Choreographed by Joyce Warren - Feb.04 -
Description A Pattern Partner Dance beginning in Tandem position facing the OLOD
Music Desperately - George Strait - CD Honkytonkville
This Dance will move in sync with the Line Dance called, "Desperate".

1&2 	Shuffle right on right,
3-4 	Step behind on Left, Rock fwd in place on Right
5&6 	Shuffle left on Left
7-8 	Step behind on Right, Rock fwd in place on Left
9-10& 	Step right on Right, Step behind on Left, Step right on Right
11-12 	Step L over Right, Point Right Toe to right
13-14, 	Touch Right Toe in front, Touch Right Toe to right,
15-16 	Step 1/4 turn right when stepping back on Right (now facing Rev LOD),
	Point Left Toe to left
17-18, 	Step Left fwd, Rock in place on Right,
19&20 	1/2 turn left on Left Shuffle (Skater position facing LOD)
21&22 	Right Shuffle fwd,
23&24 	Left Shuffle fwd
25-26 	Step Right fwd, Rock in place on Left,
27&28 	Right Coaster Step back
29-30 	Step Left fwd, 1/4 Pivot onto Right (facing OLOD in Tandem),
31&32 	Left Shuffle in place
	Begin Pattern again!
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert March 2004