Won't Fit Through the Door (P)

Choreographer 	LTD.Tucker 29/11/ 2015 disco@skynet.be
Description 	32 Count, Partner Dance, Sweetheart .position Facing ( LOD )
		Gentís and Ladyís footwork are the same throughout
Music 		I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore - The Snake Oil Willie Band
		Intro: Begin on Lyrics
	Step Lock Step Scuff . Step Lock step Scuff.Rocking Chair . Heel Strut
1&2& . 	Step R forward 1/8 to right . lock L behind R . step R forward . scuff forward on L
3&4& . 	Step L forward 1/8 to left . lock R behind L . step L forward scuff forward on R
5&6& 	Rock R forward . recover on L . rock R back . recover on L
7&8& 	Touch R heel forward . drop right toe to floor . touch L heel forward . drop L toe to floor
	Toe Heel Stomp . Toe Heel Stomp . Rumba Box Forward .Rumba Box Forward
1&2 	Touch R toe to lef tinstep . touch R heel to lef tinstep . stomp R next to L
3&4 	Touch L toe to R instep .touch L heel to R instep . stomp L next to R
5&6 	Step R to right . Place L next to R . Step R forward
7&8 	Step L to left . Place R next to L . step L forward
	Forward Run Hitch . Forward Run Hitch . Side Rock Cross .Side Rock Cross
1&2& 	Take 3 short steps forward on right left right , hitch Left .
3&4& 	Take 3 short step forward on left right left , hitch R
5&6 	Rock R to right . recover on L . cross R over L
7&8 	Rock L to left . recover on L . cross L over R
	Heel Touch Hold . Toe Touch Hold. Forward Shuffle . X2
1&2& T	ouch R heel forward hold . touch R toe back hold
3&4 	Step R forward . slide L next to R . Step R forward
5&6& 	Touch L heel forward hold . touch left toe back hold
7&8 	Step L forward . slide R next to L . step L forward
Optional : On the first shuffle forward Lady can do a full turn right under manís & ladyís right arm
	Start Again				November 2015