Your Picture

Choreographed by 	Heather & Fred 01603749058 February/ 2010
Description 	48 count Partner Waltz (same footwork) star in sweetheart
Music 		Your picture still love me (and I still love you) - Billy Swan
1-6 	Rock Recover Together x2
1-3 	Rock forward on left recover back on right left together
1-3 	Rock back on right recover left right together
1-6 	Left Twinkle Right Twinkle
1-3	left cross over right step right to side left step together
1-3 	right crosses over left left step to the side right together
1-6 	Turn ˝ Right in Front of Man Lady Hold Right Hand down Left up into Arch
1-3 	Lady ˝ turn right stepping left right left man step forward left right left
1-3 	Lady Step back right left right man forward right left right
1-6 	Keep hold of Lady’s Hands Full Turn Left
	Bring Right Hand up Left down Still in Arch Facing Man
1-3 	Lady full turn left stepping back on left right left man step forward left right left
1-3 	Lady Step back right left right man step forward right left right
1-6 	Man ˝ turns to RLOD
1-3 	Lady Rock back left recover right left together man ˝ turn left stepping left right left
1-3 	both forward right left right
1-6 	Both ˝ Turn into L.O.D and Basic Forward
1-3 	Both Step Forward Left Make ˝ Turn Right Step Right Left
1-3 	Steps Forward Right Left Right
1-6 	Hold Right Hands up Make a Full Turn Right x 2 1/2
1-3 	1/2 Turn Right Stepping Left Right Left RLOD
1-3 	1/2 Right Stepping Right Left Right LOD
1-6 	Take Right Hand Over Lady’s Head Hold Left Hand Down Make ˝ Turn Left You Be In
	Hammerlock ˝ Turn Right Back To Sweetheart
1-3 	Step Left Make ˝ Turn Left Step Back Right Left Together
1-3 	Steps Back On Right Make ˝ Turn Right Step Left Right In To L.O.D
	Start again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2011