Write this Down

Choreographed by 	Allen Matthias
Description 	64 Count Partner Dance Start in Indian Position,
		man behind lady, both facing OLOD
Music: 		Write this Down - George Strait
1-4 	Large Step to Right on Right, Slide Left to Right
	Rock back on Left, Recover on Right
5-8 	Left to side, right behind, left to side, touch right beside left
1-4 	Hip bumps, right – left – right – left
5-8 	Right side shuffle, rock left back, recover on right, making ¼ turn left (sweetheart)
1-4 	Step forward on left, lock right behind, step forward on left, touch right, beside left
5-8 	(Man) Step right to side, together with left, right to side, making ¼ turn left,
	touch let beside right
	(Lady) Cross right over let, left to side, step right to side, making ¼ turn right,
	touch left beside right
	(take left hand over lady’s head as you change sides, lady in front of man
1-4 	Left to side, right behind left to the side, touch Right
5-8 	Right to side, left behind, right to side touch left
1-4 	Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn right, step forward on left and hold
5-8 	Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn left, step forward on right and hold
1-4 	(Man) Walk forward left right left making ¼ turn to right, brush right
	(Lady) Walk forward left right left, making ¼ turn to left, brush right
	(Lady walk in front of man, back into sweetheart)
5-8 	Step forward on right, lock left behind, step forward on right, brush right
1-4 	Step forward on left with ¼ turn right, right behind, ¼ turn Left on Left, brush right
5-8 	Rock forward on Right, recover on left, rock back on right, recover on left
1-4 	Right shuffle forward, left shuffle forward
5-8 	Cross right over left, step back on left, right to the side, making ¼ turn right,
	cross left over right.
	End of Dance 				March 2017