Western Tango

Choreographer Unknown
Description Couples' Dance done in the Sweetheart Position

1- 2	Step L forward, Slide R beside L.
3- 4	Step L forward.
5- 6	Step R forward, Step L to side.

7- 8	Drag R toe to L toe.
9-10	Step R back, Slide L beside R.
11-12	Step R back.
13-14	Step L back, Step R to side.
15-16	Drag L toe to R toe.
17-18	Step L forward, Hitch R.
19-20	Cross/Step R over L, Step L beside R.
21-22	Fan R toe to Right, return to Center.

23-24	Step R forward, Hitch L.
25-26	Cross/Step L over R, Step R beside L.
27-28	Fan L toe to Left, return to Center.
29-30	Slide R behind L bending R knee slightly (Dip).
31-32	Step L in Place.
33-34	Step R,L,R Lady Turning CW under Gent's arm with Couple moving to Right.
35-36	Tap L heel forward, Place L heel over R foot

37-38	Step L forward & Pivot 1/4 Turn to Right, Step R back.
39-40	Step L forward, Tap R heel forward slightly to Right.
41-42	Place R heel over L, Step R to side.
43-44	Step L behind R, Step R to side.
45-46	Drag L toe to R toe.
	Start Again!
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