Don't Wanna Lie

Choreographer 	Betty George [NZ)  December 2018
Description 	32 Count, 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music 		Let's Keep It That Way  Mac Davis
		Start on vocals

1-8 	Back-Recover,  Turn Triple, Side-Recover, Cross & Cross
1-2 	Step L back, recover on R
3&4 	Turn  right & triple step L.R.L.
5-6 	Step R to side, recover on L
7&8 	Cross R over L, step L to side, cross R over L [6.00]

9-16 	Side-Recover,  Turn & Sweep Back-Lock-Back, Sweep Back-Lock-Back, Back-Recover
1-2 	Step L to side, recover on R
3&4 	Turning  left sweep L back, lock R over L, step L back
5&6 	Sweep R back, lock L over R, step R back
7-8 	Step L back, recover on R [3.00]

17-24 	Cross-Recover-Side [x2], Back-Recover,  Pivot
1&2 	Cross L over R, recover on R, step L to side
3&4 	Cross R over L, recover on L, step R to side
5-6 S	tep L back, recover on R,
7-8 	Step L fwd,  pivot right [weight on R] [9.00]

25-32 	Side-Touch, Kick-Ball-Cross,  Turn [x2], Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Step L to side, touch R next to L
3&4 	Kick R fwd, step on ball of R, cross L over R
5-6 	Turn  left & step R back, turn  left & step L to side
7&8 	Shuffle fwd R.L.R. [3.00]

Tag 	At the end of Wall 4  add - Cross-Lock-Cross [x2], Double Bump [x2]
1&2	 Cross L over R, lock R behind L, cross L over R
3&4 	Cross R over L, lock L behind R, cross R over L
5&6 	Stepping fwd double bump L.R.L.
7&8 	Stepping fwd double bump R.L.R. 			January 2019