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Let's Keep It Country *****

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18/01 Codigo David Dabbs Codigo - George Strait P
17/01 Misty Blue Waltz Heather Shepard Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban L
12/01 Little Honky-Tonk Bar Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry  Every Little Honky-Tonk Bar - George Strait +++ P
12/01 Burn Out (aka whiskey Memory) Judi Bisher-Schuler  Burn Out - Midland P
11/01 Don't Wanna Lie Betty George  Let's Keep It That Way – Mac Davis L
11/01 Pour That Glass Betty George Never Did Know – David Ball L
11/01 21 Summer Maureen Hawkins, Vicki Hayes 21 Summer – Brothers Osborne L
08/01 Sangria For Two Sue & Martin Watts Sangria – Blake Shelton P
08/01 No More Broken Hearts Carol & George Stayte Brokenhearted - William Michael Morgan  P

One More Kiss (Revisited)

Carol & George Stayte I can’t be myself: - Vince Gill & Paul Franklyn  P
08/01 Honkytonk Jean Welser Down To The Honkytonk - Jake Owen L
08/01 Let the Cowboy Dance Susanne Oates Let the Cowboy Dance - Michael Martin Murphey L
08/01 Codigo at Stott  Codigo - George Strait L
08/01 Get On Your High Horse John Dembiec High Horse - Kacey Musgraves L
07/01 City of New Orleans Sonja Hemmes  City of New Orleans - Willie Nelson L
03/01 Senorita Margarita Fiona and Ian Smith Senorita Margarita - Tim McGraw P
01/12 A Good Place For Love Terry & Caroline French Good Place For Love - Doug Bruce P
01/01 Homesick for 2 Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton Homesick - Kane Brown P
01/01 What if it Worked Diana Dawson What If It Worked Like That - Don Williams L
01/01 Who Needs Mexico Wil Bos Who Needs Mexico - Mason James L
01/01 Won't Be Sorry Cathy Snow I Won't Be Sorry - David Lee Murphy L
TT Happy New Year  TT  
23/12 Come Do a Little Life  (Video) Michael Schmidt Come Do A Little Life – Mo Pitney [150 bpm] (02:54) 
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Up Tempo Version) – Fools Gold
22/12 As Long As There's Loving Brenda Holcomb and class  As Long As There's Loving Tonight - the Mavericks L
22/12 Memphis Carl Sullivan That's How I Got To Memphis - T.T.Hall. 
One Ride In Vegas - Deryl Dodd
17/12 Got Lonely Too Early Norman Gifford Got Lonely Too Early - Amy Jack L
17/12 Bring It On Over Stephen Pistoia  Bring it on Over - Billy Currington L
14/12 What Were We Thinking  [Video] Michael Schmidt What Was I Thinkin’ – Dierks Bentley P
11/12 Down to the Honkytonk Annabelle Hue Down to the Honkytonk – Jake Owen L
11/12 Give It To Me Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Give It To Me – Nathan Carter L
11/12 More Wine Karen Holtom Two More Bottles of Wine  L
08/125 Down Home Al & Sandy Ord You Ain’t Down Home - Jann Browne P

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