Wasted Time

Choreographed by 	Paul & Sharon Hergert, May, 2016, phergert@wi.rr.com
Description 	32 count, low intermediate partner circle dance
		Start in Sweetheart, same footwork throughout except as noted
Music 		Wasted Time - Keith Urban, CD: Wasted Time, 100 bpm, 16 count Intro
Video 		https://youtu.be/DNQ5rdDaMOw
1-8 	Shuffle Forward x 2, Man: Walk Walk, Triple In Place,
	Lady: Pivot ˝ Turn Right, Triple In Place
1&2 	Left shuffle forward, Left, right, left
3&4 	Right shuffle forward, Right, left, right
5-6 	Man: Steps forward left, right
5-6 	Lady: Steps forward on left, pivot ˝ turn right weight on right (facing RLOD)
	(Counts 5-6: Man brings left hand over lady’s head as she turns ˝ turn right
	ending up facing man with left hands crossed over right)
7&8 	Both: Triple in place left, right, left.
	(Release hands on count 8)
9-16 	Right Crossing Mambo, Left Crossing Mambo, Man: Rock Recover, Shuffle,
	Lady: Pivot ˝ Turn Left, Shuffle
1&2 	On a left diagonal, Cross right over left, Rock back on left, Rock back on right
3&4 	On a right diagonal, Cross left over right, Rock back on right, Rock back on left
	(Counts 1&2 touch right palm to palm, 3&4 switch and touch left palm to palm)
5-6 	Man: Rock back on right, Recover on left
	(Release left hand & pick up lady’s right as she turns into sweetheart position)
5-6 	Lady: Step forward right, Pivot ˝ turn left (facing LOD)
7&8 	Both: Shuffle forward, Right, left, right
17-24 	Left Side Rock Cross, Right Side Rock Cross, Left Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1&2 	Rock Left to Left side, Recover onto Right, Cross Left over Right
3&4 	Rock Right to Right side, Recover onto Left, Cross Right over Left
5-6 	Rock forward on left, Recover on right
7&8 	Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step forward on left
25-32 	Pivot ˝ turn left x 2, Right Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1-2 	Step forward on right, Pivot ˝ turn left weight on left
3-4 	Step forward on right, Pivot ˝ turn left weight on left
	(Counts 1-4, Release right hands, turn under raised left hands, return to sweetheart)
5-6 	Rock forward on right, Recover on left
7&8 	Step back on right, Step left next to right, Step forward on right
	Repeat						July 2016