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12/06 All Ya Gotta Do Is Dance Julie and Brian, All Ya Gotta Do Is Dance - Kelly Cobbett P
12/06 Drive My Truck Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  I Drive My Truck - Emil Schwenke L
12/06 Rainy Night in Georgia Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk  Rainy Night In Georgia - Chris Young L
12/06 All Out of Beer Mark Furnell All out of beer - Jason Aldean L
12/06 Bring Down the House Michael Raimondi  Bring Down The House - Dean Brody  L
12/06 Go On Diana Bishop  Go On - Delbert Mcclinton L
07/06 Fenceposts Karen & Nigel Poll Fenceposts - Cody Johnson P
07/06 Dig Deep Together Karen & Nigel Poll Dig Deep - Paul Carrack P
06/06 Angels and Alcohol Stafke Peeters Angels & Alcohol - Alan Jackson P
06/06 Dance Tonight Carol & George Stayte Dance Tonight - Jon Langston P
06/06 Gimme a Redneck Girl Val Saari Redneck Girl - The Bellamy Brothers L
06/06 Bad Seed Kevin & Maria Smith Bad Seed - Luke Dickens. L
31/05 Mr Lonely   (Video) Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Mr Lonely - Midland P
31/05 Double Drinkin'     (Video) Dave & Lesley Mather She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)’ - Wade Hayes P
31/05 Crystal Blue Rob Fowler Fenceposts - Cody Johnson L
31/05 These Old Boots Rob Fowler These Old Boots - Aaron Watson L
29/05 Be My Friend Jim & Nen Godsall To Be Your Man - Don Williams  P
29/05 Thunderbolt Jim & Nen Godsall Little Miss Honky Tonk - Brooks & Dunn  P
27/05 Too Country For You Kate Sala Too Country For You' - Darcy L
25/05  Backroad Nation (That's Us) Video Diana Dawson Backroad Nation - Lee Kernaghan L
10/05 Say That Again David Dabbs You Can Say That Again - Johnny Rodriguez P
09/05 You Can Say That Again Gaye Teather You Can Say That Again - Johnny Rodriguez L
08/05 Every Days a Holiday Al & Sandy Ord Holiday - Chris Young P
08/05 Middle of Nowhere Town Kathy Brown Honky Tonk Time Machine -George Strait L
08/05 I Ain't Crazy (But I Can Get There) Roger Neff I Ain't Crazy - Earl Thomas Conley L
08/05 My "Boots" Kenny & Debbie Gwartney  Boots - Jessie James Decker L
02/05 Comin' Over Matt Thompson See You Tonight - Scotty McCreery P
02/05 A Wild Desire Larry Bass Touch Me, Turn Me On, Burn Me Down - Marty Stuart L
02/05 5: 15 Fred Whitehouse Hold You To It - Tyler Dial  L
02/05 Lonely Blues Rachael McEnaney-White  Mr Lonely - Midland L
02/05 My Shoes keep Walking Back to You Penny Tan My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You - Mike Lane L
27/04 Boys in the Band  (Video) Michel et Christiane Poirier Boys In The Band- Jackson Taylor & The Sinners P
25/04 Sea Of Cowboy Hats Don Carleton & Christine Shine Sea of Cowboy Hats - Chely Wright P
25/04 Hillbilly Boogie Norman Gifford Hillbilly Boogie - Nitro Express L
25/04 Walk Away Judy Rodgers  Walk Away - Mark Powell L
25/04 Gone West Alexandra Schmitt Gone West - Gone West  L
25/04 I'm Gonna Love You Tonight Lesley Stewart I May Hate Myself In The Morning - Lee Ann Womack L
25/04 Softer Than a Whisper  Gaye Teather Softer Than a Whisper - Hal Ketchum L
25/04 Red Haired Mary Derek Robinson Red Haired Mary - Roslyn (Irish Country Bluegrass ver.) L
19/04 Troubadour    (Video) Diane Jackson & Josie Copley One more Troubadour – Steve Moakler P
19/04 Real Good     (Video) Dave & Lesley Mather Real Good Feel Good Song’ - Mel McDaniel +++ P
19/04 New Names      (Video) Heather Staddon Old Flames Have New Names - Mark Chesnutt P
19/04 When I'm Drunk for 2 Karen & Nigel Poll I Love You When I’m Drunk – Roger Creager P
19/04 She Don't Know Me Karen & Nigel Poll She Don’t Know Me Like She Used Too – Paul Jackson P
09/04 High Hopes Ron Tate Better Than Today - Don Williams L
09/04 Sweet Little Walk Nancy Morgan Sweet Little Shoe - Dan Seals L
09/04 The Real Deal Carl Sullivan Real Deal by George Jones L
09/04 Redneck Rockstar Annette Lapp Redneck Rockstar - The Bellamy Brothers. L
07/04 We're Knockin' Boots Keith & Nicky Riess Knockin' Boots - Luke Bryan P
07/04 Big Buzz Nancy Morgan Buzzin - Blake Shelton L
07/04 Mr Lonley Sandy Goodman Mr. Lonely - Midland  L
07/04 Knockin' Boots Cody Flowers Knockin' Boots - Luke Bryan L
03/04 One Like Mine Michael Schmidt  One Like Mine – Josh Turner P
03/04 2 Wonder Michael Schmidt  Wonder – Josh Turner P
03/04 Mr Lonley Midland_LineDancers Mr. Lonely - Midland  L
03/04 Naked No More Mike Stringer Don't Look Good Naked Anymore -Johnny Brady L
03/04 Everything's Alright Mike Camara  Everything's Gonna Be Alright - David Lee Murphy / Kenny Chesney L
03/04 Good Ol' Country Harmony Nita Lazaroms  Good Ol' Country Harmony - Home Free - L
03/04 Three Wooden Crosses  [Video] Harold Grimshaw Three Wooden Crosses – Randy Travis L
03/04 Eighteen Wheels & a Dozen Roses Kitty Russell  Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses - Kathy Mattea L
30/03 Right Now Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Hard Not To Love It  - Steve Moakler P
30/03 A Girl Like you Michael Schmidt  A Girl Like You – Easton Corbin P
30/03 Drinking With Dolly Michael Schmidt  Drinking With Dolly – Stephanie Quayle P
30/03 Villa Romance Dan Albro Rockin' All Night Long - Adam Hambrick 
Catch - Brett Young
30/03 Down at the honkytonk Heather Staddon Down To The HonkyTonk - Jake Owen P
27/03 Keep It Simple Paula Frohn Keep It Simple - James Barker Band P
26/03 Bleeding Hearts Dan Albro Bloodline - Harper Grae P
26/03 Dukes and boots Mike and Lenore Dowling Daisy Dukes and Cowboy - Boots.Cowboy Troy
Giddy Up. - Chris Buck Band.
26/03 Hayley Jo Diana Dawson Hayley Jo - Derek Ryan  L
26/03 Rebootin' Mama Cathy Snow  Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing - Brooks & Dunn L
22/03 You're the Reason Mal Jones Tulsa Time - Don Williams  L
19/03 Our Little White Church Tom & Pat Avinger Little White Church - Little Big Town P
19/03 Angel Outlaw Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Angel Outlaw Lullaby – Alan Turner L
19/03 Chasing the Tide David Thomas The Ship and the Bottle - Brett Young L
19/03 Innocent Bystander Gaye Teather Innocent Bystander - Billy Dean L
19/03 Country Bump Darren Bailey  Country Music Made Me Do It - Carlton Anderson L
19/03 Remember These Words Gaye Teather Remember These Words - Michael Tyler  L
19/03 Never Coming Down Gina Piercy Never Comin' Down - Keith Urban L
14/03 Let me Show Ya How Country Feels Duke Alexander How Country Feels - Randy Houser P
13/03 Heaven Forever Béatrice Ledesma Heaven - Kane Brown P
13/03 One Night Together DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Open Up Your Heart - Prairie Oyster P
13/03 My Everything for Two Gerry Frazer Center of My World - Chris Young P
12/03 Hollywood for Partners Helle Ingemann Petersen & Bill Christofferse Hollywood - Maggie Rose P
12/03 Get Some Honey Greg Van Zilen Silver Lining - Kacey Musgraves  P
03/03 Everybody Knows a Stacy Stephanie Selymes Stacy - Gretchen Wilson L
03/03 Pretend Diana Bishop  Pretend You Still Love Me - the Mavericks L
03/03 Timbuktu Tina Argyle The Last Thing I Do - Brooks & Dunn L
03/03 Stayin' In Love June Hulcombe, Barb Willshire Stayin’ In Love - The Bellamy Brothers L
03/03 Tie One On Carl Sullivan Tie One On - Ronnie McDowell. L
03/03 Dreams Linda Chapman  That's the Thing About Love - Don Williams L
03/03 Sangria Time Pat Stott Jug of Sangria - Nathan Carter L
28/02 Jug of Sangria  (Video) David Dabbs Jug Of Sangria - Nathan Carter P
21/02 I Close My Eyes Linda Byrum & Paul Brown Island In The Stream - Kenny Rogers/ Dolly Parton P
15/02 Whiskey Bridges 4-2 Charles Alexander  (Adaptation from Line) Whiskey Under The Bridge - Brooks & Dunn. P
15/02 Honky Tonk Mama Blues Val Saari  Honky Tonky Mama - Merle Haggard L
09/02 Crushin' It April Barker Crushin' It - Brad Paisley L
09/02 For The First Time April Barker For the First Time - Darius Rucker L
09/02 Never Comin' Down April Barker Never Comin' Down - Keith Urban L
09/02 Cradle Love Derek Robinson The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Collin Raye L
08/02 Raised on Country Gail Smith Raised On Country - Chris Young L
08/02 Monday Morning Merle Wayne Beazley & Kevin Smith Monday Morning Merle - Cody Johnson L
03/02 That's My Life Chris & Trev Who’s That Man – Toby Keith P
02/02 Don't Let Me Down Fiona & Ian Smith Love don’t let me down - Chris Young and Patty Loveless P
01/02 Codigo 2 Go Barb & Dave Monroe Codigo - George Strait P
01/02 In Your Eyes Jan Brookfield I Can See it in Your Eyes - Joni Harms, L
01/02 When Love Starts Talking Mona Gunneriussen When Love Starts Talkin' - Wynona L
01/02 Slipping Away Ron Tate Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away - Vince Gill. L
31/01 Like she Used To Hayley Wheatley She Don't Know Me Like She Used to – Paul Jackson L
28/01 Love You Tonight     Video Harold Grimshaw I May Hate Myself in the Morning - Lee Ann Womack P
24/01 Love Struck Robert & Diane Jackson More Than You'll Ever Know - Travis Tritt P
24/01 She Don't Know she's Beautiful Andrina K Faulds She Don't Know She's Beautiful -Nathan Carter L
24/01 The Coast is Clear Carl Sullivan Till The Coast is Clear - Hal Ketchum L
24/01 Down to the Hankytonk Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Down to the Honkytonk – Jake Owen L
22/01 More Than You'll Ever Know Diana Dawson More Than You'll Ever Know - Travis Tritt L
22/01 Show a Little Kindness Carl Sullivan Try A Little Kindness - Glen Campbell. L
22/01 Blue Sky Ron Tate Blue Clear Sky - George Strait L
22/01 Here I Go Di Warden Here You Come Again - Nadine Somers  L
19/01 Love Hate          (Video) Harold Grimshaw I May Hate Myself in the Morning - Lee Ann Womack L
18/01 Codigo David Dabbs Codigo - George Strait P
17/01 Misty Blue Waltz Heather Shepard Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban L
12/01 Little Honky-Tonk Bar Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry  Every Little Honky-Tonk Bar - George Strait +++ P
12/01 Burn Out (aka whiskey Memory) Judi Bisher-Schuler  Burn Out - Midland P
11/01 Don't Wanna Lie Betty George  Let's Keep It That Way – Mac Davis L
11/01 Pour That Glass Betty George Never Did Know – David Ball L
11/01 21 Summer Maureen Hawkins, Vicki Hayes 21 Summer – Brothers Osborne L
08/01 Sangria For Two Sue & Martin Watts Sangria – Blake Shelton P
08/01 No More Broken Hearts Carol & George Stayte Brokenhearted - William Michael Morgan  P

One More Kiss (Revisited)

Carol & George Stayte I can’t be myself: - Vince Gill & Paul Franklyn  P
08/01 Honkytonk Jean Welser Down To The Honkytonk - Jake Owen L
08/01 Let the Cowboy Dance Susanne Oates Let the Cowboy Dance - Michael Martin Murphey L
08/01 Codigo at Stott  Codigo - George Strait L
08/01 Get On Your High Horse John Dembiec High Horse - Kacey Musgraves L
07/01 City of New Orleans Sonja Hemmes  City of New Orleans - Willie Nelson L
03/01 Senorita Margarita Fiona and Ian Smith Senorita Margarita - Tim McGraw P
01/12 A Good Place For Love Terry & Caroline French Good Place For Love - Doug Bruce P
01/01 Homesick for 2 Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton Homesick - Kane Brown P
01/01 What if it Worked Diana Dawson What If It Worked Like That - Don Williams L
01/01 Who Needs Mexico Wil Bos Who Needs Mexico - Mason James L
01/01 Won't Be Sorry Cathy Snow I Won't Be Sorry - David Lee Murphy L
TT Happy New Year  TT  
23/12 Come Do a Little Life  (Video) Michael Schmidt Come Do A Little Life – Mo Pitney [150 bpm] (02:54) 
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Up Tempo Version) – Fools Gold
22/12 As Long As There's Loving Brenda Holcomb and class  As Long As There's Loving Tonight - the Mavericks L
22/12 Memphis Carl Sullivan That's How I Got To Memphis - T.T.Hall. 
One Ride In Vegas - Deryl Dodd
17/12 Got Lonely Too Early Norman Gifford Got Lonely Too Early - Amy Jack L
17/12 Bring It On Over Stephen Pistoia  Bring it on Over - Billy Currington L
14/12 What Were We Thinking  [Video] Michael Schmidt What Was I Thinkin’ – Dierks Bentley P
11/12 Down to the Honkytonk Annabelle Hue Down to the Honkytonk – Jake Owen L
11/12 Give It To Me Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Give It To Me – Nathan Carter L
11/12 More Wine Karen Holtom Two More Bottles of Wine  L
08/125 Down Home Al & Sandy Ord You Ain’t Down Home - Jann Browne P

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