Dancing Boots

Choreographed by Hazel Parfitt (Dancing Boots) 2/3/96
Description: Partner Dance. Start in reverse Indian position, holding hands at mans hips, and facing ILOD.
MUSIC Heart of Stone by Dwight Yoakam.

1&2 Right shuffle
3&4 Left shuffle
5 Step forward on right foot Drop right hands & raise left hand as you turn
6 Pivot half turn CCW half turn CCW taking left arm over partners head and re- joining Hands at shoulder height.Now in Indian position facing OLOD
7&8 Right shuffle  
9&10 Left shuffle  
11-12 Step forward right 1/4 turn left Now in side by side facing LOD
13-14 Step forward right, Slide left to right
15-16 Step forward right, Touch left next to right
17-18 Step forward left, Slide right to left
19-20 Step forward left, Touch right next to left
21&22 Right shuffle forward
23 Both step forward on left Now facing RLOD with lady
24 Turn half a turn CW on left foot, at the same time hitch right on left side of man.
25&26 Right shuffle backwards to LOD
27&28 Left shuffle backwards to LOD
29-30 Rock back on right foot, Rock forward on left foot
31 Step forward on right foot RLOD
32 Turn half a turn CCW on right foot at
the same time hitch left
Now in sideby side position facing LOD
33-34 Step forward left, hitch right

Drop left hand and raise right hand.

35-38 Man walks FLOD on RLRL Lady turns one full turn CW on RLRL

Rejoin hands in side by side position.

39&40 Right shuffle forward Jazz box with 1/4 turn left
41 Cross left foot over right Drop left hands, raise right hand
42 Step back on right foot over partners head as you rejoin
43 Step 1/4 turn left with left foot. hands back in the start position
44 Touch right foot beside left


Dec 99