You Make It Better

Choreographed by 	Chris & Trev – Lonestar WPDC – Oct 2013 -
Description 	64 Count Intermediate Partner Dance
		Start facing LOD holding inside hands, Opposite footwork throughout
Music 		You make it better – Gord Bamford – CD Is it Friday yet
1-8 	Step, Hold x2, ¼ turn, together, ¼ turn, Hold
1-4 	Step FWD LT, Hold, Step FWD RT, Hold
5-8 	¼ Turn RT stepping on LT, Together with RT, ¼ Turn LT, Hold

9-16 	Step Lock Step, Hold, Man Walk FWD, Lady ½ turn, Walk back, Hold
9-12 	Step FWD RT, Lock LT Behind RT, Step FWD RT, Hold
13-16 	Man: Walk FWD L-R-L, Hold, Lady: ½ Turn RT stepping back on R-L-R, Hold
(On count 13 take joined hands over lady’s head, come in to close western on LOD)
17-24 	Cross over, Recover, Step Hold x2
17-20 	Man: Cross RT over LT, Recover on LT, Step side with RT, Hold
17-20 	Lady: Cross LT Behind RT, Recover on RT, Step side with LT, Hold
21-24 	Man: Cross LT over RT, Recover On RT, Step side with LT, Hold
21-24 	Lady: Cross RT behind LT, Recover on LT, Step side with RT, Hold
25-32 	Man Walk FWD x3 Hold, ¼ Turn x2 Step, Hold, Lady ½ Turn x2 Step, Hold, Walk x3, Hold
25-28 	Man: Walk FWD R-L-R, Hold, Lady: ½ Turn LT Step on LT, ½ Turn LT Step on RT, Step back LT, Hold
29-32 	Man: ¼ Turn L Step on L, ¼ Turn L Step on R, Step back L, Hold, Lady: Walk back R-L-R, Hold
(On count 25 Lady turns under Mans LT hand, On count 29 man turns under his LT hand )
(Now facing RLOD)
33-40 	Step ¼ Turn, Together, Step, Hold, ½ Pinwheel turn RT, Hold
33-36 	Step back on RT, ¼ Turn LT step on to LT, Together with RT, Hold
37-40 	½ Pinwheel turn RT on L-R-L, Hold
(On count 36 rejoin in close western across LOD)
41-48 	½ Pinwheel turn, Hold, Coaster ¼ turn, Hold
41-44 	½ Pinwheel RT on R-L-R, Hold
45-48 	¼ Turn LT step back LT, Together with RT, Step FWD LT, Hold
(Now facing LOD Holding inside hands)
49-56 	Step Pivot ½ turn, Step, Hold, Rock recover, ½ turn step, Hold
49-52 	Step FWD on RT, Pivot ½ turn LT, Step FWD RT, Hold (Now facing RLOD)
53-56 	Rock FWD on LT, Recover on RT, ½ turn LT on LT, Hold (Now facing LOD)
(On count 49 release hands, On count 55 rejoin inside hands)
57-64 	Step Lock Step, Hold, Rock FWD recover, Rock back recover, Hold
57-60 	Step FWD RT Lock LT Behind RT Step FWD RT, Hold
61-64 	Rock FWD on LT, Recover on RT, Rock back on LT, Recover on RT
	START AGAIN 						October 2013