What a Band

Choreographed by 	Kalvin & Pat Finch – March 2010
Description 	64 count Partner Dance Close Western Position Man Facing OLOD
		Mans steps listed: Easy Intermediate
Music: 		A Band's Gotta Do What a Band's Gotta Do – The Refreshments
		Or any rock `n` Roll Track
	Men’s Steps, Ladies on opposite feet.
Sect 1 	Side together forward, hold. Side together back, hold.
1-4 	Step Left to Left side, Step Right next to Left, Step forward on Left, Hold.
5-8 	Step Right to Right side, Step Left next to Right, Step back on Right, Hold.
Sect 2 	Back rock recover quarter turn left, forward RLR hold
1-4 	back rock L recover R quarter turn left forward on L (Both facing LOD)
5-8 	Walk forward RLR hold (Ladies turn half turn right, in front of man close western)
Sect 3 	Walk forward LRL hold RLR hold
1-4 	Walk LRL hold (Ladies travel back RLR)
5-8 	Walk forward RLR hold (Ladies travel back LRL)
Sect 4 	Walk forward LRL hold RLR hold (Ladies full turn right on first part)
1-4 	Walk LRL hold (Drop R hand ladies turn full turns right travelling LOD back into close western
5-8 	Walk forward RLR hold (Ladies travel back)
Sect 5 	Rock recover together back wheel half turn right
1-4 	Rock forward on left, back on right, step left next to right
	(Ladies back rock right recover half turn right into wrap)
5-8 	in wrap turn half turn right, R behind half turn onto left forward R (Ladies back L side R
	Forward L. Now facing RLOD man on the outside
Sect 6 	Step half turn forward hold full turn going forward hold
1-4 	Release right hand. Step forward L pivot half right step L hold (Ladies half turn left)
5-8 	Travelling forward full turn left stepping RLR (Ladies full turn Left)
Sect 7 	Walk forward LRL hold Change side mangoes behind with 3 step weave
1-4 	Picking up inside hand travel forward LRL (Ladies On the inside forward RLR)
5-8 	Change sides’ ladies roll across in front. Man R behind left, L to the side forward R
	(Ladies roll full turn right stepping LRL
Sect 8 	Walk forward LRL hold Step turn ¾ turn left
1-4 	Picking up inside hand travel forward LRL (Ladies On the outside forward RLR)
5-8 	Forward R pivot half turn left quarter turn left side R hold (Ladies turn right)
	Now facing each other back in close western
	Start Again
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Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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