What Do You Say?

Choreographed by 	Angela Pinnington June 2009 (01993 831248)
Description 	48 count partner dance Start both facing LOD holding inside hands 
		Lady on the INSIDE - opposite footwork throughout
Music 		What do you say to that?  - George Strait - CD: Always Never The Same
		Written specially for Brian and Jeanette Mortimer
		** New faster track   You turn me on - Tim McGraw (CD "Everywhere")	May 2014		
	Walk Fwd X 3,Touch,Walk Back X 3,Touch
1-4 	Walk forward right,left,right, touch left beside right
5-8 	Walk back left,right,left, touch right beside left
	Step TO Side (Out),Touch,Step TO Side (In),Touch, Rock Back,Recover,Shuffle Fwd
9-12 	Step right to side (out),touch left, step left to side (in), touch right
13-14 	Rock back on right,recover on left,
15&16 	Shuffle forward right,left,right
	Step Fwd,Slide,Shuffle Fwd X 2
17-18 	Step left forward,slide right beside
19&20 	Shuffle forward left,right,left
21-22 	Step right forward,slide left beside
23&24 	Shuffle forward right,left,right
	Step Left Fwd WITH  TURN LEFT,Touch Right, Step Right TO Side,Touch Left,
	Step Left TO Side,Step Right Behind, Step Left Fwd with  turn left (to RLOD),
	Brush Right
25-28 	Step left forward with  turn left,touch right, (Pick up in double hand hold)
	step right to side,touch left
29-32 	Step left to side,step right behind,step left forward with  turn left (to RLOD),
	brush right through (Release outside hands)
	Shuffle Fwd X 2 (To RLOD),Step Right Fwd,Step Left To Side With  Turn Left (To OLOD),
	Step Right Fwd,Step Left To Side With  Turn (To LOD)
33_36 	Shuffle forward right,left,right, shuffle forward left,right,left (to RLOD)
37-38 	Step right forward,step left to side with  turn left (to OLOD),
39-40 	Step right forward,step left to side with  turn left (to LOD)
	(Release hands as turn - pick up inside hands as face LOD)
	Step Right Fwd,Brush Left, Shuffle Fwd, Rocking Chair
41-42 	Step right forward,brush left through
43&44 	Shuffle forward left,right,left
45-48 	Rock forward on right,recover on left,rock back on right,recover on left
	Begin Again And Be Happy!
	May 2014