Two's Company
A Slow Partner Shuffle Dance.

Choreographed by 	Doug and Julie Laing, Tel 0772 782801
	Julie and I were struggling to find a dance which felt comfortable at very slow tempo's. There are one to two but they were 
	not quite right for what we wanted, so , after a flash of inspiration from Julie (very dodgy), and a little refining 'Two's Company' 
	was the result. We hope you like ft as much as we do.
Music:		 Let It Be Me by Colin Raye
		Talking With God - Ricky Van Shelton
Position: 		Side by Side (gent slightly behind partner) in Skaters Position i.e. gents right hand on lady's hip, lady's 
		right hand on top of gents hand. Holding left hands comfortably in front of gent,
  Moving progressively forward in LOD
1-2 Step left forward, Cross right behind left (release R hands, raise L hands)
3-6 Full turn over left shoulder stepping L-R-L-R
7-8 Cross left behind right, Step right together
9-10 Step left forward, Rock back on right
11-12 Step left back, Rock forward on right
13-16 Repeat steps 9-12
  Release Left hands, raise right hands
  Man    Ladies Turn
17-23 Starting on left with a1/4 turn to right
A seven step vine stepping left, right behind, left to side, right in front, left to side, right behind, 1/4 turn left with .
17-19 Moving in a forward direction, 1.1/2 turns
over right shoulder stepping L-R-L
    20 Facing RLOD step back on right
    21-23 Moving in same direction 1,1/2 turns over left shoulder 
Stepping L-R-L
24 Step right forward and return to skaters position 24 Step right forward in LOD
25-26 Left Shuffle    
27 28 Right Shuffle    
29-30 Left Shuffle    
31-32 Right Shuffle    
  Start Over    June 2000