Why don’t we just dance (4)(2)

Choreographed by    Fred & Heather - 01603749058 or Frederick.staddon@ntlworld.com
Description               Sweetheart same footwork 52 count
Music                        Why don’t we just dance - Josh Turner - CD: Haywire

	Side Shuffle Rock Recover X2
1&2 34 	Right Side Shuffle, Rock Back On Left, Recover On Right
1&2 34 	Left Side Shuffle, Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left

 	Step Slide Scuff
1-4	Right Step Forward, Left Slide Up Behind Right, Right Step Forward, Scuff Left

	Two Struts And Coaster Step
1-4	Left Heel Strut, Toe Down, Right Heel Strut, Toe Down
123&4 	Left Rock Forward, Recover On Right, Left Step Back Right, Together, Left Step Forward
	Rock Recover Two ½ Turn Shuffle
123&4	Right Rock Forward, Recover Back On Left, ½ Turn Right Shuffle
1&2	½ Right, Left Shuffle Back

	Rock Shuffle ½ Turn Shuffle
1-2	Both Rock Back On Right
1 2 3&4 	Man Rock Back On Right, Recover Left, Right Shuffle Forward
	Lady Rock Back On Right, Recover Left, Turn ½ Turn Left, Right Shuffle Back
	Rock Side Shuffle X 2 When Rocking Lt. Touch Lt Hand To Lt And Hand Rt To Rt
12 3&4 	Man Left Rock In Front Across Right,  recover  Left Side Shuffle
	Lady Left Rock Behind Right, Left Side Shuffle
12 3&4 	Lady Rock Back Right Behind Left, Recover Right Side Shuffle
	Man Rock Right In Front Of Left, Recover, Right Side Shuffle

 	Walk Walk Shuffle
123&4 	Lady Walk Back Left, Right, Left, Shuffle Back
  	Man Walk Forward Left, Right, Left, Shuffle Forward
	Rock & Shuffle Back In To Sweetheart
123&4	Lady Rock Back Right, Recover, Left Shuffle ½ Turn Left Back To Sweetheart
123&4 	Man Rock Right Forward, Recover Left, Right Shuffle Back

	Rock recover shuffle
123&4 	Both Rock Back Left, Recover Right, Left Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Stomp Right, Stomp Left
	And Start Again Have Fun

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