When You're Single

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll  May 2016 pollykaz 7@live.co.uk
		Tel 01379 853571 www.stilldancing.co.uk
Description 	64 count dance , Facing LOD in Sweetheart Position
		Same Footwork, unless listed
Music: 		When You're Single - Chuck Wicks
	Jazz Box, Rock, Recover, Shuffle  Turn
1-4 	Cross Left over Right, Step back Right, Step side Left, Step forward Right
5-8 	Rock forward on Left, recover on Right turn  Left, Left shuffle into RLOD
	(Taking Left hands over Gents head)
	Step Pivot  turn Left, Shuffle (Lady  turn shuffle), Walk, Walk, Shuffle
9-12 	Man  Step Forward Right Pivot  turn Left, Right shuffle forward (into LOD)
	Lady- Step Forward Right Pivot  turn left, Shuffle  Left to face RLOD in Closed Western
	Slightly To Right Side Of Man
13-16 	Walk Left, Walk Right, Left shuffle

	Step Pivot  turn, Shuffle  turn Left, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle
17-20 	Man - Step forward Right, Pivot  Left, Right shuffle  turn left ,
	Lady- Rock Back Right, Recover on Left, Right Shuffle Turning Left To Face OLOD
21-24 	Cross rock Left over Right, recover on Left, Side Shuffle Left, Facing OLOD
	Weave, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
25-28 	Cross Right over Left, Left to Left side, Cross Right Behind Left, Turn  Left Step forward Left
29-32 	Walk forward Right, Left, Right Shuffle, Into LOD in VW position
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle Shuffle (Lady full turn in front of man) Step, Lock, Shuffle
3336 	Man- Walk Left, Walk right, Left shuffle (small steps)
	Lady- Turn  Left, Turn  Right, Left shuffle forward in to LOD On Left Side Of Man
37-40 	Step Forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Right shuffle,
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle (Lady full turn in front of man) Walk, Walk,Shuffle
41-44 	Man - Small steps, Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right, Left shuffle
	Lady- Turn  Left Step forward on Left, Turn  Left step back Right,
	Left Shuffle  turn Left,in front of man Into Indian Position
45-48 	Walk Right, Walk Left, Right Shuffle forward.
	Cross Rock, Recover, Shuffle  turn, Step Pivot  turn, Shuffle  turn into LOD
49-52 	Cross Rock Left over Right, recover on Right, Turn  Left Left Shuffle (to face ILOD)
53-56 	Step forward Right, Pivot , Turn  Left side Shuffle to face LOD
	Lady To Shuffle Into Sweetheart Position, On Right Side Of Man
	Rock Back, Recover, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle, (Lady Full turn)
57-60 	Rock back Left, recover on Right, Left Shuffle,
61-64 	Man  Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left, Right Shuffle forward
	Lady- Turn  Left stepping back on Right, turn  Left stepping fwd Left, Right shuffle Fwd
	Start Again 				June 2016