Wishing Well
Choreographed by Jack & Hazel Parfitt
Description  64 count partner dance, Side by side Position;
Music  Wishing well - Nitty Gritty Dirt band 102bpm. 
If you’d like some lovin’ - David Ball 90 bpm(teach) 
I wish I’d never borrowed anybody’s angel - Frank Jensen
	Fwd. Shuffle.1/4 Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Walk back x2
1&2 	Shuffle forward RLR
3&4 	Shuffle forward ¼ turn right RLR (now facing OLOD)
5&6 	Shuffle ¼ turn right stepping back RLR (now facing RLOD)
7-8	Walk back left, right

	Coaster Step, ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn Shuffle
1&2 	Step back left, Right beside left, step forward left 
3-4  	Step forward right,  Turn ¼ turn left (now facing OLOD)
5&6 	Cross step right over left, step left to side, cross step right over left
7&8 	Shuffle ¼ turn left (now facing LOD)

	Man Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Lady Full Turn Clockwise (release left hands and raise right arms)
	Mans Steps 				Lady’s Steps
1 	Step forward right 				Step forward right ¼ turn right
2 	Step forward left 				Step back left ¼ turn right
3&4 	Right shuffle forward RLR 			Right shuffle ½ turn right
	(release right hands, rejoin left hands and raise left arms)
5-6 	Both turn ¼ turn left on left, Both turn ¼ turn stepping back on right (Tandam Turn)
7&8 	Both step ½ turn triple step LRL 	(now back in side by side)
	Walk, walk, Shuffle x2
1-2 	step forward right, left
3&4 	Right shuffle forward RLR
5-6 	step forward left, right
7&8 	Left shuffle forward

	Round The World
	(lower left arms and raise right, man goes under raised right arm, raise left arms, man goes under raised 
	left arm to finish in cross arm position arms in front)
1 	Right step in place 				Walk in anti clockwise direction
2 	Left step in place right, 			left, right shuffle RLR
3&4 	Triple step in place RLR 			(lady completes one full turn over 8 counts)
5 	Left step in place 				continue in anti-clockwise
6 	Right step in place 				direction stepping left, right
7&8 	Triple step in place Left shuffle
	Step, Step Triple Step, Rock, Rock, Coaster Step (lower right arms, raise left)
1 	right step in place 				1 Full turn left on right left, triple step RLR
2 	left step in place 				2 now back in side by side
3&4 	Triple step in place RLR 			3&4
5-6	Both rock forward left, rock back on right 
7&8 	Step back left, step right beside left, step forward left (coaster step)

	Rock, Rock, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Behind, Side, Cross ¼ Turn
1-2 	Rock forward right, Rock back left
3&4 	Right shuffle ¼ turn right (now in Indian position facing OLOD)
5&6 	Left step behind right, right step to side, left step across front of right
7-8 	Right step forward (small step), Turn ¼ turn left to face LOD
	Shuffle x 2, Rock Steps x4
1-4 	right shuffle forward RLR, Left Shuffle forward LRL
5-8 	Rock forward right, rock back left, Rock back right , rock forward left 
	Start Over