What She Means To me

Choreographed by 	Shuggie McCardle & Katharine Thompson.Fax 01506430636. M: 07762358138
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Prepared by: 	The Bear Essential (Livingston, Scotland.
Description 	38 Count Partner Dance
Music 		Mean To Me  Hal Ketchum.Slow
Walk, Walk, Left Shuffle Forward.
(Partner Lady Walk, Walk, Shuffle Turn Right.)
1-4 Walk Forward Left, Right, Left Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left.
(Partner Lady Turn Shuffle Over Right Shoulder.)

Rock Forward and Back, Right Shuffle Back.
(Partner Lady Rock Back, Forward, Shuffle Forward.)
5-8 Rock Forward Right Rock Back Onto Left, Shuffle Back On Right, Left, Right.
(Partner Lady Rock Back On Right Rock Forward Onto Left, Right Shuffle Forward, Rt, Lt, Rt.)

Rock Back, Forward, Left Shuffle Forward.
(Partner Lady- Rock Forward, Back, Shuffle Turn Right.)
9-12 Rock Back On Left Rock Forward onto Right, Shuffle Forward On Left, Right, Left.
(Partner Lady Rock Forward onto Left Rock Back onto Right, Shuffle Turn, Lt, Rt Lt.)

Right Side, Left Behind, Right Sailor.
13-14 Step Right To Right Side, Left Behind Right,
15&16 Right Behind Left, Left To Right Foot, Step Forward On Right.
(Partner Lady Same Steps As Mans.)

Left Side, Right Behind, Left Sailor.
17-18 Step Left To Left Side, Right Behind Left,
19&20 Left Behind Right, Right To Left Foot, Step Forward On Left.
(Partner Lady Same Steps As Mans.)

Right Pivot, Right Pivot
21-24 Step Right Forward Pivot Turn, Step Right Forward Pivot Turn.
(Partner Lady Same As Mans Steps.)

Right Side Shuffle, Rock Back Forward.
25-28 Right To Right, Left Together, Right To Side, Rock Back on Left, Forward onto Right.
(Partner Lady Same As Mans Steps.)

Left Side Shuffle, Rock Back Forward.
29-32 Left to Left, Right together, Left to Side, Rock Back on Right, Forward on Left.
(Partner Lady Same As Mans Steps.)

Three Shuffles Forward, Right, Left, Right.
33-38 Right Shuffle Forward, Right, Left, Right, Left Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left, Right, 
Shuffle Forward, Right, Left, Right.
(Partner Lady - Same As Mans Steps.)
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