Choreographed By

Bruce & Mary Milner ("County Line" Country Western Dancers/Jacksonville, Il. 
Description Couples Dance: Two Wall – Right Side-by-Side 
Sweetheart Position/Singles: Two Wall Line

Winter Wonderland – Rickey Van Shelton
Eat at Joes – Suzy Bogguss

Warm & Fuzzy – Billy Gillman

1-4: 	Step right, Brush left, Step left, Brush right.
5-12	Step right turning ¼ left, Brush left.
	Step left turning ¼ left, Brush right.
	Step right turning ¼ left, Brush left.
	Step left turning ¼ left, Brush right.
	(Couples turn 360 deg. Left/Windmill Turn – (Step/Brush/Step/Brush/Step/Brush/Step/Brush)
	Returning to Right Side-by-Side Sweetheart Position

13-16 	Cross right Over left.
	Step Back left.
	Step Forward right. (left Box Step)
	Brush left.
17-20	Cross left Over right.
	Step Back right.
	Step Back left.
	Brush right. (right Box Step)
21-24	Walk Forward right, left, right, Brush left.

25-28	Step left, Pivot 180 deg. Right, Step left, Brush right. (Facing Second Wall)
	(Couples in Left Side-by-Side Sweetheart Position)
29-32	Man: Step right, left, right, Brush left in place.
	Release left hands, move lady across in front of Man and under right arm as the Lady
	turns 360 deg. left.
	Woman: Step right, left, right (completing a 360 deg. Left Turn, Dropping left hands, 
	Turning under Man’s right arm, Returning to a Right Side-by-Side Sweetheart position.)
	Brush left in place.
	(Singles- Right Vine with a Left Brush Step)

33-34: 	Step left, Brush right.
	Repeat: Second Wall
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Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2006