You Broke Up With Me

Choreographed by 	Linda Byrum & Paul Brown October 27, 2017
		USA; 7657448695 -
Description 	32 count beginner partner dance Starts with both facing down LOD,
		man's right hand holding lady's left, Man's step listed,
		lady mirrors, except where noted
Music 		You Broke Up With Me - Walker Hayes ( 32 count lead)

	Sailor Steps, Kicks Ball Change
1&2 	Right behind left sailor step
3&4 	Left behind right sailor step
5&6, 	Right kick ball change,
7&8 	Right kick ball change
	Shuffle Forward, Rock Recover With Turn, Shuffle, Pivot Turn
1&2 	Shuffle forward RLR
3-4 	Rock forward on left, recover on right
5&6 	Shuffle 1/2 turn to left
7-8 	Step right forward, with 1/4 turn to left
	Weave To Left
1-4 	Right over left, left to left side, right behind left, left to left side
5-6 	Rock right over left, recover on left
7&8 	1/4 turn to right shuffle step ( facing RLD)
	Pivot Turn, Shuffle, Lady's Turn
1-2 	Step forward on left foot, pivot 1/2 turn to right (facing LOD)
3&4 	Shuffle forward left, right, left
5-8 	Man walk forward RL ( lady underarm turn full turn to R on 5-6), walk RL
	End Of Dance. Repeat. 			November 2017