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D - D Dancin' Gaye Teather Dance Tonight - Paul Bailey
D - Kline Mike Salas Husbands & Wives - Brooks & Dunn
D's Love Shuggie McCardle If I Never stopped Loving You - David Kersh
D & D Slide Unknown If I Ain't Got You - Trisha Yearwood
D & D Twist Dena & Donna Wasnick  ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
D.B's Dave & Di Doyle Duelling Banjos
D G Shuffle Ronald Boyton Little Ole Wine Drinker Me - Dean Martin
D.N.T.O. Michele Perron Some Broken Hearts - Bellamy Brothers
DNA Jane Newhard Pop a Top - Alan Jackson
Beer Thirty - Brooks & Dunn
DWIOU Max Perry DWIOU - Ed Petterson
Da Doo Ron Ron Gaye Teather Da Doo Ron Ron - Dave Sheriff
Dad'sMoney Bev And Dave Senft Daddy's Money - Ricochet
Back In Your Arms Again - Lorrie Morgan ++++++
Daddy's Come Around Rita M. Kyle Daddy's Come Around - Paul Overstreet
Hardwood Stomp - Rick Tippe
Daddy's Money Unknown Daddy's Money - Ricochet
Dakota Stomp Hazel Parfitt Red Lips, Blue Eyes & Little White Lies - Garry Allen
Dame Salsa David Levesque I'm Alright - Jo Dee Messina
Damn Drunk Roy Hoeben Damn Drunk - Ronnie Dunn
Dan's Midnight Moves Dan Albro & Carol Cotherman Lovin' On You - Luke Combs
Dance All Night Lana Harvey Got to get to Louisiana - George Jones
Adalida - George Strait
Dance Around the Clock Basem Elfaham Bring It On - Rosie Flores
Old Time Rock 'N' Roll - Status Quo
Dance Chico Dance LTD Tucker Chico - Dale Watson
Dance Her Home Rob Fowler Dance Her Home - Cody Johnson
Dance it Back Michael A. Repko Sing It Back, Moloko
Some Say , Rascal Flatts
Dance Like there's Nobody Watching Gaye Teather Dance Like there's Nobody Watching - Dave Sheriff
All the Roadrunning - Mark Knoffler & Emmylou Harris
Dance 'Lil Lady Irene Groundwater Dance ‘Lil Lady by Tina Charles
Dance My Lindy Lou Robbie McGowan Hickie Shadows in the Night - Scooter Lee
Dance On . Max Perry Dance On - Rick Tippe
Dance Our Way Peter & Liz Heath The Old Fashioned Way - Helen Reddy
Dance Ranch Romp Jo Thompson Kickin' And Screamin - Garth Brooks
Rip of the Knob - Bellamy Brothers
Dance Some Lana Harvey I Wasn't Ready for you - Ricochet
Talk some - Billy Ray Cyrus
Dance .. The Devil or Me Gordon Elliot Dance With Me - Michael Bolton
Dance the Honky Tonk Stewart Gimson Playing Every Honky Tonk in Town - Heather Miles
Dance Tyme Michele Burton I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - Marty Stuart
One Dance With You - Vince Gill
Dance With Me Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Come Dance With Me – Nancy Hayes 
Why Don`t We Just Dance – Josh Turne
Dance With You Margaret Barnes- Golden I Just want to Dance with You - George Strait
Dance With You Paula & Eric Bilby I Just want to Dance with You - George Strait
Dance Y Dontcha Gaye Teather Dance, Dance, Dance - Dave Sheriff
Dancers Den ! Chris Hodgson Dancers Den - Jody Jenkins
Dancin' all Over Town Charlie Bowring Honky Tonk Angel, - Ronnie Beard 
Dancin' Boots . Hazel Parfitt Heart of Stone - Dwight Yoakam
Dancin' Boots DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Honky tonk Boots - Sammy Kershaw
Dancin' By Myself D.J. Lansaw He's You Problem Now - Ruby Lovett
Nothin' but the Taillights +++++
Dancin' Cowboys Laurel Curtiss Dancin' Cowboys -Bellamy Brothers
Dancin' Dauncy Susan Dauncy Don't be Stupid - Shania Twain
Brooksmith Texas - Larry Jo Taylor
Dancin' Dream Cha Cha Irene Groundwater Wrap your troubles in dreams - Ross Mitchell,
Dancin’ Cowboys by Bellamy Bros. 
Almost Jamaica by Bellamy Bros.
Dancin Feet Susan Brooks Tiulsa Shuffle - Tractors
Bubba Shot the Jukebox - Mark Chesnutt
Dancin' Fools Kristin Martin Some Kind of Trouble - Tanya Tucker
Take it Back - Reba McEntire
Dancin' Round the Kitchen Marg Jones Dancin' round the Kitchen - the Fables
Getting me Over Mountains - Tracy Byrd
Dancin' Snowflakes Larry Wilson / Gail Lowery Dumas Walker - Kentucky Headhunters
Askin' Us to Dance - Kathy Matea
Dancin' Somethin' Right Vivienne Scott Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right - Billy Currington
Hey Do You Know Me - Lisa Brokop
Dancing 2000 Robbie McGowen Hickie Pizzirico - The Mavericks
Dancing All Night Linda Sansoucy Country Radio - Aaron Watson
Dancing Denim Larry Bass You Turn Me On - Tim McGraw
Love Gets Me Every time - Shania TWain
Dancing Floor Jos Slijpen The Dancing Floor - Runrig
Dancing in the Dark Jo Thompson Smoke Rings in the Dark - Gary Allen
Should have been True - Mavericks
Dancing in the Streets Jo Thompson Dancing in the Streets - Scooter Lee
Dancin' to the Radio Carl Sullivan Every Little Thing She Does - Lonestar
Dancin' with you Sal Gonzalas Have you ever seen a Woman - Jim Yeomans
Lets Walk away in Love - Jim Yeomans
Dancing Cowboys I. Lovett Dancing Cowboys - Bellamy Brothers
Dancing in Black Robyn Men in Black - Will Smith
W. C. S.
Dancing on a Saturday Night Maggie Gallagher Dancing on a Saturday Night - The Deans
Dancing the Blues Jan Wyllie Old Man Blues - Rooster Quantrell
Dangerous S. Collins & D. Wicks Armed & Dangeous - Steven Craig Harding
Cherokee Boogie - BR5 49
Dangerous Cha Cha Kathy Debois New Kid in Town - Trisha Yearwood
Two Pina Colada's - Garth Brooks
Dangerous Myles Jan Wyllie Sweet Little Dangerous - Heather Myles
Dare to Dream  Martin Ritchie Dare to Dream - Jo Dee Messina
Dark side of the Dance Floor Leonie Moseley Darkside Of The Dance Floor - Michael Ballew
Darkness Anna Balaguer The Seashores of Old Mexico - George Strait
Darlene Unknown Darlene - T. Graham Brown
Darlin'  Charlotte Skeeters You Call Everybody Darlin' - K.T Oslin
Darlin' Eddie McIntosh Darlin' - Frankie Miller
Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex
David Sophie Ruhling & Marianne Langagne David - Cody Jinks 
Daylight [French] Sylvie Roy Praying for Daylight - Rascal Flatts
Days Go By John "Growler" Rowell Days Go By - Keith Urban
Dazed & Confuzed William Sevone Cry Cry Baby - The Lynn's
Dumas Walker - Kentucky Headhunters
Dead End Road D.J. Lansaw Honky Tonk Song - Dolly Parton
Whole Lotta Hurt - Brady Seals
Deadly Combination Mike Stringer  Daddy's Money - Ricochet
Deal Me a Deuce Pam Conway 130 or 142 bpm
Deal With It John H. Robinson Real Deal - Daryle Sinletary
Brand New Man - Brooks & Dunn ++++++++
Dean Express Glen & Maureen My Baby thinks she's a Train - The Dean Brothers
Deanie Celtic Mix M. Gallagher / L. Clarke Celtic Jig - The Dean Brothers
Dearly Beloved Michelle Chandonnet Dearly Beloved  – Faith Hill 
Deck 51 Ed Lawton - Malcolm White Flowers on the Wall - Eric Heatherly
Dedicated Drinker Kate Sala & Geri Morrison Designated Drinker
Dee Jay's Cha Cha Donna Lawrie Brown Eyed Girl - Cheap Seats
Deep River Haley Shiel & Victor Watts River Deep, Mountain High by Celine Dion
It’s Only Make Believe By Ronnie McDowell
Deeply Completly Rob Fowler Completly - Colin Raye
Degrees D.J Dan & Wynette Miller 98.6° - Jill King
Deja Vu Kevin & Vicky Vance Johnson Ain't Got Nothing on Us - John Michael Montgomery
Delusions Diana Dawson After Your Love Is Gone - Modern Talking
Dem Bones Steve Yoxall & Anne Harris Drinkin' Bone - Tracy Bird
Denver Stomp Knox Rhine Big Ol Truck - Toby Kieth
Denver Stomp - Cross Tie Walkers
Deny Elaine Neck Deny, Deny, Deny - Brooks & Dunn
Desert Sands Cha Cha Neil Hale Boardwalk Angel Billy Joe Royal [Cha]
Desire Irene Groundwater Vertical Expression - Bellamy Brothers
Lovers Live Longer - Bellamy Brothers
Desire Bill Larson Hearts Desire - Lee Roy Parnell
Desire Nigel Payne Let Me Love You - Tim McGraw
Destiny Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette
Destiny !! Alan Robinson Year of Decision - Three Degrees
Even if I Tried - Emilio
Destiny Waltz Maureen & Michele It Is You (I Have Loved) by Dana Glover
This Woman Needs by SHeDaisy
Desperate Anne Harris Desperately - George Strait
Detroit City Kath Dickens Detroit City - Texas
Devil's Dance Leanne Gill If the Devil Had Empty Pockets - Joe Diffie
Devils Run Chris Hodgson Brown Eyed hansome MAn - Paul McCartney
Derailed Peter Metelnick Then She Kissed Me - The Derailers
Derringer C. Burns & M. Burton Honky Tonk Attitude - Joe Diffie
On a Good Night - Wade Hayes
Designated Dancer Joe Serafini Designated Drinker - Alan Jackson
Devil in Disguise Stott & Birchall Devil in Disguise - Reba McEntire or Elvis Presley
Diamante Waltz Norm Gifford Somebody Loves You - Scooter Lee
Diamonds & Pearls Paula Frohn-Butterly Old Friend, Scooter Lee, 100 BPM,
Diamonds & Pearls, Cheryl Comier
Diamond Shine Denny Hengan Don't Love Make a Diamond Shine - Tracy Byrd
Diamonds are Forever Neil Hale My Heart is a Diamond - Claire Lynch
Diamonds Make Babies Lesley Stewart Diamonds Make Babies - Joe Nichols.
Diane Ray & Tina Yeoman Wild Horses - Garth Brooks
Diavolo In Me John & Bonnie Newcomer Diavolo in Me - Zucchero
Did I Tell You DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Did I Tell You - Texas Tornados
Diddley Dee
Diddley Dee [French]
Mario Champagne Diddley Dee - Cartoons
Diesel Café DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Diesel Café - Bellamy Brothers
Different Drum Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Different Drum - Cindy Church
Dig It Bud & Diane Martin Whole Lotta Hurt - Brady Seals
I Can Dig It - Trace Adkins
Dig That Sound Charlotte Skeeters She's Sexy at 17 - The Stray Cats
Should've asked her Faster - Ty England
Digital Thunder Edward Lawton Love gets me Every Time - Lisa S
Diggin It Tonya Coon I'm Diggin' It - Alecia Elliott
Dim the Lights Michele Perron Loving You Makes me a Better Man - Hal Ketchum
Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt
Dime a Dozen Mick Harris Tryin` to fall in love - Toby Keith
Dime Box Judy Cain Dime Box Texas - K. Wilder
Dime Store Cowgirl Martine Canonne Dime Store Cowgirl - Kacey Musgraves
Dip me in Beer Michael W. Diven Dip Me In Beer - Jeff Griffith
Dirt Track Cowboy Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Dirt Track Cowboy - Adam Brand
Cowboy Up - Reese Klaibe
Dirty Girl Lisa Ferguson Dirty Girl - Terri Clark
Disappearing Bubbles Gaye Teather Love Done Gone - Billy Currington
Distant Dreams The Girls [Maureen & Michelle You Caught Me At A Bad Time - Toby Keith
Somewhere Down In Texas - George Strait (
Good Morning Beautiful - Steve Holy
Dive Bar Marla Brandon Dive Bar - Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton
Dixie Fried John Rowell She's Going Home with Me - Travis Tritt
Dixie Fried Susanne Lindberg Dixie Fried - The Kentucky Headhunters
Dixie Rd Sue Smyth Dixie Road - Nathan Carter
Dixie Road June Hulcombe / Barb Willshire Dixie Road - Nathan Carter
Dixie Shuffle Daniel Whittaker Stand by Your Man - Dixie Chicks
Duelling Banjos
Dixie Two Step John & Jeanette Sandham Forever & Ever Amen - Randy Travis
Take another Run - Paul Overstreet
Dixie Waltz Phil Johnson Bitter End - The Dixie Chicks
D. I. Y. Robbie McGowen Hickie Fresh Coat of Paint - Lee Roy Parnell
Kookabura Blue - Bellamy Brothers
Dizzy Jo Thompson Dizzie - Scooter Lee
Dizzy Cowpoke Michael Diven Life's a Dance - John Michael Montgomery
Do Dance Sharon Farris Pink Cadillac - Southern Pacific
Do It Again Dave Fife. The South’s Gonna Do It ( Again ) - The Charlie Daniels Band
Do it Down South Norm Gifford Down South - Jim Quick
Do It in Dixie Diane Kale That's How They Do It In Dixie - Hank Williams Jr
Do Shut Up Dougie D Shut up and kiss me - The Judds.
Do That Again ? Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley, 
Andrew and Sheila
Let's Do That Again - Trace Adkins
Do This Do That Robert Linsey The Best is Yet to Come - Scooch
Do what Boogie jg2 Billy B. Bad - George Jones
Do What It Do Kathy Brown, Melanie Cheever Wacky Tobaccy – Toby Keith
Do What you Do Carl Edwards Do What you do, Do Well - Scot Perry
Do Ya Mark & Jan Caley Do You Wanna Dance - The Olsen Brothers
Straighten Up and Fly Right - Neal McCoy
Do You Remember Linda Pink Do You Remember - Blake Shelton
Do Your Bit Stephen & Claire Rutter Bit By Bit - John Landry
Doctor Time Jan Oberg Doctor Time - Rick Trevino
Does She ? Shiela Sinclair She Does - The Mavericks
Doesn't time Just fly Johnny S Another Day Gone - Hal Ketchum
Doin' the Night Shift Harold Grimshaw Do the Nightshift - Aaron Tippin
Doing It ( To country songs) Norman Gifford Doing It To Country Songs - Blake Shelton
Doing it To Country Songs   (Video) Michael Schmidt Doing It To Country Songs - Blake Shelton
Done and Dusted Patricia E Stott Bag it Up - Billy Curtis
Why Havn't I heard from You - Reba McEntyre
Trouble - Mark Chesnutt
Done Did It Scott Blevins Love Gets me Every Time - Shania Twain
Donkey Donk  [French] Mario Champagne Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins
Don't Act DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Don’t Act -  Rhonda Vincent
Don't Be Cruel Charles Bowring Don't Be Cruel - Marty Stuart / Elvis Presley
Adalida - George Strait
Don't be Stupid Lynn Gannon Don't be Stupid - Shania Twain
Don't Bring Her Back Mick Harris Bring Her Back - Clay Underwood
Don't Cha Think DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Don't Ya Think - Leland Martin
Don't Come Cruin' Kathryn Rowlands Don't Come Cryin' to Me - Vince Gill
Don't Count Me Out Alan Smedley You can’t count me out yet - Travis Tritt
If you wanted me around - Marty Stuart
Don't Fall in Love DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Don’t Fall In Love With Me - Brushwood
Don't Go There Peter Metelnick We Really Shouldn't be Doing This - George Strait
Don't it Make My brown eyes Blue Irene Groundwater Don't it Make My brown eyes Blue
Don't Fence Me In Nigel Payne Don't fence Me In - Dave Sheriff
Don't Fence Me In Diana Dawson Don’t Fence Me In - Root’n Toot’n
Don't fence Me In - Dave Sheriff
Don't Forget DJ Dan & Wynette Miller

Don’t Forget To Remember - Leland Martin
Don’t Forget To Remember - The Bee Gees

Don't Get Burned Diana Dawson Burnin’ All The Honky Tonks Down - Alan Jackson
Don't Give a Rip Steve Mason Don’t Give A Rip - Bellamy Brothers
Don't Give Up Vikki Morris Try Everything - Shakira
Don't Know Why I Do It Mike Derrik & Margaret I Don't Know Why I Do It - Mark Chesnutt
Don't Leave Her Lonely Maureen Ash Don't Leave Her Lonely too Long - Gary Allan
Don't Let Friends Drink Leonard Hage Friends Don't Let Friends Drink - Sam Outlaw
Don't Let Go Vivienne Scott Baby Don’t You Let Go - Trisha Yearwood
Don't Let it Slip Linda Pink & Gordon Elliot Slip On By - Austin Webb
Don't Let your Babies Glennys Croston Mammas Don’t Let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys - 
The Gibson Miller Band
Don't Mess With Me Gina Piercy Lovin' All Night - Rodney Crowell
Don't Need Yor Rockin' Chair DJ Dan & Wynette Miller I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair - George Jones
Don't Rock the Jukebox Lynda Green Don’t Rock The Jukebox - Alan Jackson
Don't ruin It Teresa & Vera Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us - Joe Nichols
Don't Rush Baby Denise Brault Don’t Rush - Kelly Clarkson Feat. Vince Gill.
Don't Send the Invitation
Don't Send the Invitation (FR)
Dixie Fafard Don’t Send The Invitation  – Adam Gregory
Don't Shout, just Dance Dougie D Dance shout - Wynonna,
Don't Stop Believing Gordon Elliot Don’t Stop Believing (Radio Edit) - Northern Allstars
Don't Stop Movin' Johnny S Don't Stop Movin' - 'S Club 7
That's What I'm Workin on Tonight - Dixiana
Don't Stop Movin Alan G. Birchall Don't Stop Movin' - 'S Club 7
Don't Take your Hands off my Heart Tjwan Oei  Don’t take your hands off my heart – Dawn Sears
Don't Tell Me Pete Harkness Don't tell me You're not in Love - George Strait
All Things Made New Again - suzy Bogguss
Don't Think Twice DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Don't Think Twice - David Ball
Don't Talk Gordon Elliot Don't Talk to Him - Cliff Richard
Don't Walk Away Jeff & Thelma Mills No One Takes The Train Anymore – Holly Dunn 
Don't Wanna Lie Betty George  Let's Keep It That Way – Mac Davis
Don't You Like It Cinta Larrotcha Lonesome Love List by Jerry Kilmore
It’s Me by Craig Morgan
Doors of Life Michael Barr The Door of The Life - Mariya Takeuchi
Dos Amigos DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Amor De Los Dos - Freddy Fender & Flaco Jimenez
Double "D" Boogie Carole Swan Honky Tonk Superman - Aaron Tippin
Rock my World - Brooks & Dunn
Double Dutch Slide Dorsey Napier You Walked in - Lonestar
Double Dutchess Hustle No Information Available ? ?
Double F Ros Brander-Stevenson Wastin' Time with You - Carlene Carter
Live a Little - Mark Chesnutt
Double H Hooray Kim Ray Think of me When Your Lonely - The Mavericks
Double 'M' Stomp Roy East I Just Want to Dance with You - Merv & Maria
I'm Gonna Getcha Good - Shania Twain
Double Motion Diann Adams Te-ni-nee-ni-nu - Lou Ann Barton 
Pride and Joy - The Charlie Daniels Band
You Turn Me On - Tim Mcgraw 
Double 'T' [ Line ] Diane Jackson Tougher than the Rest - Travis Tritt
Double Time Nancy Morgan Around Here - George Jones
Double Trouble Metelnick / Lloyd Bad Moon Rising - Nashville Cats
Monkey Around - Delbert McClinton
Down & Dirty Big Heart by Gibson Miller Band
Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
Down And Out Robert Lindsey To bad you're no Good - Trisha Yearwood
Down And Out Diana Dawson Bottle To The Bottom - Dierks Bentley
Down At Joe's Glennys Croston Joe's Place - Joe Nichols
Down in Mexico Lana Wilson Down in Mexico - Jerrod Niemann
Down in Mexico Levera Mejia Down in Mexico - Jerrod Niemann
Down on the Corner Peter Metelnick Down on the Corner - The Mavericks
Down the Line DJ Dan & Wynette Miller You Lied To Me - Tracy Byrd
Down to Earth Dave & Pat Wressell Down to Earth Kind of Man - Travis Logan 
Lose Your Memory - Clay Walker
Down to Louisana DJ Dan & Winnie Down To Louisiana - Gary P. N
Down to Mexico Derek Robinson Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico - Ronnie Dunn
Down to My Last Cigarette  Tjwan Oei Down to my last cigarette – Dee Reilly
Down to the Honky Tonk Stephen Pistoia  Down To The Honky Tonk - Jake Owens
Down To The Honkytonk Annabelle Hue Down to the Honkytonk – Jake Owen
Down to the Honkytonk Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Down to the Honkytonk – Jake Owen
Down to the River Jennifer Hughes The River - Keith Urban 
Downbound Train DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Downbound Train - Raul Malo
Downside [of Love] DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Downside of Love - Rick Tevino
Downside of Love Karen Hunn Downside of Love - Rick Tevino
Downstream Lana Harvey Wilson Volcano - Jimmy Buffet
I See a Boat on the River - Bony M
Downtown Linda & Colin Chester I've Been to Town - Ty England
All you ever do is Bring Me down - Mavericks
Downtown Gordon Elliot Downtown - Dolly Parton
Draggin the Bow Dan Albro Draggin' The Bow -  Eddy Zack & The Hayloft Jamboree
If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets" by Joe Diffie
Dream J Cauldwell & S McWilliams We love each other - Charlie Rich
You just get better all the time - Tim McGraw
Dream of Love Solveig Bæck Mama He´s Crazy - The Judds
Dream of Me Anthony Baker Dream Of Me - Alison Krauss
Dream On Robert & Kathryn Hocking Dream On Texas Ladies - John Michael Montgomery
Dream Waltzing . Angie Shirley Strawberry Wine - Deanna Carter
Dream Weaver Ed Lawton Dream Weaver - The New Vagabonds
Dream Weaver Waltz Robert C. Weaver

Walkin' All Over My Heart - Travis Tritt

All I Had Going Is Gone - Gary Allen

4 Minus 3 Equals Zero - George Strait +++++

Dreams I Dream Robbie McGowan Hickie Mexico - Nashville Friends
Dreamin' Micheal Barr Cry to Me - Ronnie McDowell
Dreamin - Danny Tate
Dreamin' in Color Larry Bass Livin' in Black & White - Tracy Lawrence
Goin' the Distance - Chad Brock
Dreaming on Colour David Spencer Livin' in Black & White - Tracy Lawrence
Livin' in Black & White - Eddy Raven
Dreams Max Perry Dreams - The Corrs
Dreams Linda Chapman  That's the Thing About Love - Don Williams
Dreams Come True Lana Harvey Pizzirico - The Mavericks
Refried Dreams - Tim McGraw + many more
Dreamworld Mark & Jan Caley Dreamworld by Olsen Brothers
Even If I Tried by Emilio
Drift Away Robbie McGowen Hickie Island Time - Larry Joe Taylor
Drift Away in Dreams Lee Barry In Dreams - Roy Orbison
Drift off to Dream Tina Argyle Drift off to Dream - Travis Tritt
Driftaway Cha Cha Peter Metelnick Smoke Rings In The Dark - Gary Allan
Driftwood E. Henderson Beachcombing - Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Drink a Beer Mick Harris Drink A Beer - Luke Bryan
Drink in My Hand Kitty Russell  Drink in My Hand - Eric Church
Drink Up Terry Mandzuk Beer For My Horses - Toby Keith & Willie Nelson
Drink n Party shuffle Lisa Drinking Bone by Tracy Byrd
Drinkin' Around Arto Liekola Whiskey Under The Bridge - Brooks & Dunn
Drinkin' Song Kathy Heller Drinkin' Songs And Other Logic - Clint Black
Country With An Attitude - Frank Paul
Drinking Down Anna Balaguer Good Bye Song - Patrick Glenn [Teach]  
Hold 'Em Up - Jason Allen 
Where Am I Going - Kevin Harris 
Drinking Songs Sandra Schuler Every Song's a Drinking Song - Midland
Drinks For Two Ed Lawton Two Bottles of Beer - Lonestar
Drinks on Me Rob Fowler Get My Drink On - Toby Kieth
Drive Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax Drive - Eli Young Band
Drive Me Mad Kathy Brown You Make Lovin' Fun - Bering Strait
We Won't Dance - Vince Gill
Two Bottles Of Beer - Lonestar
Drive me Wild Scott Blevins Drive Time - M People
Slap me _ john Anderson
Drive My Truck Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  I Drive My Truck - Emil Schwenke
Driving Val Parry I Drove all Night - Celine Dion
Driving all Night Long Lois Lightfoot Life is a highway - Rascal Flatts
Drives Me Crazy Andrew, Simon and Sheila Drives Me Crazy - Dolly Parton
Drop Rick & Deborah Bates Drop Everything - Carlton Anderson
Drop Everything Micaela Terry  Drop Everything - Carlton Anderson
Drunk at the Time Margaret Gough Last Living Cowboy - Toby Keith,
Dublin City Waltz R & R Padden & J Tolan Your Favourite Waltz ?
Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot Jenny Rockett www.memory - Alan Jackson
In A Letter to You - Eddy Raven
Duet S. Sunter & Dynamite Dot I'm not gonna do anything without you - Jamie O'Neal
Shake the Sugar Tree - Pam Tillis
Dunroamin' Allan & Ashleight Watson Dunroamin' Station - Tania Kernaghan
Dust Kicker Bob Santiago Frankie & Lola - Jimmy Buffet
San Antonio Stroll - Tanya Tucker
Duty Paid Karen Hunn Paid My Dues" by Anastacia 
Dying Side of Love Tjwan Oei Dying side of love - - Erin Hay & Perley Curtis +++
Dying to Dance Al & Sandy Ord I Wanna Die - Miranda Lambert 
Operator Operator - Eddie Raven
Dynamo Marilyn Morgan A Day in the Life - River Road

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EZ Burnout Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes Burnout - Midland
E-Mail Female Eddie McIntosh E-Mail Female - Garret Swane
Once More - Desert Rose Band
Early Morning Christien van Londen Early Morning Flight - Bobby D Sawyer 
Earthquake Bob Santiago Earthquake - Ronnie Milsap
East & West Max Perry Any West Coast Swing
East Coast Swing Express Nancy A. Morgan Billy B. Bad - George Jones
Barefootin' Alabama
East Meets West Frank Cooper Canadian Man - Paul Brandt
Easier Said Than Done Rosalie Mackay  Easier Said Than Done - Radney Foster
Easy Boot Scootin' Boogie Ms Allie Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks & Dunn
Easy Come Easy Go Unknown Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain
Honey I'm Home - Shania Twain
Easy Country West Linda Sansoucy Help Me Make It Through The Night - Melba Montgomery 
Back To Back - Clint Black 
A Woman’s Love - Alan Jackson
Easy Glider Neil Hale No Small Comfort - Will Faeber
Any 2 Step Track 152-172 bpm
Easy goin' Michael Camara If It don't take Two - Shania Twain
Don't make me come to Tulsa - Wade Hayes
Easy Mony Diana Dawson Easy Money - Brad Paisley
Easy on the Eyes Carol Murray You're Easy on the Eyes - Terri Clark
Easy to See dj Dan & Winnie Loving You Makes Me A Better Man - Rick Trevino
Easy Walking Margaret McCabe What a Crying Shame - The Mavericks
Walkin' Cleve Francis
Eat sleep Love You Repeat Karen Tripp Eat Sleep Love You Repeat – Rodney Atkins
Eatin' right Drinking bad Max Perry Eatin' right Drinking bad - Ronnie Beard
Eclipse Waltz Linda Loder Strawberry Wine - Deanna Carter
Our Love will ride Again - Glen Mitchell
Edelweiss Irene Groundwater Edelweiss - Ray Conniff or Lawrence Welk
Edge of Glory Alison Johnstone & Travis Taylor The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga
Ego Trip John Clark Only Lonely - George Strait
Centre of my World - Chris Young
Eighteen Wheels & a Dozen Roses Kitty Russell  Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses - Kathy Mattea
Either Way Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Gone Either Way - Ray Scott)
Around Here - George Jones
El Mediterraneo D.Laallee & M Alarie El Mediterraneo - Yan Smit
Eezie Breezie Harold Grimshaw The Breeze - Circuit Judge
Electric Cowboy Carter Butler Funky Cowboy - Ronnie McDowell
Tulsa Shuffle - Tractors
Electric Rodeo Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Electric Rodeo - Midland
Elena's Waltz Helen Sabin  It's Four In The Morning by Faron Young (faster)
Tanya Montana by David Allen Coe ++++++
Elmers Tune Irene Groundwater Elmers Tune - Ross Mitchell
Elmers Tune - Al Hirt
Elvis, Andy & Me Linda Nyholm Elvis and Andy - Confederate Railroad
Elvis Rock Kevin & Vicky Johnson Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Emilio Bud Nickells Even if I Tried - Emilio
Emilio Shuffle Barry W Muniz Cha cha
Emotion Kath Dickens Emotion - Bee Gees
Empty Arms Diana Dawson Just Out of Reach - David Ball
Empty Dreams Robbie McGowan Hickie Land of Empty Dreams - Fools Gold
Restless - Bob McKinley
Empty Pockets Hubbard / Eason High Hopes & empty Pockets - Terry McBride
What a Cryin' Shame - The Mavericks
Enamorado Christien van Londen Enamorado- Freddy Fender
Enchant-Cha Mare & Bill Dodd Land of Enchantment - Michale Martin Murphey
Engine Engine # 9 Harlan Curtis Engine Engine # 9 - Southern Culture On The Skids
Entirety Jan Wyllie All of Me George Strait
Enough is Enough Chris Hodgson Go To Sleep Big Bertha - Eddie Rabbitt
Entwined Line Pim Humphreys No Time At All - Charlie Landsborough
There Goes - Alan Jackson
Enuf Said Larry & Jodi Carriger Ridin' Alone - Rednex
On a Night Like This - Trick Pony
Eso Beso Elle Jay Eso Beso - Hullabaloo
Estoy Aqui DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Estoy Aqui – Shakira
Eternal Nigel & Barbara Payne I Wanna Be The Only One - Billy & Sian Curtis
Eternal Love Andy Chumbley  Years From Now - Don Williams
Evangelina Jan Smith Evangelina - Hoyt Axton
Evelyn's Choice Theresa Needham Daytime Friends And Night Time Lovers - Westlife.
Guitars And Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakham
Even More Judith Kennedy I Need More of You - The Bellamy Brothers
Even Now Teresa Needham Even Now - Sara Evans 
Great Unknown - Sara Evans 
I wouldn’t have it any other way - Aaron Tippin
Even Steven Deb Crew Party Down - John & Audrey Wiggins
Kentucky Wild Cat - Kentucky Headhunters
Even Wilder John Robinson Back to the Wild [even wilder mix] - The Rye's
Every Breath Gordon Elliot Every Breath You Take - Glee Cast
(Every) Cotton Pickin' Morning Steve Mason Every Cotton Pickin' Time - Blake Shelton
Everybody Knows Rep Ghazali  Everybody Knows - Dixie Chicks
Everybody Loves a Lover Linda Pink Everybody Loves A Lover - Melinda Schneider
Everyday America Moses Bourassa Jr. & 
Barbara Frechette 
Everyday America - Sugarland
Every Day Cha Cha Max Perry Every Day that Goes By - The Nashville Attitude
Every Heart Linda Pink  Every Heart - Kenny Chesney
Every Little Thing Micheal & Ann Repko Every Little Thing She Does - Lonestar
Man Of Me - Gary Allen ++++++++ 
Every Little Thing Audrey Watson Every Little Thing - Carlene Carter
Every Little Thing Sonja Hemmes Every Little Thing - Scooter Lee
Every Other Day Derrick Mulford Every Other Day - Victoria Shaw 
Every 2nd Theresa Needham Love you Every Second - Charlie Landsborough
Could I Have this Dance - Ann Murray
Everybody William Sevone Everybody Needs Love by Candye Kane
634-5789 - Trace Adkins + + + + + + 
Everybody's Here Julie Lockton Everybody's Here – Brad Paisley
Everybody Knows a Stacy Stephanie Selymes Stacy - Gretchen Wilson
Everybody Smile Theresa Needham Everybody Smile, Jill Johnson
Everybody's got 'em Diana Dawson Flaws - Alan Jackson
Everyday Waltz Nigel & Barbara Payne Song For The Every Day Man - Dave Sheriff
Perfume & Roses - Dave Sheriff
Everything Christien & Vera Everything’s Gonna Be Alright - Steve Wariner
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Gwen Walker, Jeff Huffman & Sandi VanVlie Everything's Gonna Be Alright - David Lee Murphy
Everything I Own Gordon Elliott & Linda Pink Everything I Own (Has Got A Dent) - Randy Travis
Everything's Alright Mike Camara  Everything's Gonna Be Alright - David Lee Murphy / Kenny Chesney
Everything's Better With You Brandi Hughes Everything's Better - Dean Brody
Evergreen Karen Hunn Evergreen - Will Young
Evergreen - Westlife
EX - IT Jan Brookfield That's the Way to Make an Ex - MArk Chesnutt
Except Monday Diana Dawson Except For Monday - Lorrie Morgan
Exception to the Rule Christien van Londen An Exception to the Rule - Dwight Yoakam
Eyes of Texas Viv Owen Eyes of Texas - Honky Tonk Hero's
Man I Feel Like a Woman - Shania Twain
Eyes wide Open Lois Lightfoot Dreaming with my Eyes Open - Clay Walker