The Virginian
Choreographed By Jo Ann Hilbish
This is a Mixer Dance done in a Large Circle (Gents inside & Ladies outside) to slow blues like music. 
Face Partner, Join
R hands in "Shake Hands" Position & L hands underneath.

1-2 Gent: Step R to side, Touch L toe next to R.  Lady: Reverse Counts 1-4 (Begin on L).
3-4 Step L to side, Touch R toe next to L.
5-8 Gent: Step R behind L, Step L to side, Step R over L, Step L to side.
9-12 Repeat Counts 5-8 (Continuing to travel in LOD).
Lady: Do same Steps in 5-12 traveling in LOD,  but begin by Crossing L over R.
13-16 Gent: Step R,L,R,L in Place while lifting hands above Lady's head, allowing her to Turn.
Lady: Step L,R,L,R in Place while Turning CCW 360 degrees.
17&18 Gent: Shuffle R,L,R (Turning CCW).
19-22 Shuffle L,R,L, then R,L,R.
23&24 Shuffle L,R,L (drop R hands).
Lady: Do Steps 17-24 beginning on L.
(In 8 Counts Couple makes One Complete Rotation)

Gent: Shuffle backward (toward Center) R,L,R.  Shuffle backward L,R,L, then R,L,R.  Shuffle forward 
L,R,L (ready to "Shake Hands" with New Partner)

Lady: Shuffle L,R,L in diagonal away from Circle. Shuffle R,L,R Turning Left & facing direction of
New Partner.  Shuffle L,R,L & R,L,R in diagonal  toward New Partner on Left.
  Start Again!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert August 2001