When You Get To Me

Choreographed by 	Angela & Peter Kimber – May 2014 ~ 01993 831248
Description	64 count Partner dance Start in Closed Western position – Man facing OLOD,
		Lady facing ILOD Opposite footwork throughout . Man’s steps given –
		Lady’s opposite except where shown
Music: 		When you get to me - Lee Ann Womack (CD: There’s more where that came from)
1-8 	Shuffle to side,Shuffle ¼ turn to RLOD,Shuffle back,Shuffle ½ turn to LOD
1-4 	Shuffle LT,RT,LT to side down LOD,Shuffle RT,LT,RT ¼ turn RT to RLOD
5-8 	Shuffle LT,RT,LT back down LOD,Shuffle RT,LT,RT ½ turn RT to LOD
	(On count 3 release rear hands – retain inside hands)
	(On count 7 release hands – pick up inside hands as face LOD)
9-12	 Rock to side,Recover,Shuffle fwd

13-16 	MAN:Walk fwd x 2,Shuffle fwd,
	LADY:Step fwd,Step back with ½ turn LT, Shuffle back
9-12 	Rock LT to side,Recover RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd
13-16 	Man:Walk fwd RT + LT,Shuffle RT,LT,RT fwd
	Lady:Step LT fwd,Step RT back with ½ turn LT to RLOD,Shuffle LT,RT,LT back
	(On count 14 pick up in Closed Western position)
17-24	Cross rock,Recover,Step to side,Close,Step fwd with ¼ turn LT to ILOD
	Step fwd,Step fwd with ½ turn LT to OLOD,Shuffle ¼ turn LT to LOD
17-20 	Man:Cross rock LT over RT,Recover RT Lady:Cross rock RT behind LT,Recover
	Step LT to side,Close RT,Step LT fwd with ¼ turn RT to ILOD
21-24 	Step RT fwd,Step LT fwd with ½ turn LT,Shuffle RT,LT,RT with ¼ turn LT to LOD
	(On count 20 release hands – on count 23 pick up in Closed Western position)
25-28 	Walk fwd x 2,Shuffle fwd
25-28 	Walk fwd LT + RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd
29-36 	Cross Rock,Recover,Step To Side,Close,Step Fwd With ¼ Turn RT To OLOD
	Step Fwd,Step Fwd With ½ Turn RT To ILOD,Shuffle ¼ Turn RT To LOD
29-32 	Man:Cross rock RT over LT,Recover LT, Lady:Cross rock Lt behind RT,Recover
	Step RT to side,Close LT,Step RT fwd with ¼ turn LT to OLOD
33-36 	Step LT fwd,Step RT fwd with ½ turn RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT with ¼ turn RT to LOD
	(On count 32 release hands – on count 35 pick up in Double hand hold
37-44 	MAN:Rock fwd,Recover,Shuffle back,Rock back,Recover,Shuffle fwd
	LADY:Rock back,Recover,Shuffle ½ turn,Rock back,Recover,Shuffle fwd
37-40	Man: Rock RT fwd,Recover LT,Shuffle RT,LT,RT back
	Lady:Rock LT back,Recover RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT with ½ turn RT to LOD
41-44 	Rock back LT,Recover RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd
	(On count 39 join LT hands in front + RT hands on Lady’s RT hip in Skaters position)
45-56 	Step fwd,Brush,Shuffle fwd x 2,Rock,Recover,Coaster step
45-52 	Step RT fwd,Brush LT fwd,Shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd x 2
53-56 	Rock RT fwd,Recover LT,Step RT back,Close LT,Step RT fwd
57-64 	Rock fwd,Recover,Shuffle ½ turn to RLOD,Step fwd.Step side with ¼ turn LT,
	Cross Shuffle
57-60	 Rock LT fwd,Recover RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT with ½ turn LT to RLOD
61-64 	Step RT fwd,Step LT to side to OLOD,Cross shuffle RT ,LT,RT down LOD
	(On count 59 release hands – on count 62 pick up in Closed Western)
	Begin Again					May 2014