Choreographed by unknown
Description 32 Count, Partner Dance oin Side by Side [ Sweetheart ] position
Music Have Mercy – The Judds

 1&2 Left Shuffle
3&4 Right Shuffle
5&6 Left Shuffle
7&8 Right Shuffle

9-10 Left Step forward, Rock back on Right
11-12 Rock forward on left , Right brush forward
13-14 Right step forward, Left brush forward
15-16 Left step forward, Right brush forward

17-18 Right step forward, Rock back on left
19-20 Rock forward on Right, Left brush forward while making 1/4 turn right

(both partners are now facing outside LOD ,man behind lady with both arms extended)

21-22 Left Step to left, Right step to Left crossing behind left
23-24 Left step to left, Right step to left crossing in front of left

25-26 Left step left, Make a 1/4 turn to right and kick right
27-28 Right step behind, Left step behind
29-30 Stomp right twice
31-32 Step forward with right Pivot 1/2 turn to left, pick up left slightly