We're Gonna

Choreographed by 	Barb & Dave Monroe (Jan. 2016) www.poconocowboy.com
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance, Opposite footwork throughout with man’s step described
		Start with single inside hand hold facing LOD
Music 		Gonna - Blake Shelton
Alt. 		My Church - Maren Morris
	Step ¼ turn, Hold, Slide R foot to L, Step R, ¼ turn shuffle, hold
1-4 	Turning ¼ R step L foot to LOD, hold, slide R foot to L, step with weight on R
	(man facing OLOD and lady facing ILOD)
5-8 	Turning ¼ L step L, R, L, hold (or brush) (both facing LOD)
	Step, ¼ turn, Step, Hold, Step, ½ turn, Step, Hold
1-4 	Step R forward, turn ¼ L (lady turning R) stepping L, step R beside L, hold
	(back to back, man facing ILOD, lady facing OLOD)
5-8 	Step L forward, turn ½ R (lady turning L) stepping R, step L beside R, hold
	(face to face, man facing OLOD, lady facing ILOD)
	Side rock cross, Hold, Side rock cross, Hold
1-4 	Rock side R, recover L, cross R over L, hold
5-8 	Rock side L, recover R, cross L over R, hold
	¼ turn rock, Hold, Recover, Hold, ½ turn shuffle
1-4 	Turning ¼ R (lady turning L) rock R forward (facing RLOD), hold, rock back on L, hold
5-8 	Turning ½ R (lady turning L) shuffle R, L, R (facing LOD)
	Begin Again				February 2016