Wrapped Up In A Dream
Choreographed by Chrissie Smith (UK)
Description  64 count Partner Dance
Position   Sweetheart (Side by Side) unless otherwise stated
Music  Throw Me Away by Charlie Landsborough

	Step, Lock, Left Shuffle, Step, Lock, Right Shuffle
1-2 	Step diagonally fwd on L, lock R behind L
3&4 	Step fwd on L, bring R up to L, step fwd on L
5-6 	Step diagonally fwd on R, lock L behind R
7&8 	Step fwd on R, bring L up to R, step fwd on R
	1/4 turn right, (creating shadow position), Step touches x 4
& 	On ball of R make ¼ turn right (hands may be placed on ladies hips)
9-10 	Step side left, touch R next to L
11-12 	Step side R, touch L next to R
13-16 	Repeat steps 9-12
	1/4 turn Left, Kick, Walk back x 2, ½ turn step, Step ½ turn pivot, Step
17-18 	Make ¼ turn left stepping fwd on L, Kick R fwd
19-20 	Step back on R, step back on L
	Gentleman drop ladies left hand
21 	Make ½ turn right stepping fwd on R
22-24 	Step fwd on L, pivot ½ turn right, Step fwd on L
	Rejoin Hands
	Rock Step Forward, Shuffle back x 2, Rock back
25-26 	Rock forward onto R, recover weight back onto L
Man: 	(dropping left hand and raising right) Lady
27&28 	Step back on R, close L next to R, step back on R Make ½ turn shuffle right, stepping R L R
29&30 	Step back on L, close R next to L, step back on L Repeat 27 & 28
	Rejoin hands in Side by Side Position
31-32 	Step back on R, recover weight back on to L
	Touch, Step, Left shuffle, Touch, Step, Left shuffle, Vine Right and Touch
33-34 	Touch R toe across L, step fwd on R
35&36 	Step fwd on L, close R next to L, step fwd on L
37-40 	Repeat steps 33 - 36
41-42 	Step R to right side, step L behind R
43-44 	Step R to Right side, touch L next to R
	Man 				Lady
	Vine left and touch (dropping right hand) 	1 & ½ turns left, touch
45-46 	Step L to left side, step R behind L 		Step ½ turn left stepping on L, step ½ turn stepping on R
47-48 	Step L to left side, touch R next to L 		Step ½ turn stepping on L, touch R next to L.
	Lady should be facing you but to your right side. You should be facing Gentleman but to his right side
	and hands remain above heads
Option: If you don’t like turning here, make a ½ turn, side right, behind L, touch R.

	Rock forward, Rock back, walk x 4 making ½ turn
49-50 	Step fwd on R, recover weight back onto L
51-52 	Step back on to R, recover weight fwd on L
	Right hands go around partners waist (Arch position)
	Walk around for 4 counts making ½ turn (stepping R, L, R. L)
	Man 				Lady
	Drop right hand from waist
	Walk round x 3, touch 			Vine Right, touch
57-60 	Continue walking round to right stepping R, L, R, 	Step R to right side, step L behind R Step R to right side,
	Touch L next to R 			touch L next to R
	Rejoin hands in right Side by Side Position,

	Rock forward, Rock back
61-62 	Step fwd on L, recover weight back onto R
63-64 	Step back onto L, recover weight fwd onto R
	Begin again and enjoy!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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