Wide Eyes

Choreographed By	George & Mable Thompson 
Description	Couples Dance in Closed Western position 
Music		Our Eyes are Open Wide - Plain Loco 
		Stars over Texas - Tracy Lawrence 

	LADY    					MAN 
1-12	Right cross behind left, Left step to Left 		Left cross in front of right,
	Right close to left,				Right step to right side , Left close to right
	Left cross behind right, Right step to side, 		Right cross in front of left, Left step to 
	Left close to right      				 side Side, Right close to left	

13-18	Turn 1/2 turn into wrap, right left right 		Left right left forward, turning lady into wrap,
	forward left right left				Forward right left right 

19-24	Roll out Right left right in a full 			Roll out Left right left in a full turn
	turn to the right, Hold inside Hands,		to the Left, Hold inside hands ,
	Left right left forward     			Right left right forward    

25-30	Roll across and in front of man Right left 		Roll out behind lady in a full turn Left 
	right in a full turn left, Lady now on 		right left turning to right, Man now on outside,
	inside of man, Left right left forward		Right left right forward

31-36	Turn full turn right into wrap on Right left 		Left right left forward Turning lady into
	right keeping hold of inside hand			wrap Keep hold of inside hand
	Left right left forward                 			Right left right forward

37-42	On right left right turn 1/2 turn left 		Left right left forward turning lady to 
	back into LOD Left right left backwards		face man, Right left right forward             

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert


July 2000