Warning Labels

Choreographed By 	Fiona and Ian Smith August 2015 01934 823080 fiona143s@sky.com
Description 	Partner Dance (48 Count) Waltz Start in Closed Western
Music 		Warning Labels - Doug Stone CD:Greatest hits vol 1
		Pauline’s -  Waltz Frisco
	Forward Left Right Left, Right Left Right ( Ladies Back Starting on Right)
1-3 	Walk forward L R L 						Walk Back RLR
4-6 	Walk forward R L R 						Walk Back LRL
	Forward Left Right Left (Ladies ½ Left) 1/4 Turn Left
7-9 	Walk forward LRL 						1/2 turn Left on RLR
10-12 	¼ Turn Left, on RLR 						¼ Turn Left, on LRL
(On count 7 ladies start ½ turn to left count 9 come into skaters right hand on right hip)
(On count 10 ¼ turn left still in skaters Lady on Gents Right Facing ILOD)
	¼ Turn Left Together Together, Step Pivot ½ ( Lady Rock Recover ½ Turn)
13-15 	Step Back on Left, Turning ¼ Left 				Step forward on Right, turning ¼ left
	Step right beside Left, Step Left beside Right 			Step Left beside Right, Right beside Left
16-18 	Step forward on Right, Pivot ½ Left, 				Step Right Rock forward on Left, recover, ½ turn Left
(Step 15 into RLOD still in Skaters, Count 18 now into Back Hammer Ladies on Gents Left )
	Walk forward LRL (Lady RLR) ¼ Turn Left
19-21 	Walk forward Left Right Left 					Walk forward Right Left Right
22-24 	¼ turn Left, on Right Left Right 					¼ turn Left, on Left Right Left
(Count 22 drop right hands ¼ left Facing ILOD in Indian )
	Step In Place ( Lady ½ Left ) 3 Count Weave
25-27 	Step Left Right Left in Place 					Step Right, Pivot ½ Left, step Right
28-30 	Step Right to Right side, Step Left behind Right 			Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right behind Left
	Step Right to Right side 					Step Left to Left side.
(Count 25,26 as Lady turns bring her right hand over her head,
come into double hand hold for weave)
	Walk Diagonal LRL Gents behind Lady Into LOD, Walk Forward, (Lady ½ Left )
32-33 	Walk Diagonal behind lady, Left Right Left 				¼ Rt Walk Diagonal in front of Gent RLR ¼ Left
34-36 	Walk Forward Right Left Right 					½ turn Left on LRL
(Count 31 drop Gents Left Ladies Right Hands Turning into LOD, Count 36 as lady
finishes her turn pick up Ladies right hand at waist height)
	Walk forward LRL ( Lady back RLR ) Walk Diagonal in front of Lady ( lady behind Gent)
37-39 	Walk Forward Left Right Left 					Walk Back Right left Right
40-4 	Walk Diagonal in front of Lady, RLR 				Walk behind Gent Turning ½ turn Right, LRL
(Count 42 Drop Gents Right hand (Ladies Left) Raise joined hands over Gents head,
ladies now on Gents Left Facing LOD)
	Walk Forward LRL ( Lady ½ turn Left ) Walk Forward RLR (Lady walk Back LRL)
43-45 	Walk Forward Left Right Left 					½ Turn Left on Right Left Right
46-48 	Walk Forward Right left Right 					Walk Back on Left Right Left
(Count 43,44 as Lady turns left Raise her right hand over her head,
count 45 pick up into closed western)
	Start Again !!