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19/11 That Old Flame   (Video) Linda Sansoucy That Old Flame - Don Henley & Martina McBride P
19/11 Starting Over David Dabbs Start Over - Zac Brown Band
The Cowboy Rides Away - George Strait 
19/11 The Older I Get Wil Bos & Yvonne Smeets The Older I Get - Alan Jackson L
18/11 A Little Mambo Julie & Brian Come a Little Bit Closer - Alan Gregory P
09/11 You Broke Up With Me Linda Byrum & Paul Brown You Broke Up With Me - Walker Hayes P
07/11 Electric Rodeo Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Electric Rodeo - Midland L
07/11 Baby Jane  Gaye Teather Baby Jane - Paul Bailey L
07/11 Out of Site Joy Huggins Out Of Site, - Midland L
06/11 Lonely For You Only Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Lonely For You Only – Midland L
02/11 Union Mare Shuffle   [Video] Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  Union Mare, Confederate Grey - Martin Michiels  P
01/11 Sway in Time Estelle and Andrew Ward Sway - Danielle Bradbery P
28/10 Travelin' Shoes    [Video] Heather Staddon Hanging up my Travellin` Shoes - Alabama 
Must be a Woman - Gordy Bamford 
I just can’t see - Billy Yates
23/10 Daisy Duke  (Video) Sally Cudmore & Samuel Woolley Girl in a Cowboy Hat - Brett Kissel. P
23/10 I've Got Mexico Roger Neff He's Got You, I've Got Mexico - Jorge Moreno L
23/10 More Girls Shanon Dickson More Girls Like You - Kip Moore L
23/10 Ride With Me Rob McKean & Barbara R. K. Wallace Ride With Me - The Mavericks L
19/10 Imagine That    [Video] Diane Jackson Imagine That - Don Williams P
18/10 Lonely Drummer Barb & Dave Munroe Lonely Drum - Aaron Goodvin P
16/10 Hell & High Water Karen & Nigel Poll Hell and High Water - T Graham Brown P
16/10 Tennessee Whiskey Madeleine Jones Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton ++++ P
16/10 Honky Tonk Moon dj Dan Honky Tonk Moon – Rosie Flores L
10/10 The Jager Bump Alan Finch Strong enough - Alan Jackson ++++++
The picture - Ricky Van Shelton
09/10 Dirt on My Boots Al Ord Dirt On My Boots - Jon Pardi  P
07/10 You Make Me Wanna Cha Cha Greg and Samantha Van Zilen Do I Make You Wanna - Billy Currington P
07/10 Miss Me Two Bill Goodlad  Miss Me Yet - Aaron Goodvin P
07/10 King Cotton Roger Neff King Cotton - The Secret Sisters L
07/10 Dance Her Home Rob Fowler Dance Her Home - Cody Johnson L
07/10 Love Comes Around Gordon Timms When Love Comes Around Again - George Strait L
01/10 You Got Me Dizzy Roger Neff Love Drunk - Steve Moakler L
25/09 Reasons Terry & Caroline French Reasons For The Tears I Cry - Vince Gill  P
25/09 Dream of Me Anthony Baker Dream Of Me - Alison Krauss L

Check Out the Festival Page, 70 years of Darley Memorial Hall, Celebrate With Rocky Tops 16th November 2017

21/09 Just Lay Low Stephen Pistoia  Lay Low - Josh Turner P
21/09 Priorities Diana Dawson Get Your Priorities in Line - The Bellamy Brothers  L
21/09 Fairytales Norman Gifford The Reason - Brett Eldredge L
19/09 Boys Life Michael O'Shea A Country Boy's Life Well Lived' - Jon Wolfe L
13/09 Hey Porter dj Dan Hey Porter – Marty Stuart L
13/09 Imagine That Honky Tonk Cliff  Imagine That - Don Williams L
07/09 Dance Real Slow Chris & Trev Dance Real Slow – Easton Corbin P
07/09 You Waltzed Right Into My Heart Chris & Trev You Waltzed Right Into My Life –  Gene Watson P
05/09 Sing About You Carol & George Stayte I’d Sing About You - Joe Nichols p
05/09 Boom & Drum  [Video] Linda Sansoucy Lonely Drum - Aaron Goodvin  P
05/09 Modern Day Romance Jack Koopman Modern Day Romance - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band L
05/09 Jolie Adapted Paula Thomas Jolie - Mark Chesnutt  L
05/09 Hunky Dory Gaye Teather It's All Good - Toby Keith L
29/08 Rivertown Nigel & Karen Poll Rivertown - Troy Cassar-Daley P
29/08 She's Lonely Nigel & Karen Poll She Don't Know She's Lonely - Jon Christopher Davies P
29/08 Baby Pains Norman Gifford Labor Pains - Michael Lee Austin L
29/08 It's Working Wayne Beazley It's Working - James Barker Band. L
29/08 Damn Drunk Roy Hoeben Damn Drunk - Ronnie Dunn L
23/08 Something Tells Me dj Dan Something Tells Me – Raul Malo L
23/08 Arkansas Waltz Jan Brookfield Arkansas Farm Boy - Glen Campbell L
23/08 She's Already Gone Elaine Montgomery California - Big & Rich L
19/08 Crank it to 10 Lesley Stewart Honky Tonk Highway - Luke Combs L
19/08 Life's About to Get Good Diana Dawason Life’s About To Get Good - Shania Twain L
18/08 Moonglow Brenda Jean Miller Walking Backwards - Brandon Sandefur P
17/08 Jolie For Two John Litchfield Jolie - Mark Chesnutt P
17/08 Talkin' Bout Lit Curtis Smith Lit - Trace Adkinsq L
08/08 Sticks and Stones John Sandham & Krys M Sticks & Stones - Tracy Lawrence P
08/08 Blue 23 John Sandham & Krys M Blue Ain't your Colour - Keith Urban P
08/08 When I Trusted Love Marsha Ludtke Second Hand Heart - Dwight Yoakam L
08/08 Everybody's Here Julie Lockton Everybody's Here – Brad Paisley L
04/08 Forever Someday   Revised July 17 Angela & Peter Kimber Forever Someday – The Notorious Cherrybombs P
04/08 Ride With Me John Sandham & Krys M Ride With Me - The Mavericks P
04/08 A fool For You Kathryn Rowlands First Fool In Line - Don Williams L
04/08 Do Whai It Do Kathy Brown, Melanie Cheever Wacky Tobaccy – Toby Keith L
04/08 M O T  (Video) Harold Grimshaw I Do My Own Thing - Jerry Kilgore L
04/08 A Proud Man Norman Gifford Proud Man - Charlie and the Regrets L
03/08 It's All Good Algela & Peter Kimber It's All Good - Toby Keith P
26/07 Do Something Crazy   (Video) Rob & Susan Holley Something Crazy - Caleb Daughtery P
26/07 Time to Time Elaine Hornagold From Time to Time - Rascal Flatts  L
26/07 The Woman You Walked On Ed Lawton & Karin van der Merwe Worship the Woman You Walked On - Ronnie Dunn L
26/07 Manhattan Clappin' Rick Wilson The Boogie Man - Clint Black L
21/07 Walk on A Bad Day Greywolf & Wiya Wambli On A Bad Day - Kasey Chambers
Walk That Line - Lacy J Dalton
21/07 No Bucket List Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Bucket - Kenny Chesney 
No News -  Lonestar 
18/07 Ryan's Rumba Carol & George Stayte Things I Carry Around - Troy Cassar-Daley P
12/07 Just a Two Steppin' Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson-Szymanski Joy's Gonna Come in the Morning - Scooter Lee L
12/07 Highway Honky Tonk Phyllis Manier Honky Tonk Highway - Luke Combs L
12/07 Ride Away Robbie McGowan Hickie Ride With Me - The Mavericks. L
12/07 Two Places Harold Grimshaw 2 Places at one time – Zac Brown Band L
05/07 Drinking Problem Judi Bisher-Schuler Drinking Problem - Midland P
05/07 All About You
All About You (P)
Mick Harris All About You - Josh Turner L
03/07 3 2 1    (Video) Al & Sandy Ord 321 - Brett Kissel P
03/07 Summer Vacation   (Video) Carol & George Stayte Mexico Came Here - Bellamy Brothers. P
03/07 Older and Grayer     (Video) Rob Fowler / Al & Sandy Ord Old and Grey - Derek Ryan P
03/07 Lucky I Guess Wil Bos Lucky I Guess - Jon Allen L
03/07 Disappearing Bubbles Gaye Teather Love Done Gone - Billy Currington L
03/07 Baby Bubbles Gaye Teather Love Done Gone - Billy Currington L
21/06 A Honky Tonk Highway Norman Gifford Honky Tonk Highway - Luke Combs L
15/06 You Never Know Greywolf & Wiya Wambli You Never Know Just How Good You Got It - Rodney Hayden L
13/06 My Eyes Kenny Debbie Gwartney & Debbie Gwartney My Eyes - Blake Shelton P
13/06 Angel on My Shoulder Karen & Nigel Poll Angel on My Shoulder - Gary Perkins P
09/06 Memory Lane    (Video) Diane Jackson Memory Lane –Dean Brody
Only Time Will Tell - Kenny Chesney
Haggard, Hank & Her – Toby Keith
09/06 Dream of Me    (Video) David & Lesley Mather Dream Of Me - Alison Krauss
I’m Gonna Love You - Colin Raye
Dream of Me - Vern Gosdin
09/06 Giddy Up Leon Hamilton Giddy Up - Chris Buck Band P
09/06 Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep Tjwan Oei Maybe I can get some sleep, - Buck Owens & Susan Raye L
09/06 It Ain't Our Fault BobbyJo Sargent It Ain't My Fault - Brothers Osborne, P
08/06 Better With a Girl Like You Greg and Samantha Van Zilen A Girl Like You - Easton Corbin P
08/06 Fool, Fool, Fool Tjwan Oei Fool Fool Fool – Deanne Mitchell L
08/06  You'll Never See Me Crawl Tjwan Oei You’ll never see me crawl – Billy Yates L
05/06 Down to My Last Cigarette Tjwan Oei Down to my last cigarette – Dee Reilly L
05/06 Ramblin' Man Adriano Castagnoli Ramblin Man' - Jimmy Buckley L
05/06 Left in the Dark Vivienne Scott Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson L
05/06 Old and Grey Rob Fowler Old and Grey - Derek Ryan L
04/06 Getaway Driver  [Video] Jon Starmar & Sylvia Cleary Getaway Driver - Miranda Lambert P
03/06 Two Blue Umbrellas Bill Goodlad Blue Umbrella - Charlie Landsborough P
03/06 Rosa Del Mar  [Video] Kalvin & Pat Finch Rosa Del Mar – Gabe Garcia P
03/06 Some Town Some Where [Video] Kalvin & Pat Finch Some Town Somewhere - Kenny Chesney P
03/06 This Broken Heart Joke Mozes & John Warnars Because Of You - The Mavericks L
27/05 Only young Once Diana Dawson You’re Only Young Once - Derek Ryan L
27/05 All My Best Cheryl Carter All My Best - Sarah Dunn Band L
16/05 Haggard, Hank & Her Hayley Goy 35mph Town - Toby Keith L
16/05 I'm In Trouble Ron Bloye Trouble - Sam Outlaw L
16/05 Blue Umbrella Blues April Coady Blue Umbrella - Charlie Landsborough L
16/05 Shenandoah Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K Next To You, Next To Me - Robert Mizzel L
14/05 Happy Days Diane Jackson & Josie Copley I finally passed the bar - Michael Peterson P
14/05 Let's Hook Up Tom "Norm" Daly Winnebago - Kenny Chesney P
09/05 Not Counting You
Not Counting You (P)
David Dabbs Not Counting You - Robert Mizzell L
04/05 GB Shuffle    (Video) Michael Schmidt American Love - Jake Owen 
Eat Sleep Love You Repeat - Rodney Atkins 
04/05 Gonna Be Alright  (Video) John & Katie Corbett  Everything's Gonna Be Alright – Steve Wariner P
04/05 Some Town Somewhere Michael Schmidt Some Town Somewhere - Kenny Chesney L
04/05 Three Minute Love Affair Diana Dawson Three Minute Love Affair - Whitney Rose L
04/05 Bayou Hurricane Leonard Hage Bayou Hurricane - American Nomads L
28/04 Hide-Away    (Video) ~ [Video] Diane Jackson & Josie Copley A Room with out a View – Doug Stone P
28/04 Beyond the Blue Terry & Caroline French Beyond The Blue - Beth Nielson Chapman.
Beyond The Blue - Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin
28/04 Make-Believe Norman Gifford Only Make Believe - Bouke L
28/04 Good Bye Gold River Our Last Goodbye - Brady Seals L
28/04 Castaway Betty Moses Castaway - Zac Brown Band L
27/04 Que Pasa Lee Hage Kay, Que Pasa - Bent Moyer L
24/04 We Fly Ann Williams We Fly By Night - Gary Allan P
24/04 Finest Around Karen & Nigel Poll Champagne Promise – David Nail P
24/04 Just Around The Corner  Nathan Gardiner Just Around The Corner - Martina McBride L
20/04 One Step Away    (Video) Al & Sandy Ord & Keith & Debbie Meadows One Step Away - The Mavericks
Everything to Me - Jessie Farrell
19/04 Hazard      (Video) Dave & Lesley Mather Hazard - Richard Marx
Love Me a Little Bit Longer - Heather Myles
19/04 Rosa Del Mar  (Video) Claude Martin Rosa Del Mar - Gabe Garcia P
19/04 Ain't My Fault Dan Powers Ain't My Fault - Brothers Osborn L
19/04 Heaven on Earth Adriano Castagnoli Heaven In My Women's Eyes - Mike Denver L
16/04 Champagne Promises Andrew & Sheila Palmer Champagne Promise - David Nail P
14/04 Side by Side       (Video) Diane Jackson/Josie Copley Shelter of your eyes - Don Williams 
I recall a Gypsy Woman – Don Williams
The Birmingham Turnaround – Keith Whitley or *Kalibre
14/04 Tears for Two Dee Musk Tears of Regret - Ronnie Beard P
14/04 18 Wheeler Norman Gifford Chase That Song - Cody Jinks L
14/04 Dixie Fried Susanne Lindberg Dixie Fried - The Kentucky Headhunters L
14/04 Where the Girls Are Rebecca Armstrong Where The Girls Are - Josh Turner L
14/04 From the Deep South Kate Kardiff Deep South - Josh Turner L
29/03 Thoughts of a fool Heather Staddon Thoughts of a fool - George Strait P
29/03 Rosa Del Mar for Two Bill Goodlad Rosa Del Mar – Gabe Garcia P
29/03 Gotta Dance for Us   Michael Schmidt Some Days You Gotta Dance - Keith Urban  P
29/03 Rosa Del Mar dj Dan Rosa Del Mar – Gabe Garcia L
28/03 Ride With Me Daisy Simons Ride With Me - The Mavericks L
28/03 B My Love Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Fire & Lace - Gary Fjellgaard  P
28/03 A Few Changes  [Video] Norman Gifford There's Gonna Be a Few Changes - Dave Insley L
28/03 Simple Things 4P Chester & Jac  Back To the Simple Things - Don Williams. P
22/03 Some Bright Morning (I'll Fly Away) Harold Grimshaw I’ll Fly Away – Joey and Rory L
22/03 Wonder Rob Fowler, Roy Verdonk & Séverine Fillion Wonder - Josh Turner  L
22/03 Hole Down in My Heart Séverine Fillion, Roy Verdonk, Rob Fowler Hole Down In My Heart - Sam Outlaw L
22/03 Just Let It Go Chas Oliver Let it Go - George Strait L
20/03 Write This Down Allen Matthias Write this Down - George Strait P
20/03 Rolling Along Diana Dawson Rolling Along - The Mavericks L
20/03 Banjo Bill Larson Bring Down the House - Dean Brody L
20/03 Think of You Amanda Dahn Think of You - Chris Young and Cassadee Pope L
20/03 Country Line Patricia Grillo Gonna Come Back as a Country Song - Alan Jackson L
18/03 Southside Girl     (Video) Christopher Petre Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt ++ P
19/03 Crashes and Burns BobbyJo Sargent, Wendy Morrissey, Alecia Lambert Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett P
19/03 Back to You Jan Brookfield Boomerang - Ward Thomas, L
10/03 That Ain't Good Arne Stakkestad That Ain't Good - Hank Williams Jr L
10/03 Bulletproof Randy Pelletier & Doreen Ollari Soldier - High Valley P
10/03 Happy Friends
Michael Schmidt Soggy Bottom Summer - Dean Brody Alternative
Gotta Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul - Niamh Lynn
East Bound And Down - Jerry Reed
06/03 Can we 2 Step        (Video) Barb & Dave Monroe Nothin’ But Taillights Trace Adkins ++ P
06/03 Deep South   (Video) Barb & Dave Munroe Deep South - Josh Turner P
06/03 Guess What Dave Munroe Little Red Wagon - Miranda Lambert  P
06/03 What If Barb & Dave Munroe The Fighter - Keith Urban ft; Carrie Underwood P
05/03 Horseman Arne Stakkestad Horseman - George McAnthony P
26/02 Cowboys and Friends Robert & Diane Jackson, Josie Copley Cowboys and Friends - Garth Brooks P
23/02 People Know You Miia Ratilainen People Know You By Your First Name - Dean Brody L
21/02 Lay Down Together   (Video) Michael Schmidt Baby, Let’s Lay Down And Dance - Garth Brooks P
21/02 Missing Two  (Video) Michael Schmidt Missing - William Michael Morgan P
21/02 Wrecking Ball Chris & Trev Wrecking Ball – Wade Hayes P
21/02 Waltz of Wonder    (Video) Sally Cudmore & Samuel Woolley More of You - Chris Stapleton
Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban
21/02 Tango With Me    (Video) Linda Byrum & Paul Brown Tango With Me Darling - Michael Nantel P
17/02 Our Rebel Heart Barb & Dave Monroe Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina
Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance - Garth Brooks
12/02 Cheating   (Video) Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Is It Still Cheating – Mark Chesnutt P
09/02 Storytime Sue Smyth Story - Drake White L
02/02 Let's Go Missing Lois Lightfoot & Andrea Glanvill Missing - William Michael Morgan P
02/02 Long Hard Ride Ian & Fiona Smith Long Hard Ride - Joni Harms.
Hanging in & Hanging - David Ball 
02/02 Quittin' Starting Today Graham Mitchell Quittin' Starting Today - Shannon Walker L
02/02 Country Boy Rock & Roll dj Dan Country Boy Rock & Roll – Marty Stuart & Kenny Vaughan L
30/01 Matchbox Mal Jones Matchbox - Carl Perkins
Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
30/01 Tears of Regret Ed Lawton Tears Of Regret - Ronnie Beard L
27/01 Good at Tonight   (Video) Linda Sansoucy Good At Tonight - David Nail P
26/01 Missing (Partner)     (Video) Julie and Brian Missing - William Michael Morgan P
26/01 The Sunshine South      (Video) Linda Sansoucy Good At Tonight - David Nail L
25/01 2B Missing Norman Gifford Missing - William Michael Morgan L
25/01 Alcohol of Fame  (P)
Alcohol of Fame
Barry Amato     (Promo Video) Alcohol of Fame - Shane Owens P
24/01 Left in the Dark Vivienne Scott Who Do You Think You Are' - Sam Outlaw  P
24/01 Baby Let's Dance      (Video) Paul and Sharon Hergert Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance - Garth Brooks p
24/01 I've Got Reasons Chris Cleevely Reasons For The Tears I Cry - Vince Gill L
24/01 4 in the Morning       (Video) Norman Gifford It's Four in the Morning - Faron Young L
17/01 One Promise too Late Angela & Peter Kimber One Promise Too Late - Reba McEntire P
17/01 Urban Love Song Diana Dawson I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) - Keith Urban L
17/01 Hony-Tonk Somehwere Stephen McIntosh Hony-Tonk Somehwere - Garth Brooks L
17/01 Winnebago Nicolas Chesney Winnebago – Kenny Chesney L
14/01 Bringing Me down Terry & Caroline French Who Do You Think You Are - Sam Outlaw, 
I Left Something Turned On At Home
13/01 Cowboy Rider   (Video) Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Shotgun Rider - Tim McGraw P
13/01 American Country 21 Summer Jeff Stack / Kathleen Crocker 21 Summer - Brothers Osbourne.
American Country Love Song - Jake Owen.
13/01 The Fighter Rob Holley The Fighter - Keith Urban L
13/01 Don't Come Cryin' Kathryn Rowlands Don't Come Cryin' to Me - Vince Gill L
13/01 High on Country Kathryn Rowlands High on a Country Song L
13/01 Yours if You Want It Rosie Mutari Yours if You Want It - Rascal Flatts L
11/01 We Are Not Done    (Video) Marc Laliberté The Harvester - Brandon Heath P
11/01 Whiskey out the Bottle Jeff Stack All summer Long - Kid rock
Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain
09/01 One Little Kiss   (Video) Gay & Alson Normand Godin One Little Kiss - Jake Owen
One Little Kiss / Dallas Smith
09/01 On a Mission   (Video) Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Missing - William Michael Morgan P
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