Two’s Company.

Choreographed by 	Elizabeth Henderson
Description 	Intermediate Partner dance. (48 counts). Position Right shoulders together.
		Gent facing 1/8th right of LOD.Lady facing 1/8th right of RLOD.
		Holding right hands
Music 	In between dances – Pam Tillis.
	Waltz forward and Back (twice).
1-6 	Waltz forward of left right left, waltz back on right left right.
7-12 	Repeat above steps, but changing hands & side of partner.
	1/4 turn left waltz forward and Back, waltz forward back turn step.
1-6 	Turn ¼ turn left waltz forward left right left. Waltz back on right, left right
	(changing hands and side of partner)
7-9 	Waltz forward on left, right, left.
10-12 	Step back on right, back on left to LOD, forward on right (Gent on ladies right.)
	Waltz forward left then right, vine waltz forward
1-6 	Waltz forward left, right, left, then right, left, right.
7-9 	Gent vine to left. Lady rolling vine right, ( in front of Gent.)
10-12 	Waltz forward right, left, right.
	Cross Twinkles forward ,
1-6 	Left twinkle forward, right twinkle forward.
7-9 	Left twinkle forward.
10-12 	Gent cross right over left, turn 1/8th right, on left, step forward on right .
	Lady cross right over left, turn 5/8th right on left, step forward on right.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2007