Yolanda for 2 
Choreographed by	Marianne Valentin (DK) Feb. 11 
Description 	32 count – Beginner circle/ partner dance 
		Side by side, same footwork for man and lady 
Music		Yolanda - Joe Merrick (CD: Ranches & Rodeos) 
 	Based on the linedance “Wee Yolanda” by Audrey Watson 
Sec 1 	Step slide step, Touch, x 2 
1-2 	Step diagonal fwd on right, slide left up to right, weight on left 
3-4 	Step diagonal fwd on right, touch left next to right 
5-6 	Step diagonal fwd on left, slide right up to let, weight on right 
7-8 	Step diagonal fwd on left, touch right next to left 
Sec 2 	Side Tog Back Hold, Back Lock Back Sweep. 
1-2 	Step right to right side, step left next right. 
3-4 	Step back on right, hold for a beat. 
5-6 	Step back on left, lock right across left. 
7-8 	Step back on left, sweep right from front to back. 
Sec 3 	Behind & Cross Hold, Left Rock Cross Hold. 
1-2 	Step right behind left, step left to left side. 
3-4 	Cross right over left, hold for a beat. 
5-6 	Rock left to left side, recover weight on right. 
7-8 	Cross left over right, hold for a beat. 
Sec 4 	Pivot turn, step, hold x 2 
1-4 	Step forward right, turn ½ turn left, step forward on right, hold 
5-8 	Step forward left, turn ½ turn right, step forward on left, hold  
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