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby (+ many others)
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee (
Time 2 Boogie ! Daniel Whittaker Time After time - Jake Mathews
Tippe Toes Deb Crew It's Just Love - Rick Tippe
Titanic Simon Ward My Heart will go on [Dance Mix] - Celine Dion
To Be a Woman Margaret Murphy Sometimes it Takes Balls To Be A Woman – Melinda Schneider
To Be With You  Tony Wilson To Be With You - Jamie O'Neal
Hell & High Water - T. Graham Brown
To Daddy Alison Johnstone To Daddy - Emmylou Harris or Dolly Parton
To Hip, Gotta Go Charlotte Skeeters To Hip, Gotta' Go - The Stray Cat
Rompin' Stompin' - Scooter Lee
Today I Started Loving You Again Steve Mason Today I started Loving You Again – Diamond Jack 
Today is Your Day Alison Johnstone Today Is Your day - Shania Twain
Todo Se Paga Tjwan Oei & Marja Urgert Todo Se Paga - Sparx 
Toe Tappin' Cocoa Gravy Judy Lee Too Much - Elvis Presley
Where I Come From - Alan Jackson
Toe The Line Lana Harvey Thats Enough of That - Mila Mason
Something in the Water - Terri Clarke
Together Charyle Harttje & Gary Clayton In Times Like These by Barbara Mandrell
Told You So Ann Williams I Told You So - Keith Urban
Tomorrow Colleen Archer Tomorrow - Chris Young
Tongoneo Cha Chris Hodgeson Margarita - Mesitizzo
Tonight Karen Tripp Tonight - Barbara Mandrell
Tonight for Two Katie Carpenter Tonight Was Made For The Two Of Us - Jeff Griffith
Tonight's the Night Robbie McGowen Hickie I Need Your Love Tonight - John Dean
Don't Make me Beg - Steve Holy
Tonight we Dance Don Deyne Bailamos, Enrique Iglesias,
Missing You, Brooks & Dunn,
Too country For you Kate Sala Too Country For You' - Darcy
Too Darn Nice Nigel & Barbara Payne Too Darn Nice - Billy Bubba King
Stuck On You -By The Deans
Too Groovy Dave & Barb Monroe Groovy Little Summer Song - James Otto
Too Kiss Glennys Croston It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night - Notorious Cherry Bombs
Too Late Barry Arbeider & Rose Gillespie Apologize - Timbaland feat
Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous Gaston Dénommé Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous - BR5-49
Too Lost in You Kathy Robinson Too Lost In You - Sugababes-
You Don't Know A Thing About Me - Gary Allan
Too Many Rivers to Cross Toshio Suzuki Too Many Rivers to Cross - Brenda Lee
Too Much Booty Shakin' Sue Ann Ehmann Too Much Booty Shakin’ (Up In Here) - Sir Jonathan Burton
Too much Fun Gloria Johnson Too Much Fun - Daryl Singlary
Too Much Tequila 4 One Paul & Sharon Hergert Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols
Tornado Unknown No Information
Tornado Slide Bruce Milner Tornado - Little Big Town
Total Chaos Nicole Gagne Love Train - Big & Rich
Totally Impossible Daniel Whitaker We Can - LeAnn Rimes
Touch me Tonight John H. Robinson Oyeme—Enrique Iglesias
If You Had My Love—Jennifer Lopez
Tracy Byrd Boogie Kevin Richards  I'm From the Country - Tracy Byrd
Tragedy John Dembiec Tragedy - Marc Antony
Middle of Nowhere - Shawn Camp
Middle of Nowhere - George Strait
Trail of Love Jenifer Reaume You Made A Believer Of Me by Henri Crevier [Waltz]
Trail of Tears David Cheshire Trail of Tears - Billy Ray Cyrus
Trail of Tears Charles Thornhill Trail of Tears - Billy Ray Cyrus
Girls like That - Travis Tritt
Trail's End Waltz Andy Chumbley Long Hard Ride - Joni Harmes
Trailerhood Lisa M. Johns-Grose  Trailerhood - Toby Keith
Transformation Jan Wyllie 'til a Tear Becomes a Rose - Jann Browne
Trashed !!! Chris Hodgson Thrown out of Love - Jason McCoy
Trashy Women Pat Eodice Trashy women - Confederate Railroad
Travellin' Man Lisa Ferguson Travellin' Man - John Permenter
Treat Her Nice David Dabbs Like She's Not Yours - Bellamy Brothers
Trenant Cha. T Stephens and M Wilks I Just Want to Dancce with You - George Strait
Tricky Moon Kathy Hunyadi Tricky Moon - George Ducas
Triple T  Unknown I Want you Bad - Colin Raye
Triple This, Triple That John & bonnie Newcomer Country 'til I Die - John Anderson
Blue Finger Lou - Ann Murray +++++++++
Triple Threat Michael Barr Country Girls They're a Triple Threat [ Rick Tipee
Tripping Up Sonny & Linda Klemm Foot Stomp Stomping - The Tractors
Tropical Breeze  Chris Hodgson  Straight Tequila - Trini Triggs
I Can Help - Aaron Tippin
Tropical Love Megan Hume Oasis - Dave Sheriff
Tropicana Cha Cha Daniel Whittaker Me And Maxine by Sammy Kershaw
Hey Baby by Alabama
Tropicana parking Lot Patrick W Riley You're Taking too Long - - Lee Roy Parnell
Fifty Fifty Love - - Lee Roy Parnell
Troubadour 9 Leigh Moss Make Her Fall In Love With Me - George Strait
Trouble Libby Allan Some Kinds Trouble - Tanya Tucker
Trouble Angela Pinnington Trouble - Mark Chesnutt
T-R-O-U-B-L-E Lesley Stewart T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Travis Tritt. 
Trouble Free Norma Jean Fuller Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me - Keith Urban
True Man Dynamite Dot Den enda sanna mannen - Kikki Danielsson
True Love Ken & Jan True Love Heather Myles
True Love Nigel & Barbara Payne When I Said I Do  - Gemma Fairweather & Billy Bubba King
Try a Little Kindness Caroline Cooper Try a Little Kindness - Paul Baily
Tryin' to Matter Linda Burgess Tryin' to Matter - Toby Keith
TS-1  No Information Available ? ? ? 
TTS Boogie Michael Barr Boogie Till the Cows Come Home - Roger Brown & Swing City 
Dance With Who Brung You - Asleep At The Wheel 
"T" Time Jo Thompson Country Down to my Soul - Lee Roy Parnell
Fever - Garth Brooks
Tu Compania Nicola Thompson Tu Compania - Keith Urban
Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing -  Keith Urban
Tennessee Girl - Sammy Kershaw
Last Dollar - Tim McGraw
Tulane Road Norman Gifford Tulane - Scooter Lee
Tulsa Shuffle Unknown Tulsa Shuffle - The Tractors
Tulsa Shuffle Burrage & Hengan Tulsa Shuffle - The Tractors
Tulsa Shuffle Bobby Curtis Tulsa Shuffle - The Tractors
Tulsa Shuffle Nancy Morgan Tulsa Shuffle - The Tractors
Tulsa Time Tony Stanton Tulsa time - Don Williams
Tulsa Time Calvin Cross ? ?
Tulsa Time Shirley S. McCoy-Babcock Tulsa time - Don Williams
I'm a One Woman Man - George Jones
Tulsa Time William Savone Tulsa Time - Don Williams
Tumbleweed 2 Bill Bader Tumbleweed - Coco Montoya +++++++
Turbo Style Ray & Tina Yeomans Big Hair - Bellamy Brothers
Turn Around Bastiaan van Leeuwen Turn Around - Bonnie Tyler & Kareen Antonn
Turn Around Time Linus Ellis & Cherie Harclerode It's Always Something" by Joe Diffie
Take A Letter Maria" by Doug Stone 
Turn 'em On Norman Gifford Sad Songs (Say So Much) - Dierks Bentley
Turn 'Er On Lynne Martino I Left Something Turned On At Home - Trace Atkins
Turn me Loose . Peter Metelnick Walkin in the Country - The Ranch
You Turn Me On - Tim McGraw
Turn on the Radio Bill Curtis Turn On the Radio - Reba McEntire
Turn the Earth  Bob Watters Bury the Shovel - Clay Walker
Turn up the Rhythm Neil Hale Put Your Heart Into It - Sherrie Austin [WCS]
Turnabout Max King Wink - Neal mcCoy
You win my Love - Shania Twain
Turnariund and Walk Back to Me Ron Bloye  Where you Gonna Go - Toby Keith
Turnaround Cha Cha Lana Harvey Live, Laugh, Love - Clay Walker
Turned On Joyce Howard I Left Something Turned on at Home - Trace Adkins
Turnin' Me On Aly Merrakchi  Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton
Turnin' on Me Cathy Snow Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton
Turn This Train Around Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Turn This Train Around - Red Dirt Rangers
Tush Push . Jim Ferrezzano All you ever Do is Bring me Down - Mavericks
Tuxedo Rep Ghazali-Meaney Gettin’ You Home - Chris Young
Twiddlypots Steve Mason Buddy Holly Medley 2  - The Deans
Twist-Em Jo Thompson The Twist - Ronnie - McDowell
Twisting the Night Away - Scooter Lee
Twisting the Night Away Max Perry Twisting the Night Away - Scooter Lee
Two Crazy Feet Ramon Busque Two Feet of Topsoil - Brad Paisley
First Love - Alan Jackson
Two Dozen Rozes Jan Brookfield Two Dozen Roses - Shenandoah
Two of a Kind Joanne Harris Callin' Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks
Two of a Kind, Working on a full House - Garth Brooks
Two Places Harold Grimshaw 2 Places at one time – Zac Brown Band
Two Step Shuffle DeAnna Lee Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (Alternate Version) - Shania Twain
Two Steppin' Christmas Cato Larsen Two-Steppin' Around The Christmas Tree - Suzy Bogguss
Two Strangers Falling Tjwan Oei & Marja Urgert Two Strangers Falling - Smokie
Tymiester Larry Burnett You Ain't Much Fun - Toby Keith
Typical Karen Hedges Typical American Boy - Amazing Rhythm Aces, 
Live Close By Visit Often, K.T. Oslin,

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U Turn Robbie McGowen- Hickie Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right) - Jason Allen
Uh Chihuahua Joanne Brady Uh Chihuahua - Ronnie Beard
Uh La La Jack & Hazel Parfitt Uh La La La - Alexia
Small up & Simple Down - Neal McCoy
Unbroken The Dreamers Will The Circle Be Unbroken – I'll Fly Away" - Rockie Lynne
Uncle John's Holiday Colin A. Wilcock Uncle John from Jamaica - Vengaboys
Unconditional Carol Bates Like My Dog - Billy Currington
Undecided John & Jean Miles Third Rock from the Sun - Joe Diffie
Undeniable Rick & Deborah Bates It's Love Baby - Delbert McClinton
Love You Too Much - Brady Seals
Under the Hood Renée Dyer Under the Hood - Billy Ray Cyrus
Under the Moon Eddie & Sylvia Bolton Under the Moon Redfern & Crooks
Pretend - The mavericks
Under the Weather Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham  Under the Weather – Chris Young 
Under Your Spell Ken & Jan Under Your Spell Again - Dominic Kirwan.
Undermine Annie Bradbury He Will Be Mine - Carlene Carter
Union Mare Chris & Andrew Sparkes Union Mare, Confederate Grey - Easy Rider
Unlikely Angel Yvonne Anderson Unlikely Angel - Dolly Parton
Unwind Jamie Davis Bubba Hyde - Diamond Rio
Mamma Don't Get Dressed up - Brooks & Dunn
Unwound Jan Wyllie Unwound - George Strait
Up Jumped the Boogie Gaye Teather & Andrew & Sheila Up Jumped The Boogie - The Tractors
Ups and Downs Jan Wyllie Life's Little Ups and Downs - Rooster Quantrell
Urban Love Song Diana Dawson I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) - Keith Urban
Us 2 Tina Lincoln Making Memories of Us - Kieth Urban
US (aka She & I) Gordon Elliot She And I - Toby Keith
USA Today Mick Herbert USA Today - Alan Jackson
Used Heart For Sale DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Used Heart for Sale - Gary Allan
Utopia The Girls (Maureen & Michelle) Island Of Dreams - Paul Bailey
U.U.U. Ugli Johnny Montana Billy's got his Beer Goggles On - Neal McCoy