Choreographed by Debra Guard
Description Couples sweetheart
Music Medium to fast tempo 32 count music

1-4 Right step forward, Slide Left up to Right, Right step forward, Touch Left up to Right
5-6 Left kick ball change
Manís Steps
7-10 Rock fwd on Left, Rock back on Right, Step back (rock) on Left, Rock fwd on Right.
Ladyí Steps
7-10 Step fwd on Lt, pivot 1/2 turn Rt (Release Lt hands and Step Fwd on Lt, pivot 1/2 turn Right) raise Rt
11-14 Step forward Left, Slide Right up to Left, Step forward Left, pivot 1/2 turn Right (Keep holding hands)
15-18 Step forward on Left, Step forward on Right foot, Left foot kick ball change
19-20 Step forward on Left, pivot 1/2 turn Right, (Release Left hands & raise Right)
21-30 5 forward Shuffles starting on Left foot.
31-32 Stomp right foot twice
Start again
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