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15/11 Down 2 the Honkytonk Barb and Dave Monroe Down To The HonkyTonk - Jake Owen P
15/11 Ghosts Linda Byrum & Paul Brown Ghosts - Ross Ellis P
10/11 Memories of Us Cha Cha  (Video) Paul and Sharon Hergert Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban p
04/11 Turnin' Us On BobbyJo Sargent Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton P
01/11 Crossroad Angeles Fernandez Madero, Montse
Chafino, & David Villellas
My Next Broken Heart - Brad Paisley L
01/11 Caught up in the Country Richard Jackson Caught Up In The Country- Rodney Atkins L
01/11 Burning Man Tracy Patterson Burning Man - Dierks Bentley L
31/10 Keep on Walkin' Max Perry Keep On Walkin’ - Mike Reid L
31/10 Short Skirt Magali Chabret Short Skirt Weather -Kane Brown L
30/10 Thank You Karen & Nigel Poll Thank you - Gary Perkins & The Breeze P
29/10 Down to the HonkyTonk  (Video) Linda Byrum & Paul Brown Down To The HonkyTonk - Jake Owen P
27/10 Sundown Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Sundown - Toby Keith P
27/10 No Thank You Heather Staddon No Thank You - Don Hanley P
26/10 Love Takes Time Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton Love Takes Time - Gord Bamford P
26/10 Hippies and Cowboys Aly Merrakchi Hippies and cowboys – Cody Jinks P
26/10 Thank You Tina Argyle www.chriskenward.com/downloads  L
26/10 Turnin' Me On Aly Merrakchi  Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton L
22/10 Roll On Mississippi George & Carol Stayte Mississippi" (Roll on Forever) - Mel McDaniel.
Bring it on over - Billy Currington
The Cowboy Rides Away - George Strait
14/10 Blue Mountain Linda Sansoucy Altitude Adjustment - Midland P
14/10 A Honey Do Norman Gifford Honey Do - Folk Soul Revival L
14/10 Addicted to the Dollar Jennie Berry  Addicted to a Dollar - Doug Stone L
12/10 Texas Twosome Angela & Peter Kimber &
Keith & Debbie Meadows
Texas Time - Keith Urban P
12/10 Every Heart Linda Pink  Every Heart - Kenny Chesney L
12/10 I Want to Hear From you Tjwan Oei I want to hear it from you – - Anita Stapleton L
12/10 Then Here Came Monday Leonard Hage Then Here Came Monday - Dwight Yoakam L
09/10 Texas Time Shuffle Sue & Martin Watts Texas Time - Keith Urban P
09/10 That Country Christiane Favillier Ain't That Country - Cadillac Three P
06/10 I Can't Get Close to You Tonnie Vos & Piet Meulendijks I Can't Get Close To You - Steinar Albrigtsen P
06/10 Desperate Man Tom Avinger Desperate Man - Eric Church P
05/10 Texas Times Two Tom Avinger  Texas Time - Keith Urban P
05/10 Texas Time For Two Don Carleton & Christine Shine Texas Time - Keith Urban P
05/10 Home Is Heart Kathy Brown Homesick – Kane Brown L
05/10 The World Marla Brandon The World - Brad Paisley L
05/10 Hangover Due Ronald F. Goebel Hangover Due - Blake Shelton L
30/09 Out Tonight Diana Dawson When I’m Out Tonight - Dave Sheriff L
30/09 Texas Time Stephen Pistoia Texas Time - Keith Urban P
30/09 Rocking around With You Greg and Samantha Van Zilen Rockin' With The Rhythm of the Rain - The Judds P
30/09 Wild Turkey Chaser Greg Van Zilen Grey Goose Chase - Brad Paisley feat. Timbaland P
30/09 Broken Chains Norman Gifford Chains Are Broken - The Devil Makes Three L
30/09 Jenny's Dance Jenny Compton & Glen Lee Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - George Straight L
30/09 The HillBilly Way Brandi Hughes The Hillbilly Way - Levi Hart  L
20/09 Wild Feathers Leonard Hage  Wildfire - The Wild Feathers L
20/09 Those Were the Nights Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Daniel Trepat, 
Rob Fowler, Giuseppe Scaccianoce
Those Were the Nights' - Hunter Brothers L
17/09 Story for Two Chris & Trev Story – Drake White  P
17/09 My Liza Jane Margaret Murphy  Little Liza Jane – Vince Gill L
17/09 Turnin' on Me Cathy Snow Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton L
04/09 Country Harmony Kath Dickens Good Ol' Country Harmony - Home Free L
04/09 Drive Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax Drive - Eli Young Band L
04/09 Total Chaos Nicole Gagne Love Train - Big & Rich L
04/09 Memories Drown the Whiskey Lesley Stewart Drowns The Whiskey - Jason Aldean L
30/08 Slow Roll It Chris & Trev Slow Roll It – Gord Bamford  P
30/808 There Goes The Neighborhood Chris & Trev There Goes The Neighborhood - Keith Harling P
30/08 Ain't No Angel Chris & Andy Malpass No Angel - Sarah Gayle Meech  P
30/08 One More Thing (R) Chris & Andy Malpass One More Thing I wished I’d Said - Vince Gill P
30/08 Wearing Cheap Cologne Sue Smyth Cheap Cologne - William Michael Morgan L
30/08 Sure Feels Good Matt Thomson Love Someone - Brett Eldridge L
23/08 Crimson Red
Crimson Red for 2
Michael Schmidt Crimson Red – Whitney Rose L
23/08 Down to the Honky Tonk Stephen Pistoia  Down To The Honky Tonk - Jake Owens L
02/08 Except Monday Diana Dawson Except For Monday - Lorrie Morgan L
02/08 Must Be The Whiskey Norman Gifford Must Be The Whiskey - Cody Jinks L
29/07 Nickels & Dimes Charles Bowring Blue Bayou - Niamh Lynn
Dancing Cowboys - The Bellamy Brothers
29/07 How Country are Ya Yep ! Val Saari How Country Are Ya? - Kevin Fowler L
29/07 Wish Love Was True Laterriere Nathalie  Don't You Wish It Was True – John Fogerty L
28/07 Everytime (We Close Our Eyes) Al & Sandy Ord Ich Mach Mein Augen Zu (I Close My Eyes) - Chris Norman P
28/07 Mexico We Go Go    (Revisited) Al & Sandy Ord Good To Go To Mexico - Toby Keith P
28/07 Straight to Hell Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Straight To Hell -: Darius Rucker  L
28/07 Friends in Hell Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Hoedown In Hell - Dallas Wayne L
12/07 Rasberry Ripple  (Resurrected) Jim & Nen Godsell  (Video) To Tell You The Truth, I Lied - Joe Nichols  P
12/07 Endless Highway Ian & Fiona Smith Loving You’s like Coming Home - Don Williams
Come Early Morning - Don Williams
06/07 Fools Gold Cha Cha   (Video) Josie Copley & Diane Jackson A Different Kind’a Man – Fools Gold P
05/07 My Angel Terry and Caroline French Angel - Gina Jeffreys P
05/07 Close Your Eyes (Revised) Terry and Caroline French Like We Never Had A Broken Heart  P
29/06 Simplicity            Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Simple - Florida Georgia Line  (Music Video) P
29/06 Simplicity (L) Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Simple - Florida Georgia Line L
29/06 Cloud 9 Tina Argyle Can't Have One Without The Other - Tracy Byrd L
29/06 About Love Kathryn Rowlands That's The Thing About Love - Don Williams L
29/06 Kinda Night, Kinda Night Kathy Rothweil and Sandy Derickson That Kind of Night - Ty Herndon L
12/06 Most People are Good   (Video) Karen & Nigel Poll  Most People Are Good – Luke Bryan P
12/06 Moonshadow Walk Karen & Nigel Poll  Moonshadow Road -T  Graham Brown P
12/06 Without a View Micaaela Svensson Erlandsson A Room Without a View - Doug Stone L
02/06 Dixieland  (Video) Josie Copley & Diane Jackson Make A Little – Midland CD On The Rocks
Altitude Adjustment – Midland 
02/06 Good Ole Boys   (Video) Dave & Lesley Mather Good Ole Boys Like Me - Don Williams P
02/06 I Told You (Resurected @ Rocky Tops) Dave & Lesley Mather  (Video) I Told You So – Carrie Underwood 
Rainy Day in June - Alan Jackson
02/06 Things Pascale Orlhac & Patrick Rouve  Things I Carry Around - Troy Cassar-Daley  P
25/05 Electric Rodeo   (Video) Josie Copley & Diane Jackson Electric Rodeo - Midland  P
25/05 Jack Daniels on Ice Graham Mitchell Jack Daniels On Ice - Justin Haigh. L
25/05 Outside Your Door Stephen & Lesley McKenna Outside Your Door - Dolly Parton L
16/05 Goodbye Tears     (Video) Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  There`s A Tear In My Beer - Hank Williams SR & JR L
11/85 Close the Distance  (Video) Adam Cherko & Adrienne Squillante The Difference - Tyler Rich P
11/805 Lookin' for Love Jo Charlene Lookin' For Love - Michael Peterson L
11/05 Whiskey Smooth Karl-Harry Winson To Go With the Whiskey - Lucas Hoge L
10/05 Dynamite Jim & Nen Godsall Why Me - Delbert McClinton P
10/805 Apple Pie (Revised) Jim & Nen Godsall Just Like Old Times - Heather Myles
Is Fort Worth Worth It - Terri Clark
06/05 Two Wandering Hearts Bill Goodlad Wish I Could - Wandering Hearts
Story - Drake White
06/05 Half a song for Two Bill Goodlad Half A Song - Cody Johnson
What Do You Say To That - George Strait
06/05 Turn 'em On Norman Gifford Sad Songs (Say So Much) - Dierks Bentley L
06/05 Cool Fool Lee Hamilton Cool To Be A Fool by -  Joe Nichols L
02/05 Half a Song Diana Dawson Half A Song - Cody Johnson  L
27/04 Turnin' Me On Stephen Pistoia & Laura Stanton, John Eric Mosely Jr, Ivika Hypolite, Bruce Barry, 
Holly Barry.
Turnin' Me On - Blake Shelton P
27/04 Little Boogie Blue Laura Sway Blue Finger Lou - Anne Murray L
27/04 Love Lifted Me Roger Neff  Love Lifted Me - Kenny Rogers L
27/04 Invitation Blues Honky Tonk Cliff  Invitation to the Blues - Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell L
25/04 Waltzing Whiskey Rob Fowler Weed, Whiskey And Willie - Brothers Osbourne L
25/04 Hands on You Joel Cormery Hands on You - Ashley Monroe L
13/04 Making Wishes John & Katie Corbett In My Dreams – The Mavericks, P
13/04 Half a Cha Rob Fowler Half A Song - Cody Johnson L
07/04 Take Me To your World Angela & Peter Kimber Take Me To Your World – Tammy Wynette P
07/04 Insecure     (Video) Guy Dube & Manon Poitras Insecure- Raelynn  P
07/04 Rockin' Down Mexico Road Pat Newell Mexico Road – K.T. Oslin L
07/04 Wish You Were Beer Laurent Chalon Wish You Were Beer - The Reklaws L
07/04 Rodeo Boots Maria Smith  Boots - Joey & Rory L
07/04 Running Around Wilf & Molly Thomas Runnin' Around - Sons of The Palomino P
04/04 One of Those Days  (Video) Chris & Andy Malpass One Of Those Days - Anita Cochran P
03/04 All The King's Horses for 2 Karen & Nigel Poll Out Of Sight - Midland P
03/04 Looks Good on You Karen & Nigel Poll Country Looks Good On You - Gabe Garcia P
03/04 A Lotta Bad Habits Norman Gifford Bad Habits - Michael Lee Austin L
30/03 Midland Stroll     (Video) Diane Jackson Lonely For You Only – Midland P
30/03 Down on Your Uppers 4.2  Dave & Lesley Mather (Video) Down on your Uppers - Derek Ryan P
30/03 To Learn Her Linda Byrum & Paul Brown To Learn Her - Miranda Lambert P
28/03 Walking Shoes Helen Owen Walking Shoes - Tanya Tucker L
28/03 Sweetheart Shuffle Unknown - Sponsored - Karen Wylde Slow to Medium Two Step P
28/03 Just Sayin' Give Me Five Tom & Sherry Weller Five More Minutes - Scotty McCreery P
28/03 Runnin' Around Stephen Pistoia Runnin' Around - Sons of The Palomino P
20/03 A Hold on Me dj Dan Country Music Got A Hold On Me – Kenny Vaughan L
20/03 About Her Kim Ray She's Got A Way - Chris Young L
13/03 There's No Gettin' Over Kalvin & Pat Finch (There’s) No Gettin’ Over Me - Ronnie Milsap P
13/03 Triple N.D.            [Video] Linda Sansoucy In Comes The Night - Bobby Wills  P
13/05 Born to Love You [Video] Linda Sansoucy Born To Love You - Lanco P
13/03 Whiskey Bridges Maddison Glover Whiskey Under the Bridge – Brooks & Dunn  L
13/03 Let's Fool Around Mal Jones Foolin' Around - Vince Gill and Paul Franklin L
13/03 Baby Don't Get too Close Kathy Rothweil & Sandy Derickson I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) - Collin Raye L
13/03 In Comes The Night Linda Sansoucy In Comes The Night - Bobby Wills L
12/03 Best Adventure Linda Sansoucy Best Adventure - Leaving Thomas  L
02/03 Texas County Shuffle Diane Jackson Somewhere on the Wind - Midland P
01/03 Out Of Sight Philip & Karin Holliday Out of Sight - Midland  P
28/02 Imagine That Brian, Linda & Jodie Imagine That - Don Williams L
28/02 Pontoon Michael O'Shea Pontoon - Little Big Town L
28/02 J&D Shuffle John Litchfield Lonely For You Only - Midland  P
25/02 Women Amen Barb & Dave Monroe Woman, Amen - Dierks Bentley P
25/02 Heartache Cha Barb & Dave Monroe Heartache On The Dance Floor - John Pardi
Woman, Amen - Dierks Bentley
25/02 Hangover Due Lisa M. Johns-Grose Hangover Due - Blake Shelton L
25/02 Born to be Great Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere - Kenny Chesney L
25/02 Baby Please Don't Go Shell Paap Baby Don't Go Dwight Yoakam & Sheryl Crow L
19/02 For The Ages Diana Dawson For The Ages - The Mavericks L
19/02 Stay With Me Maria Grafford Stay With Me - Lacy J Dalton L
15/02 Loved Too Much Chris & Trev Loved Too Much – Ty Herndon  P
10/02 A Bit Lit Norman Gifford Lit - Trace Adkins L
10/02 Losing You Yvonne Anderson Losing You - Alison Krauss L
10/02 Hangover Cha Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Hangover Due - Blake Shelton L
10/02 The Older I Get Tracie Lee The Older I Get - Alan Jackson L
10/02 One Kind Of woman Tracie Lee, One Kind of Woman I Like - Shenandoah L
10/02 When It Rains It Pours Stephen Pistoia & Conrad Farnham When It Rains It Pours - Luke Combs L
01/02 Bourbon Friends Fiona & Ian Smith Jim and Jack and Hank - Alan Jackson
All the Pretty Girls - Kenny Chesney
31/01 Country Legends Carol & George Stayte Buffalo Bill - Sarah Storer  P
29/01 Outside In Diana Dawson Outside Looking In - Lane Turner  L
29/01 Kick Back Erin Welsh A Girl Like You - Easton Corbin L
23/01 Colarado Sway Bernice and Connelly Robichaud Colorado Girls - The High Rollers P
23/01 Hometown Kids for 2   [Video] Linda Sansoucy  Hometown Kids – The Reklaws P
23/01 Woman Amen Rob Fowler Woman, Amen - Dierks Bentley L
23/01 Diamonds Make Babies Lesley Stewart Diamonds Make Babies - Joe Nichols. L
23/01 T-R-O-U-B-L-E Lesley Stewart T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Travis Tritt.  l
15/01 Tattooed Heart Linda Sansoucy Tatooed Heart - Ronnie Dunn  L
15/01 San Antonio Baby Stephen McIntosh San Antonio baby - Raul Malo L
10/01 Reach My Heart Helen A. Walker Far to Go - Ronnie Beard  l
10/01 All the King's horses Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Out Of Sight – Midland L
10/01 Tequila Tuesday Pat Newell Tequila Sunrise - Alan Jackson  L
10/01 Everything's Gonna Be Alright Gwen Walker, Jeff Huffman & Sandi VanVlie Everything's Gonna Be Alright - David Lee Murphy L
10/01 Only Kisses Maite Alemany  You're Only Young Once - Derek Ryan L
09/01 Hooked on It Norman Gifford Hooked on It - Luke Bryan L
09/01 Waylon & Willie Greywolf & Wiya Wambli I Love Waylon & Willie - Ted L
09/01 EZ Burnout Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes Burnout - Midland L
09/01 Homegrown Mathew Sinyard  Homegrown – Zac Brown Band L
09/01 Ruin my Bad Reputation K. Sholes You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation - Ronnie McDowell L
Happy New Year
26/12 Liberty                 (Video) Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K The Ghost Of Culloden - Isla Grant P
21/12 Rusty Springs     (Video) Diana Dawson Rust on My Strings - Dick Van Altena L
21/12 Every Little Thing Sonja Hemmes Every Little Thing - Scooter Lee L
21/12 What the Hell Did I Say d Tetreau What the Hell Did I Say - Dierks Bentley L
18/12 KeeKee Bee Swing     (Video) Linda Byrum & Paul Brown  It's Such A Small World - Rodney Crowell & Rosanne Cash P
13/12 Penny Arcade Rumba Fiona & Ian Smith Small Town Southern Man - Alan Jackson P
12/12 Mama's Boy           (Video) Michael Schmidt If You Want A Mother - Gretchen Wilson P
12/812 Doing it to Country Songs (P)   Video
Doing it to Country Songs  (Video)
Michael Schmidt Doing It To Country Songs - Blake Shelton P

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